The Grey Skid – Chevy Beat TCDi LS (December 2012)

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Sep 11, 2009
January 2023 - Miscellaneous Updates

Hits 80k km.

2023-02-20 09-20-46.jpg

Peaceful morning.

2023-02-12 17-27-14.jpg

Never miss clicking in a well-lit parking lot.

2023-02-15 22-40-14.jpg

Caliper shimming. Chevy dealer used to do it at alternative services. FNG didn't add one during boot replacement. Caliper made a rattly feel on imperfect roads and road reflectors. Thought of trying myself. Two bolts to remove the caliper, which holds the caliper pin.

2023-01-29 16-10-17.jpg
2023-01-29 16-10-24.jpg

Have to free up the piston to remove the caliper from the holder.

2023-01-29 16-11-35.jpg

Don't let it hang on the hose.

2023-01-29 16-13-34.jpg

Caliper pins and boot. ₹950/each with boot, if replacing.

2023-01-29 16-16-56.jpg

Shim sheet, ₹20/sheet. Basically copper sheet.

2023-01-29 16-18-25.jpg

Cut to required width and add the required thickness.

2023-01-29 16-19-52.jpg
2023-01-29 16-19-55.jpg

Insert the sheet into the hole.

2023-01-29 16-21-15.jpg

Maruti (TVS Girling) caliper grease. Last pouches in my stock.

2023-01-29 16-22-02.jpg

Check for free movement of caliper pin without play.

2023-01-29 16-23-51.jpg

Install everything back. Pump the brake before driving off.

2023-01-29 16-36-55.jpg

The OE rear windscreen washer nozzle fetched from the scrapyard.

2023-01-13 17-48-44.jpg
2023-01-13 17-48-47.jpg

Primered the drill hole edges as @bhvm suggested.

2023-01-13 18-04-14.jpg
2023-01-13 18-04-21.jpg

Plugged the gap in the hole with glue stick.

2023-01-13 18-53-22.jpg

Boot lamp also from the scrap hunt.

2023-01-19 14-40-39.jpg
2023-01-19 14-40-43.jpg
2023-01-19 14-40-53.jpg
2023-01-19 14-41-18.jpg

Removed the bulb holder.

2023-01-19 14-47-09.jpg


2023-01-19 14-47-38.jpg

Added 9 x 0.5 W LEDs.

2023-01-19 15-51-39.jpg

2023-01-19 15-52-01.jpg

Stock location.

2023-01-19 16-35-01.jpg

Marked the location.

2023-01-19 16-35-23.jpg

Masked for the "professional cut" [lol]

2023-01-19 16-40-33.jpg

Dremel 3000.

2023-01-19 16-42-51.jpg

It slipped and made a scar. Not as easy as the DIY videos, at least for inexperienced like me. Old knife cut would've been cleaner.

2023-01-19 16-49-24.jpg

Installed. How to get distracted with DIYs, the 10-year-old forgotten crimped speaker wire, now an eyesore.

2023-01-19 17-07-59.jpg

Dug the bin.

2023-01-23 18-25-04.jpg

2023-01-23 18-26-19.jpg

Made a clean plug and play cable. Removed the old wire and taped the exposed part.

2023-01-23 18-39-56.jpg

Back to the boot light. Needed a lot of wire. Boot switch was inbuilt to the lock as posted previously. Needed to route wire all the way to the boot bottom.

2023-01-19 19-08-24.jpg

Connector in the boot lock.

2023-01-19 19-54-17.jpg

Took ground and fed to the switch. Now, we got a switched ground.

2023-01-19 20-33-45.jpg

Fed the positive to dome light. Success.

2023-01-19 19-30-15.jpg

Final outcome.

2023-01-19 19-30-26.jpg

Some scratch removal. The moron-made full-body-length scratch. It would disappear each time with rubbing and polishing, but reappeared.

2023-01-27 10-12-38.jpg

Tried to source 3200 grit, which the body shop guys used, which was available as big roll only. Settled with 2000 grit.

