The Grey Skid – Chevy Beat TCDi LS (December 2012)

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Sep 11, 2009
January 2022 - Misc Updates

With RH caliper worked multiple times and LH untouched, thought of having a look at it.

2022-01-01 16-02-11.jpg

Grease was all dried up.

2022-01-01 16-23-24.jpg

Decent thickness left with pads and rotor.

2022-01-01 16-28-17.jpg

Piston pushed back with C-clamp.

2022-01-01 16-28-26.jpg

Had copper shims on. Removed them. Would add new if there is any rattle.

2022-01-01 16-29-34.jpg

Boot that was swollen on the RH, looking okay on LH.

2022-01-01 16-29-45.jpg

Added some Nutella [lol]

2022-01-01 16-35-18.jpg

and installed back.

2022-01-01 16-36-07.jpg

Gave a quick wash, not a thorough one.

2022-01-01 16-46-34.jpg

KBX pads.

2022-01-01 16-48-19.jpg

One side had lines from the rotor.

2022-01-01 16-50-31.jpg

Installed pads.

2022-01-01 16-51-38.jpg

Pad with branding was installed inside, swapped it. OCD issues.

2022-01-01 17-01-31.jpg

Installed caliper. Wanted to paint them, but couldn't.

2022-01-01 17-24-30.jpg

Water in fog lamp due to dislodged rubber seal. Fog lamp bezel painting also long pending.

2022-01-01 15-48-46.jpg

Cleaned up and installed bulb properly,

2022-01-01 16-18-47.jpg

Replaced missing fender liner clips.

2022-01-01 16-18-57.jpg
2022-01-01 16-18-54.jpg

Tested for any issues.

2022-01-01 17-37-37.jpg

Aftermaths of swapping the pads. Decreased and disappeared over time.

2022-01-04 15-38-14.jpg

Checking turbo spindle for any play.

2022-01-26 17-49-59_1.jpg

2022-01-26 17-49-59.jpg

Perfectly fine. Cleaned before putting back. OE turbo is TEL.

2022-01-26 17-50-10.jpg

Windscreen shopping for Harish.

2022-01-04 15-34-52.jpg

Delivered safe [cheers]

2022-01-04 16-15-09.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
February 2022 - Updates

Hits 75k mark.

2022-02-14 18-49-39.jpg

Bought Areon, Bubblegum flavour. ₹ 360.00

2022-02-05 17-50-20.jpg
2022-02-05 17-48-16.jpg
2022-02-05 17-51-25.jpg
2022-02-05 17-57-26.jpg

Service light was popping up intermittently. Scanned by @vishnu vichu and showed ECU internal malfunction, glow plug controller error and two remaining plugs dead.

2022-02-14 18-35-05.jpg

Grabbed my multimeter and checked the resistance to find the dead ones.

2022-02-20 18-28-02.jpg

Last replaced one had proper resistance, should be between 1 and 6 ohms.

2022-02-20 18-12-12_1.jpg

Other two were having higher values.

2022-02-20 18-12-27.jpg
2022-02-20 18-12-36.jpg

Checked controller voltages too, 7.5 V at initiation and 2 V after a second.

2022-02-20 18-15-06.jpg
2022-02-20 18-15-08.jpg

I've got to order two more plugs.
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - Air Filter

Got Purolator this time. Last time, it was Sofima.

Purolator PI-2924 - ₹ 368.00. Got for ₹ 331.00 from Capital Automobiles in Aksharaveethi. Seems many shops offering 10% flat mechanic margin for certain brands like Purolator, Wurth, etc.

2022-03-06 10-17-52.jpg
2022-03-06 10-17-57.jpg
2022-03-06 10-18-22.jpg
2022-03-06 10-18-29.jpg
2022-03-06 10-18-38.jpg

Customary new vs old photos. Replaced at 9000 km/2-1/2 years.

2022-03-06 10-40-01.jpg
2022-03-06 10-40-20.jpg
2022-03-06 10-40-50.jpg


2022-03-06 10-41-15.jpg

Bought new O-ring for MAF sensor. Measured dimensions and went to Sara Agencies, where there is assorted collection of O-rings. He was adamant about bringing old ring or the part to choose the right one. Scrolled through his box and got the best match.

2022-03-06 10-11-59.jpg

Removing MAF sensor.

2022-03-06 10-32-40.jpg

And he turned out right. Won't fit. Slightly bigger. Seems Chevy stopped the part and the specific part missing in Boodmo page. OE was silicon ring and new one was nitrile rubber.

2022-03-06 10-34-04.jpg

2022-03-06 10-35-15.jpg

Installed back and prepped the engine bay.

2022-03-06 10-42-40.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - Fuel Filter Replacement

Got Purolator again,

Purolator PI-3881₹ - 488.00. Got for ₹ 440.00 from Capital Automobiles. Bought along with the air filter.

2022-03-06 11-00-36.jpg
2022-03-06 11-00-32.jpg
2022-03-06 11-01-38.jpg
2022-03-06 11-01-41.jpg
2022-03-06 11-01-46.jpg
2022-03-06 11-02-01.jpg

Location. Brake hose hinders access, but managed last time without removing it.

