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Sep 3, 2013

ULTIMATE GUIDE: How to get - Optimal Dashcam Display, Avoid Dashboard Glare and Safe Hardwired for Parking Surveillance like a Pro!

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We buy a Dashcam that suits our need and budget. (If you wish to buy one, please read first our Ultimate Dashcam Buyer’s Guide) [:D]

Many of us miss to get the best out of it by wrong positioning and by wrong hardware wiring ![roll]

I share here what I learned during my Dashcam 'DIY' installation.


Mounting / Positioning on the windshield is most important factor to get optimum resolution and color saturation.
Wrong spot and improper lens angle deteriorates the footage with disturbing undesired images of both internal and external source.

Internal and External Factors:
The internal ones from dashboard toys, idols, display of car head unit, light colored and shinning dashboard surface.
The external ones from over illuminated street lights during night and sun rays that's getting through right and left side door glasses.

Mounting the DASHCAM right way!
The best Dashcam placement - spot is high on the windscreen and just below the rear-view mirror to have an uninterrupted view upfront, regardless of using a suction mount or double sided adhesive. Also, we don’t need to worry about blocking our view further.
Dash cams have wide-angle lenses, rarely can be adjusted horizontally, but almost can be adjusted vertically.
Therefore, it should still be mounted in or near the middle of the front windshield to get an even field of view for the sides of the vehicle recorded.
We can get the best footage with a good balance of exposure, color and details by angling the lens to cover 60% road and 40% sky.

Avoid disturbing images!

1. By looking at the live preview, Adjust the lens angle to focus little downwards so that some amount of car bonnet is visible. This definitely prevents appearing the IMAGE OF HEAD UNIT during night. There may be a line of reflection of rear lights of vehicles on the bonnet line but overall image will be the best.
2. To avoid DASHBOARD REFLECTION, avoid glossy dash board polish (use matt finish), remove all colorful things like flags, toys, light colored things kept on the dashboard. Change the location of God Idol if one towards inner side, away from windshield as for as possible. You may have to wrap black on light colored dashboards.
3. You need to ignore such issues that may appear rarely at some angle of sun rays even after doing the above. It is inevitable unless we use an extremely dark sun control films over side door glasses. You may note, the image of airbag lid /cover in the following pictures taken in my car.
Also it is difficult to avoid, as extremely bright street lights and ambience can create the appearance of shinny dots over the footage as it over powers the windshield glass.

The truth about CPL Filter!

Though Dash cam manufacturers claim that these glares could be avoided by adding an external CPL Filter. But, they are not always good in different intensity of lights during day and night. Sometimes it even degrades the image quality, especially in low light.
Also I could feel as the sky appears to be totally blue, masking the white clouds by over saturating with a blue shade during a sunny day.
Dash Cams are meant for all light and weather conditions. But, a circular polarizer will need to be adjusted constantly for many specific lighting and reflecting conditions that not only tedious, also practically difficult.
Addition of CPL filter does help with the video quality in some ambience, but it does not resolve it completely at least in my case.
So, it is purely an Individual choice & experience whether to have it or not.

  • Please see the pictures here. Always follow the legal norms as permitted in your country.
  • While mounting avoid red zone obstructing the drivers view of the road; avoid over and above windscreen wipers areas as dirt on the windscreen could obscure the view of the Dash Cam.

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* Inevitable, because sun rays that's getting through right and left side door glasses.CFL filter can not resolve this issue always.





* Its just transient due to overpowering Led street lights.

Useful Video: Best Place to Install a DASH CAM (Easy Locations & Video Comparison of Each Angle)


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Sep 3, 2013

While doing hardware wiring there are some most important things which are missed in the manufacturer’s Guide / Help Videos.[think]

Please read to make it safe and the right way :

For DASHCAM working on USB for regular Driving Mode

Dashcam provided with USB 5V (Amp varies from 0.5 to 3) can be easily connected to car’s cigar lighter socket.
  • If we don’t want to sacrifice the only socket, we can add a good quality extender. READ HERE about the best one.
  • We can also buy a 12V to 5V Converter and connect to its USB line. For this we need to tap a ACC fuse line with a fuse adopter.
  • We can also connect to a good quality Power Bank that has dual (Normal & Fast) charging provisions (or) to a Special Battery Pack (sold separately) to make use of it for Parking Surveillance too.


For DASHCAM working on 12V Direct Battery line for Parking Surveillance
We know, two line inputs are needed, one from ACC for regular driving mode and another from VCC for 24 hours Parking Surveillance.
Dashcam Manual guides us how to tap the fuse line using the suitable type of fuse adopter from the car’s fuse box, mostly from the one located inside under the dashboard.

There are Three most important factors that is missed out which should never be ignored for our safety.
  • Taping the safest fuse, by avoiding critical ones.
  • Taping the secondary line meant for Dashcam in right orientation to avoid any damage to the primary line.
  • Avoiding Battery Drain @ 24 Hrs. Parking Surveillance.

  • Finding The Safest Fuse, By Avoiding Critical Ones.
For 12V - Always on constant current (VCC - Vehicle Common Collector )
Many DIY enthusiasts and Car electricians pick out the fuse lines meant for HORNS, Head Lights, Brake lights etc., for 12V always on constant current (VCC). Just imagine, in case of failure, how difficult to drive a car without these.[frustration]
Recommended: I preferred internal Dome light line (SUZUKI IGNIS).
Of course, we should not even think of Critical lines meant for Airbags, ABS, ECM etc.,

For 12V - Accessory position (ACC)
These lines allow us to use- Example Radio, Blower fan, Windshield wipers, Power Windows, Cigar Light sockets while the engine is off, but when the key is on ACC position..(Please note, some cars have VCC cigar light sockets)
Recommended: I would prefer to tap an unused ACC fuse point that is always available in fuse box, otherwise cigar light line.

  • Finding The Secondary Line Meant for Dashcam in Right Orientation to Avoid Any Damage to The Primary Line.
Two important things to note:
Always to use lesser Ampere secondary fuse meant for Dashcam input line than the primary fuse meant for the car’s OE gadget. (It means - Generally Dashcam uses 5 A. we should not use a 10 A or more if the original primary fuse socket uses 5A.
Test the fuse line with a DC volt tester to know which side is positive before inserting the adopter fuse. Insert the adopter fuse in the right way. Wrong orientation will overload the primary line and the purpose is defeated.
  • Avoiding Battery Drain @ 24 Hrs. Parking Surveillance
    Put the Dashcam in sleeping mode when not required. Make it to wake up on Impact Mode. Motion detection mode may drain the weak battery. Also, fix the cut off voltage (Battery Disconnect) to avoid further drain via App.
    Add an external switch. Switch off /disconnect Dashcam connection when securely parked inside home or not required, while long duration parking /halting.
    See the illustrative picture here over my DIY.
See the pictures carefully which are self-explanatory.

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Button Switch purchased from Amazon.india
Read More about Button Switch before buying for your car, HERE.



Enjoy your Dashcam to its fullest potential. [cheers]

Drive with care; Life has no spare.
With Warm Regards

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