2023-01-27 10-13-05.jpg

Sanded gently, not to cut deep into the clear coat. Applied a thin layer of automotive clear coat with pointed brush where the scratches were too deep before sanding.

2023-01-27 10-44-06.jpg

Removed the haze with 3M compound.

2023-01-27 10-44-33.jpg


2023-01-27 10-46-48.jpg
Nov 19, 2014
Trivandrum , Sydney
Nice DIY. Doesn't shimming have low life? When run on bad roads again, doesn't it shred into smaller bits and get coiled inside the boot? For Swift , I usually replace pins 10-15k kms depending on starting of sound. Every 5kkms, I usually use TVS Girling grease it.
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Sep 11, 2009
Longevity is a debatable topic. Lack of lube might cause damage over time. If I am not wrong, there will be wear in caliper side as well and replacing the pin won't work over time. Shimming has been the regular practise and even during ASC visits, they never insisted guide pin replacement and did shimming, even recently by the Maruti ASC, considering Estilo pins (kit) were dirt cheap.
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Sep 11, 2009
February 2023 - New Head Unit, another impulse purchase

Once in a while someone around would ask suggestion for headunits and it was my job to search one for them. Likewise, I was searching for the cheapest branded Android Auto. Saw this Pioneer DMH-A4450BT on Motorogue. Retail price was ₹25990 and they were selling them for ₹17500, less than the best price in town. On similar items, there was the same unit listed at ₹14500, but an opened box. Sent the info across all potential takers in the circle and none of them were interested. Couldn't let that go. Pinged the seller directly about the condition and they replied promptly, stating opened for installation for a customer, which didn't happen and everything intact in box and a 2-year warranty from date of sale. Fell for it. Ordered right away.

Sent via Professional Couriers, which was delivered in 3-4 days.

2023-02-22 18-07-48.jpg

Some extra care.

2023-02-22 18-08-47.jpg

The box. It's got wired Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and 50W x 4 power output and individual front/rear LPF.

2023-02-22 18-11-24.jpg
2023-02-22 18-11-38.jpg
2023-02-22 18-11-43.jpg

First glimpse of the HU.

2023-02-22 18-11-58.jpg

Shallow mouthing depth. March 2022 manufactured.

2023-02-22 18-12-06.jpg

Rear ports. Single 1.5A USB port. Dual USB desired. Individual sub-ports for RCA/video output, aux, reverse camera input, and steering controls.

2023-02-22 18-12-10.jpg

Warranty card.

2023-02-22 18-12-20.jpg

The mic.

2023-02-22 18-12-41.jpg

Main connector.

2023-02-22 18-13-02.jpg

Reverse gear and parking brake signals go into them.

2023-02-22 18-58-57.jpg

RCA/video out connector (10 pin). Got 3 RCA outs of 2V with a dedicated subwoofer control in menu.

2023-02-22 18-13-22.jpg

The bunch for steering controls, mute and reverse camera inputs (6 pin)

2023-02-22 18-13-30.jpg
2023-02-22 18-14-13.jpg

Lastly, the aux in (4 pin). Nobody use them nowadays, connected it just for the sake of not losing it.

2023-02-22 18-15-24.jpg

USB cable, should be around 1 metre. HU doesn't support USB hub per manual.

2023-02-22 18-15-16.jpg

New model remote control, bigger and better than older model, but who is going to use them.

2023-02-22 18-14-32.jpg

Frame, pretty useless. Inside dimension is for some other bigger HU.

2023-02-22 18-14-40.jpg

Old, perfectly working Pioneer MVH355-BT.

2023-02-22 18-21-47.jpg

Old vs new connectors. Power input and audio outputs are same, so can operate without rewiring directly.

2023-02-22 18-24-54.jpg

Main difference being the additional wires for park brake (light green) and backlit (orange/white). Park brake input needed to play videos and backlit input needed to switch light/dark modes/dimming.

2023-02-22 18-25-12.jpg

On the other side, there is an extra wire for reverse gear input (violet/white) and the remote wire relocated (blue/white).

