The Mammoth GT - Royal Enfield Continental GT - November 2014

Nov 19, 2014
Trivandrum , Sydney
The Last Exide I used was in my Actova (Stock came with Exide). Lasted for 5 years.
After the stock battery goes off, I have always replaced with SF Sonic.
Reason1 : Have the dealer close to home
Reason2: No hassles. The brand says 36 months, usually it lasts 40-42 months. Dealer himself gives his spare battery, and we run with that till that one dies off.

SF is also a subsidary of Exide I think.
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Sep 11, 2009
I always chose Amaron over Exide. Attitude of Exide dealers were really bad back then due to their monopoly and some models used to fail frequently. Still remember pushing my friend's RE standard through Chalai due to battery issue and fighting with dealer to get it replaced. Our FZ also had Exide as stock that conked off in 1 year 7 months. Their car batteries were super expensive compared to Amarons in early 2000s, but they really ran longer.

Dio got Exide installed by previous owner, which still runs smoothly after 3-4 years.

SF Sonic is subsidiary of Exide.

Lately, I found Tata Green to be making better batteries. The dealer is at Manacaud and gave a killer deal for Karizma battery.
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Sep 11, 2009
January-July 2022 - Hiatus Again

Returned bike to BIL after completing all the work with hopes of weekend runs. GT to their new home for the first time. Also restored the Suzuki Letz to (as) perfect condition (possible), which was sitting in RIP condition for almost 3 years (if not more).

2022-01-09 12-02-59.jpg

March 2022 - Together they sat accumulating dust. Just used the first week I delivered them.

2022-03-27 08-25-25.jpg

My duty continued. Washing and idling and may be 1-2 km warmup rides.

2022-03-27 08-38-35.jpg

April 2022 - Starting began getting hard. Needed pumping out fuel by disconnecting the hose and priming a couple of times and then it starts without any issue.

2022-04-09 19-38-32.jpg

July 2022 - Things got even tough. Starting was even harder and once started noted a great difference in exhaust note and a peep into the hole revealed this mud dauber nest. Broke it off.

2022-07-03 19-55-49.jpg

By this time, EcoSport joined the idling team.

2022-07-31 20-04-54.jpg

Decided to take GT home, again.
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2022 - Updates

Subha Auto Wares, the RE parts store in town. They stock almost all parts and accessories for RE from 60s to modern ones. One more store is there, Sun Autos near Palayam Flyover.

2022-08-22 15-23-05.jpg

The reason for visit being the chain pad. While I was rescuing (returning with) GT, there was an intermittent clingy noise, which I couldn't pinpoint or replicate. Thought it was from the gearbox, but on inspection, there was nothing left with the chain pad and chain was hitting the swingarm irregularly.

Rear Chain Pad - 585209/B - ₹ 78.00

2022-08-22 16-16-32.jpg

Made of plastic.

2022-08-22 16-16-47.jpg
2022-08-22 16-16-50.jpg

Took an imprint in case I wanna replicate one in the future.

2022-08-22 17-09-35.jpg

The part is cheap and simple to install, but needs to strip some parts to get access, the first one being the exhaust,

2022-08-22 16-24-54.jpg

then the chain cover,

2022-08-22 16-26-44.jpg

and finally, the rear brake master cylinder (and) shield.

2022-08-22 16-58-55.jpg
2022-08-22 17-05-15.jpg

Remnants of old shield.

2022-08-22 16-26-53.jpg

Breather hose also need to be disconnected.

2022-08-22 16-29-13.jpg

Cleaned up the debris.

2022-08-22 17-06-40.jpg

Installed new one.

2022-08-22 17-10-37.jpg

Sits on single bolt.

2022-08-22 17-10-44.jpg

Exhaust bolt was rusted, so bought new bolts. Honda parts. Also front MC bolts.

Flat Screw (MC) - Honda - 93600040121G - ₹ 5.00 x 2
M6 x 45 mm + Nut - Honda - ₹ 8.00 x 2

2022-08-22 18-10-40.jpg

SS bolt, nut and washer. Hope it won't rust out like RE parts.

2022-08-22 18-13-46.jpg

Perfect length. Installed.

2022-08-22 18-11-04.jpg
2022-08-22 18-14-41.jpg

Rusty MC bolts. Have seen only KTM using SS bolt, but couldn't source one.

2022-08-22 18-15-22.jpg

Much shorter,

2022-08-22 18-17-30.jpg

but does its job.