2022-03-06 11-08-27.jpg

Drained the fuel in the filter housing through the drain plug.

2022-03-06 11-10-04.jpg

The plug.

2022-03-06 11-10-22.jpg
2022-03-06 11-10-36.jpg
2022-03-06 11-15-42.jpg

36-mm socket, the biggest one I have.

2022-03-06 11-19-21.jpg

Open the cartridge bottom and remove the filter.

2022-03-06 11-23-32.jpg
2022-03-06 11-23-55.jpg
2022-03-06 11-23-57.jpg
2022-03-06 11-24-09.jpg

This is where the drain goes.

2022-03-06 11-24-29.jpg

Screw it back.

2022-03-06 11-25-01.jpg

Replace the O-ring. OE ring was bright red.

2022-03-06 11-27-08.jpg
2022-03-06 11-27-27.jpg
2022-03-06 11-28-09.jpg

Old vs new. Ran just under 8k km in 2 years.

2022-03-06 11-29-03.jpg

All set to install.

2022-03-06 11-30-18.jpg

Filter housing.

2022-03-06 11-31-54.jpg

Hose was blocking my way this time. Last time too, but made it through. Decided to take it off and make some way.

2022-03-06 11-34-17.jpg

Clamp out.

2022-03-06 11-36-18.jpg

Filter in.

2022-03-06 11-38-10.jpg

Clamp in. Laziness makes life hard.

2022-03-06 11-39-50.jpg

Removed fuel hose from the high pressure pump and primed a couple of times to remove any air as recommended by @Auto_Psycho in his ultimate Beat maintenance thread.

2022-03-06 11-46-58.jpg

Plugged back and started and everything was fine.

2022-03-06 11-47-47.jpg

Ending my car life. With my son graduating from an infant to a toddler, there was great peer pressure on stopping running behind cars, allocating more fund for diapers, redirecting if any left to saving for the future and spending weekends with him. Made (pinky) promise that I would do only absolute necessary maintenances and stop entertaining others' DIYs and bothering about anything other than mine (My Google Calendar always pops up with service/ insurance/PUC reminders and purchase anniversaries [lol]). Made my mind to treat them as just A to B appliances and my car and their cars (*bike, scooter, cycle as applies). Happy ending.

And then I was scrolling through Boodmo and came a package [gun]

2022-03-11 18-55-54.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - The Mysterious Boodmo Package

It turned out to be the rear wiper motor. Rear wiper had been in my bucket list ever since we had our Estilo, but never materialized. Whenever I see a Beat LT at a breaker yard, I would inquire about the rear wiper motor, which would be gone by then. Recently, almost got hold of them, not one, but two. Price quoted was insane. I was thinking of sending someone good with negotiation, but draw a conclusion that it's an unnecessary expenditure. Then, the Boodmo search mentioned in last post and original price was way less than the scrapyard price, and couldn't abstain from ordering it.

Rear Window Wiper Motor - J95152637 - ₹ 2,456.00 + ₹140.00

2022-03-14 18-19-34.jpg

2022-03-14 18-19-25.jpg

The motor. Couldn't find an image anywhere on the web.

2022-03-14 18-14-50.jpg
2022-03-14 18-14-53.jpg
2022-03-14 18-15-29.jpg

Made in Korea.

2022-03-14 18-15-32.jpg

KAMCO make, Bosch brand.

2022-03-14 18-15-57.jpg

Three pin connector. Positive, negative, and park.

2022-03-14 18-15-43.jpg
2022-03-14 18-15-51.jpg

Disassembled the same day, couldn't resist. Linkage said M200, aka our Chevy Spark, but not sure about the fit, maybe a different clamp (and part number).

2022-03-14 18-17-07.jpg

2022-03-14 18-17-55.jpg

All holes in place and the clamp holes aligned perfectly.

2022-03-14 18-30-55.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - Glow Plugs

Ordered two more glow plugs and got delivered the same day as the wiper motor. Ordered from Amazon, Carfar brand, hearing for the first time. Got for half the price of OE plug. HKT was not available at that moment and local retailer was selling them for almost the price of OE ones. No clue of manufacturer anywhere on the packing nor the Google. Bought it because of the good reviews on Amazon.

Carfar B07YMS5K4M - ₹476/plug

The packing itself was messed up. Came in the box for 1.3 Multijet series.

2022-03-14 18-23-49.jpg
2022-03-14 18-23-59.jpg

Correct vendor and Chevrolet part numbers were on the plug.

2022-03-14 18-26-08.jpg

Complimentary leather keychains bundled.

2022-03-14 18-23-15.jpg

Back to the FNG for install. Replaced in 30 minutes including cooling down. Charged ₹ 200 for the job.

2022-03-19 10-33-44.jpg
2022-03-19 10-38-12.jpg

Aria waiting engine rebuild.

2022-03-19 11-12-58.jpg

He spotted early wear of front tyre and suggested rotation and alignment. Went straight to Wheel Tech. Charged ₹ 450.