2023-02-22 18-25-23.jpg

Install complete.

2023-02-22 18-31-38.jpg

Face panel needs a bit of trimming to fit.

2023-02-22 18-31-45.jpg

2023-02-23 16-21-18.jpg

Coupler to OE connector had a few flaws. Red and yellow were ulta-pulta.

2023-02-22 18-43-52.jpg

And didn't have provision for backlit, which the OE connector provides. Removed an old pin with orange wire from an old connector and added to the coupler, got exact colour match.

2023-02-22 18-41-54.jpg

Swapped the red and yellow and mated them with the Pioneer connector, soldered and sleeved.

2023-02-22 19-09-10.jpg

First boot. Sound output was awful comparing old HU or any standard and the excitement was gone.

2023-02-22 19-12-13.jpg

Checked software version by intuition and compared with latest version on manufacturer site and yes, there was an update available.

2023-02-22 19-24-50.jpg

Downloaded and updated instantly.

2023-02-22 20-47-49.jpg
2023-02-22 20-48-10.jpg

and the issue was sorted out. They could've done that from the factory. They missed out their sound retrieve function, which added more clarity. Display don't have the blue hue in real. Touch is capacitive and response is good. Side panel for power, volume, menu, and voice assist is on the LH, which needs extra effort at times.

2023-02-23 18-16-42.jpg

All done and dusted with the trimmed faceplate. Did wrap the facia in piano black, but the top part didn't go well, so removed for a later attempt.

2023-02-23 18-36-43.jpg

2023-02-23 19-55-25.jpg

It would play videos from USB and supports MKV format. Connected to park brakes to make sure no one asks or plays them in motion. Display quality is okay, just HD and no match for IPS panels of less-known generic Android HUs. Bought a 10-inch Sony HU for a friend, which is even disastrous with HD on bigger screen.

2023-02-23 19-16-38.jpg

Radio displays song tags. There is a flaw with the radio. No control when Android Auto is running. To change channel, have to go to home screen and select radio, do the stuff and then return to Android Auto screen. A bit inconvenient when navigating. Could've added a floating navigation button for next/previous/pause.

2023-02-23 19-24-53.jpg
2023-08-28 19-10-01.jpg

The Android Auto screen. I chose Gaana as default player. Google Maps take up the majority of the screen.

2023-02-28 23-53-55.jpg

Home screen. Android Auto icon gets enabled when USB connected to AA enabled handset. Yet to try CarPlay, none of iPhone guys got a Lightning to USB cable.

2023-08-28 19-10-10.jpg

Some apps supported by AA. YouTube not supported.

2023-08-28 19-10-24.jpg

Player without split screen.

2023-08-28 19-10-37.jpg

Gets notification preview from messaging apps. Keyboard disabled when driving, but replying with voice assistant works flawlessly.

2023-08-28 19-11-25.jpg

Light mode

2023-08-28 19-11-49.jpg

and dark mode. These automatically switches with backlit by default, can be switched manually.

2023-08-28 19-11-41.jpg

Main settings menu.

2023-08-28 19-13-31.jpg

System settings submenu.

2023-08-28 19-13-42.jpg
2023-08-28 19-13-47.jpg

Claims to support most Japanese cars without an adapter.

2023-08-28 19-13-54.jpg

Basic radio settings. No option for 5-10 KHz step selection for FM. Steps 5 KHz with manual tuning.

2023-08-28 19-14-12.jpg

Backlit settings.

2023-08-28 19-14-23.jpg
2023-08-28 19-14-30.jpg

Only 5 colour selection for the side panel. Chose white which looks like blue matching the car's stock backlit.

2023-08-28 19-14-41.jpg

Wallpapers are just generic Pioneer stuff. Didn't bother to look since HU will be running on AA 90% of the time, rest of the time with the radio.

2023-08-28 19-14-59.jpg

My favourite part, audio and EQ settings.

2023-08-28 19-15-14.jpg

More focused to the front as the rear makes more bass and irritating for rear passengers.