2022-08-22 18-17-55.jpg

Finally, the side stand nut, which always falls down due to the vibration. Couldn't get a Nyloc nut locally, only plain flange nut. Forgot buying tread locker.

2022-08-22 18-35-18.jpg

All installed back and ready, but to find that the rear MC was shot.

2022-08-22 18-40-27.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2022 - Rear Brake Master Cylinder Overhaul

As mentioned in last post, the rear MC got stuck and some hard pumping jammed the rear brakes. Had to remove the pads to free up the wheel.

2022-08-22 17-27-51.jpg
2022-08-22 17-27-55.jpg

Bought Rear MC repair kit from RE spare outlet, Subha Autowares.

Rear MC Major Kit - 594689/A - ₹ 277.00

2022-09-13 15-45-02.jpg

The rear MC looked very much familiar.

2022-09-15 15-13-01.jpg

Dug up old MC from Duke and it's exactly the same. RE charges ₹ 1300 for that. Dominar part was ₹ 740.00 (and KTM part was even cheaper with the reservoir per @JingalalaHoe).

2022-09-15 15-13-29.jpg

Contents of the kit.

2022-09-15 15-15-30.jpg

To start off, have to remove the circlip.

2022-09-15 15-16-18.jpg

2022-09-15 15-18-10.jpg

Then push out the piston.

2022-09-15 15-19-15.jpg

Once it budges out, it can be pulled out with pliers.

2022-09-15 15-19-21.jpg

The complete piston setup.

2022-09-15 15-22-53.jpg

Next, removing the sleeve. Since we have a fresh piece in the kit, we can break it off.

2022-09-15 15-22-57.jpg

2022-09-15 15-25-14.jpg

Then, take out the old O-ring.

2022-09-15 15-26-12.jpg

After taking everything out, clean up the body and check for blockage.

2022-09-15 15-28-13.jpg

My best friend.

2022-09-15 15-35-53.jpg

Ready for install.

2022-09-15 15-36-02.jpg

The most important part of the kit, the silicon grease.

2022-09-15 15-39-36.jpg

The first to go, the O-ring,

2022-09-15 15-36-04.jpg

Bathe it in grease,

2022-09-15 15-41-19.jpg

and install.

2022-09-15 15-36-38.jpg

Then the sleeve.

2022-09-15 15-39-44.jpg

Grease it and push it in.

2022-09-15 15-41-58.jpg

An 11-mm socket head fits perfect, and it goes in without much effort.

2022-09-15 15-42-48.jpg

Perfectly seated. Make sure it is deep enough for the circlip.

2022-09-15 15-43-09.jpg

Assembling the piston.

2022-09-15 15-37-07.jpg

Parts in order, first, the brass washer,

2022-09-15 15-37-18.jpg

then the diaphragm.

2022-09-15 15-37-56.jpg
2022-09-15 15-38-00.jpg

Diaphragm orientation.

2022-09-15 15-38-17.jpg

The retaining washer for the spring.

2022-09-15 15-38-29.jpg
2022-09-15 15-38-42.jpg

Spring over top. Assembly complete and ready to go in.

2022-09-15 15-39-11.jpg

Got to adjust the diaphragm to fit in the hole. When it's working properly, it tends to budge out without the clip. Push it in and it should return freely.

2022-09-15 15-44-32.jpg

Install the circlip to secure it in place, and this completes the repair.

2022-09-15 15-45-56.jpg

Clean and replace the rubber cap, not available with the kit.

2022-09-15 15-46-40.jpg

Connect to the pedal and check for action. Can connect reservoir line and check the working before final install, if need be.

2022-09-15 15-52-59.jpg

Banjo bolt and crush washers. Ideally, replace washer whenever removed. As usual, forgot getting them and retained old ones.

2022-09-15 15-54-13.jpg

Once all installed, fill up the reservoir and start pumping. Plugged in reservoir hose after removing the air in line and pumped a few times till fluid came on the braided hose side before installing to ease up things. Make sure not to spill fluid anywhere.
Bleeding the rest of the line would be easy. Didn't click these as hand was dirty/busy.

2022-09-15 15-58-43.jpg

Once complete, make sure the fluid level is right.

2022-09-15 16-14-21.jpg

Set the diaphragm in the cap.

2022-09-15 16-14-38.jpg

and done.

2022-09-15 16-14-46.jpg

Install the leg guard.

2022-09-15 16-16-29.jpg


2022-09-15 16-16-38.jpg

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