2022-03-19 12-33-18.jpg
2022-03-19 12-53-27.jpg

OE seat covers started giving away,

2022-03-20 12-14-39.jpg

Old plug was Beru. One previously replaced was Borg Warner. Dealer replaced one of the plugs during engine rebuild, thus the mix-up.

2022-03-20 12-23-31.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - Updates

Finding perfect centre for drilling hole in boot lid for wiper motor installation.

2022-03-14 18-17-07.jpg

Marked on the clamp. Used compass and measured with respect to the boltholes.

2022-03-17 17-40-15.jpg
2022-03-17 17-40-19.jpg

Glued in the longest bolt I had.

2022-03-17 21-34-40.jpg

Extended the length with an ear swab tube. Bolted the clamp on the boot lid and found the perfect location for the hole.

2022-03-17 21-45-59.jpg


2022-03-20 12-27-44.jpg

Removed the plastic panel.

2022-03-20 12-34-04.jpg
2022-03-20 12-34-10.jpg
2022-03-20 12-34-25.jpg

Panel made by Bright Auto Plast, a Sintex company.

2022-03-20 12-52-23.jpg

Drilled up to 12 mm, the biggest bit I had. Started off with smaller bit and incremented by 2-3 mm.

2022-03-20 12-42-12.jpg
2022-03-20 12-42-20.jpg

Trial mount. Just shim clearance, but no fouling. A little bit of X-Y axis adjustment possible, so can be taken care during final installation. Couldn't source the rubber cover. Till then, 12-mm hole would suffice.

2022-03-20 12-45-58.jpg
2022-03-20 12-46-11.jpg

The other side.

2022-03-20 12-47-45.jpg

Easter Egg!! Rear boot switch was built into the lock mechanism, like most American brands. I was looking for the possibilities of a rear boot switch, but couldn't find a location nor could spot on any Beat photo.

2022-03-20 17-41-56.jpg

Rear number plate was stuck with 3M tapes and later with bolts, but with nut from behind. For removing the plates, had to take the boot lid trim out. To sort that out, ordered M6 rivet nuts. Link > Rivet Nuts M6 (Pack of 2)

2022-03-20 13-24-11.jpg

Drilled 9-mm holes and inserted them.

2022-03-20 13-26-44.jpg
2022-03-20 13-26-54.jpg

Tightened with a bolt and it compressed into place. Not easy as seen on YouTube DIYs, may be due to thin sheet metal.

2022-03-20 17-51-08.jpg

2022-03-20 17-51-21.jpg
2022-03-20 17-51-28.jpg

Number plate in. Washed off all the dirt and grim. Final install pending wiper arm purchase. Have to drill the plastic panel and without wiper arm, it would look fugly. Confused between Beat and i10 wiper arms. Liked the shape of i10 arm, but doubted fit. Kept on looking for i10s with rear wiper to take measurements. An out-of-station friend had one, and waiting for his mercy.

2022-03-20 21-41-17.jpg

Had to balance tyres due to wobbling. Did just rotate and align at Wheel Tech. Took to Nayana. He flipped left and right tyres. Wheel Tech swapped front to back. Being unidirectional, had to remove the tyre from the wheel for the swap for proper direction. Total cost ₹ 600.00.

2022-03-23 11-24-16.jpg

Perks of lending car.

2022-03-30 20-32-08.jpg

Running around.

2022-03-31 13-08-18.jpg
2022-03-31 17-58-37.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2022 - Rear Wiper Motor Install

Had no chance of comparing i10 wiper arm and impatience grew and spotted an el cheapo Beat assembly on Amazon. Ordered without second thought. Chevy OE arm was ₹722.00, ₹401.00 for blade and ₹106.00 for cap, making it ₹1,229.00 if I choose that route. Got the full set for less than 30%. Now lots of listings in similar price.

Generic Rear Wiper Arm with Blade - ₹ 349.00

2022-04-12 10-57-53.jpg
2022-04-12 11-02-01.jpg

Full set.

2022-04-12 11-13-31.jpg

Made a mark on the plastic panel through the previously drilled hole.

2022-04-12 19-40-23.jpg

Made a 12 mm hole.

2022-04-12 19-46-48.jpg
2022-04-12 20-03-57.jpg

Installed the motor

2022-04-12 20-06-28.jpg

and the arm. M6 nut did the job.

2022-04-12 20-08-08.jpg


2022-04-12 20-09-56.jpg

Trial with 12V adapter.

2022-04-12 20-30-05.jpg

In action.

Then a quick wash.

2022-04-17 20-06-33.jpg

Followed by heavy downpour [cry]

2022-04-17 20-36-10.jpg

Wiring is still pending. Next confusion was with original LT wiper stalk versus a standalone switch.
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May 16, 2014
That's a very good workmanship you did. Congratulations for this.
In your video the wiper arm looks to be a size too large/long, almost touching the rear spoiler!! As if it's from another Chevrolet hatchback.
Maybe it's the camera angle, don't know. But still, very good workmanship, as well as execution, no doubt about that!!
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