2023-08-28 19-15-17.jpg

My favourite part of my favourite part, the crossover. Tried all the ways to cut off the bass from front speaker with previous HU. It killed the feel. Initially set front HPF at 125 Hz, now set at 250 Hz. Crystal clear mid and high from front speakers.

2023-08-28 19-15-25.jpg

Thirteen-band equalizer. Presets were not great, not even the Todoroki they boast of. Went the old school.

2023-08-28 19-15-30.jpg

Volume can be individually controlled.

2023-08-28 19-15-38.jpg

Speaker level dB settings.

2023-08-28 19-15-49.jpg

Always sets loudness to high. Bass boost can go up to 4 with deep bass without jarring the rear speaker with LF cut off from front. Set down to 2 to for the comfort of the rear passengers.

2023-08-28 19-15-58.jpg

Comes with Bluetooth 5.0. Basic Bluetooth settings. Bluetooth disabled when connected to AA.

2023-08-28 19-16-06.jpg

Reverse camera settings. No camera for the time being.

2023-08-28 19-16-16.jpg

Apart from AA, there is screening mirroring option, which is the most horrible part of this HU. Connects with a Chinese app, Autolink, which won't work most of the time. When it works, it gets confused with landscape/portrait modes and/or won't play audio. Not clean mirroring interface like Chromecast, just mirrors the full screen of phone in phone's orientation. No option of what to mirror.

2023-08-28 19-17-01.jpg

Pressing the side menu enables soft volume up/down.

2023-08-28 19-21-37.jpg

Voice assistant works flawlessly without training. No physical keyboard while driving. Takes commands like navigate or play some specific song works beautifully.

2023-08-28 19-21-55.jpg

Soft touch of power button turns off display instead of standby/muting. Long press turns off the power. Menu button works as mute with long press.

2023-08-28 19-22-07.jpg
2023-08-28 19-22-26.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2023 - New Front Shocks

Korean invasion.

2023-03-23 14-03-36.jpg

Visit to FNG for front suspension strut replacement, which was leaky for some time, but working fine, which was killed by my BIL, who never slows down on bad stretches and potholes. Asked the mech for Gabriel shocks, but he suggested Monroe, but ended up getting the former as the other one was out of stock. Replaced mounts, strut bearings, boots, and PU bumps.


Front Strut Assembly (RH) - Gabriel AM-G23109 - ₹ 2,122.00
Front Strut Assembly (LH) - Gabriel AM-G23110 - ₹ 2,122.00
Strut Mount with Retainer - Gabriel AM-G101151-1 - ₹ 664.00 x 2
Front Strut Kit - Sona Mandhira GMF7119 - ₹ 634.00 x 2
Strut Bearing - ₹ 80.00 x 2

Labour - ₹ 2,000.00

Total Bill - ₹ 9,000.00

2023-03-24 15-18-27.jpg
2023-03-24 15-18-38.jpg

Went straight to Wheel Tech for a proper alignment. They charged ₹ 450.00.

2023-03-24 17-16-01.jpg

Road test after alignment.

2023-03-24 17-23-17.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2023 - Updates

Ponkala Click

2023-03-07 11-15-52.jpg

Bought a rearview camera for the new head unit. Hated the bumper cameras. Got OE like mount one.

Sonilex SL-CCM2228 - ₹ 850.00

2023-03-26 10-53-03.jpg
2023-03-26 10-53-09.jpg
2023-03-26 10-53-26.jpg
2023-03-26 10-53-38.jpg

The camera.

2023-03-26 11-02-39.jpg
2023-03-26 11-02-50.jpg

Power in and signal out on camera side.

2023-03-26 11-03-06.jpg

Power connector to connect to reverse lamp.

2023-03-26 11-03-27.jpg

Video signal and reverse gear signal in a single coax cable. Got enough length for a sedan.

2023-03-26 11-03-43.jpg

Hole saw for the mounting hole.

2023-03-26 11-04-30.jpg

2023-03-26 11-04-40.jpg

Connector for the HU.

2023-03-26 11-13-52.jpg

Reverse gear signal input in the main connector.

2023-03-26 11-13-57.jpg

Had to make the hole a bit bigger for the camera.

2023-03-26 12-30-51.jpg

Perfect fit.

2023-03-26 12-30-58.jpg

2023-03-26 15-43-12.jpg

Drawing wire.

2023-03-26 15-43-03.jpg

Connected to reverse light.

2023-03-26 16-36-15.jpg


2023-03-26 16-54-39.jpg

Cleaned the muck.

2023-03-26 17-00-39.jpg

Adaptive guiding lines.

2023-04-01 23-20-00.jpg

Spec sheet and instruction manual.

2023-03-27 22-17-51.jpg
2023-03-27 22-17-59.jpg
2023-03-27 22-18-02.jpg


2023-03-31 22-28-58.jpg

Found this cute dust bin at a nearby shop. Ford had the same in their accessories with blue lid and Ford logo. Fits in cup holder.

Cello Kleeno - ₹ 199.00

2023-03-26 11-09-02.jpg
2023-03-26 11-09-06.jpg
2023-03-26 11-09-48.jpg
2023-03-26 11-10-41.jpg

Blooming golden shower.

2023-04-01 18-23-25.jpg

Messy on the car.

2023-04-05 20-38-46.jpg
2023-05-14 11-47-41.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2023 - New Wiper Blades - Valeo

2023-04-29 06-56-21.jpg

Bought Valeo First frameless blades from Boodmo. There was 15% offer on them.

2023-05-13 14-10-09.jpg

22" and 16" Beat not listed in the compatibility list.

2023-05-13 14-10-15.jpg

MRP ₹ 473 and ₹ 288 respectively, ₹ 402 and ₹ 245 after discount. Shipping ₹ 70 for pair.

2023-05-13 14-10-21.jpg
2023-05-13 14-10-26.jpg

Comparing with old Eagle pair. Lasted 2 years and 4 months. Was wiping well, but the plastic parts started disintegrating.

2023-05-13 14-11-54.jpg

Valeo clip.

2023-05-13 14-12-06.jpg

Old Eagle clip. Different from generic Chinese ones.

2023-05-13 14-11-19.jpg


2023-05-13 14-12-58.jpg

Adjuster for hand brake. Needs a deep 10 mm socket. Lever had too much travel. Make sure wheels rotate freely when brake is released.

2023-04-23 12-24-03.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2023 - Some More Goodies

PCV filter was the main reason for engine fail in Beat diesels. Recommended interval is 30k km. Last change was around 15k km back, but (supposedly) done by the rogue garage. Suspicion always remained, so didn't wanna ruin once again and ordered one. Non-OE part, so planning to replace every 10-15k km.

PCV oil separator (Camshaft Filter) - Zip ZO-1168 - ₹ 769.00 (MRP ₹ 900.00)

From Boodmo with free shipping.

2023-05-12 18-43-25.jpg
2023-05-12 18-44-36.jpg
2023-05-12 18-44-49.jpg

2023-05-12 18-39-26.jpg
2023-05-12 18-45-24.jpg
2023-05-12 18-45-40.jpg

Ordered oil from Amazon, Shell Helix HX8 5W30. MRP ₹ 2,688.00, got for ₹ 1,909.00

2023-05-16 09-03-39.jpg
2023-05-16 09-04-15.jpg
2023-05-16 09-04-21.jpg

Oil Filter - Purolator PI-5384 - ₹ 200.00 (MRP ₹ 211.00)

2023-05-16 09-11-40.jpg
2023-05-16 09-11-45.jpg
2023-05-16 09-12-13.jpg
2023-05-16 09-12-20.jpg
2023-05-16 09-12-26.jpg
2023-05-16 09-12-31.jpg

Entrusted FNG with the job. Labour ₹ 1,000.00 for changing PCV filter plus oil change.

Changing PCV filter requires locking the timing. As expected, it wasn't replaced by the previous mechanic and still running on the OE filter replaced during engine overhaul [frustration]
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2023 - Door Lock Replaced

2023-05-21 14-54-16.jpg

Front passenger side door lock conked off. It won't unlock with remote unlock, but can be unlocked manually. Got replacement from Boodmo. Part Made in South Korea.

Door Lock (Front Left) - J94543225 - ₹ 1,584.00 (plus ₹ 68.00 shipping)

2023-05-28 15-11-17.jpg

2023-05-28 15-12-44.jpg
2023-05-28 15-12-49.jpg
2023-05-28 15-12-53.jpg
2023-05-28 15-12-55.jpg

Installation was a 20-minute job. Just need to remove the door pads.

2023-05-29 08-45-40.jpg
2023-05-29 08-46-07.jpg
2023-05-29 08-46-20.jpg
2023-05-29 08-46-27.jpg
2023-05-29 08-47-03.jpg
2023-05-29 08-47-05.jpg

Remove these three bolts to remove the lock assembly.

2023-05-29 08-47-28.jpg

Unplug the remote locking connector.

2023-05-29 08-50-48.jpg

Three rods goes to the lock. These can be undone easily.

2023-05-29 08-47-24.jpg

Rotate the plastic tab to unlock. Third one (grey) is like a Scotch Lock, just open to release the rod.

2023-05-29 08-57-13.jpg
2023-05-29 08-57-24.jpg

New one came with rod for the key barrel. Plastic wheels got damaged with old lock, cause being people trying to open when unlocking. It locks, but won't unlock most of the time.

2023-05-29 08-58-36.jpg

Key barrel is installed with a 10-mm bolt. Need to remove the barrel to connect. Can be skipped if connecting rod before fitting the lock.

2023-05-29 09-10-32.jpg

Grey clip for external door handle.

2023-05-29 09-13-32.jpg

White for internal door lock and blue for internal door release.

2023-05-29 09-15-26.jpg

Lastly connect the remote locking connector.

2023-05-29 09-15-45.jpg


2023-05-29 09-19-52.jpg

2023-05-29 09-18-58.jpg


2023-05-29 09-26-01.jpg


2023-05-29 09-34-32.jpg
2023-05-29 10-12-14.jpg

JBL faded over time.

2023-05-29 10-39-24.jpg


2023-05-29 10-42-37.jpg
May 11, 2011
Hello Deville, you're truly

Awesome updates I've seen and went through, the car looks stunning sporting those black alloys and the accessories have gone well with the car too, wish to see more miles and mods with it!
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Sep 11, 2009
June - July 2023 - Got the OE Spoiler

Wandering around.

2023-06-18 16-24-54.jpg
2023-06-18 17-37-55.jpg

Across the border, Puliyarai.

2023-06-18 18-43-24.jpg

Tempting offer.

2023-06-18 18-48-58.jpg

Spotted same Sand Drift Grey Beat with an OE spoiler. End of a long search. The car was newer than mine and was a base model fitted with top model spoiler. Made a casual enquiry and price was decent. Asked ₹ 1,800.00, got for ₹ 1,600.00 without any bargain. Most of the sellers quote between ₹ 3000 and ₹ 4000. Matching colour means I can save on painting too.

2023-07-06 17-16-48.jpg

Rushed home, picked up car and returned. There was no one there to remove it. Borrowed their tools and removed myself.

2023-07-06 17-25-08.jpg

Got four extra nuts too. Replaced all shorter ones with these.

2023-07-07 08-29-33.jpg

Last time in base model trim.

2023-07-07 08-13-48.jpg

The spoiler.

2023-07-07 08-15-31.jpg
2023-07-07 08-14-59.jpg
2023-07-07 08-15-05.jpg
2023-07-07 08-15-08.jpg

Difference between them.

2023-07-07 08-19-58.jpg

Cleaned up the muck before install - before and after.

2023-07-07 08-20-57.jpg
2023-07-07 08-26-46.jpg
After install

After installation.

2023-07-07 08-34-20.jpg
2023-07-07 08-35-37.jpg

Many asked what difference would it make, this is it.
2023-07-07 08-34-25_1.jpg
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