The Grey Skid – Chevy Beat TCDi LS (December 2012)

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Sep 11, 2009
January 2022 - Misc Updates

With RH caliper worked multiple times and LH untouched, thought of having a look at it.

2022-01-01 16-02-11.jpg

Grease was all dried up.

2022-01-01 16-23-24.jpg

Decent thickness left with pads and rotor.

2022-01-01 16-28-17.jpg

Piston pushed back with C-clamp.

2022-01-01 16-28-26.jpg

Had copper shims on. Removed them. Would add new if there is any rattle.

2022-01-01 16-29-34.jpg

Boot that was swollen on the RH, looking okay on LH.

2022-01-01 16-29-45.jpg

Added some Nutella [lol]

2022-01-01 16-35-18.jpg

and installed back.

2022-01-01 16-36-07.jpg

Gave a quick wash, not a thorough one.

2022-01-01 16-46-34.jpg

KBX pads.

2022-01-01 16-48-19.jpg

One side had lines from the rotor.

2022-01-01 16-50-31.jpg

Installed pads.

2022-01-01 16-51-38.jpg

Pad with branding was installed inside, swapped it. OCD issues.

2022-01-01 17-01-31.jpg

Installed caliper. Wanted to paint them, but couldn't.

2022-01-01 17-24-30.jpg

Water in fog lamp due to dislodged rubber seal. Fog lamp bezel painting also long pending.

2022-01-01 15-48-46.jpg

Cleaned up and installed bulb properly,

2022-01-01 16-18-47.jpg

Replaced missing fender liner clips.

2022-01-01 16-18-57.jpg
2022-01-01 16-18-54.jpg

Tested for any issues.

2022-01-01 17-37-37.jpg

Aftermaths of swapping the pads. Decreased and disappeared over time.

2022-01-04 15-38-14.jpg

Checking turbo spindle for any play.

2022-01-26 17-49-59_1.jpg

2022-01-26 17-49-59.jpg

Perfectly fine. Cleaned before putting back. OE turbo is TEL.

2022-01-26 17-50-10.jpg

Windscreen shopping for Harish.

2022-01-04 15-34-52.jpg

Delivered safe [cheers]

2022-01-04 16-15-09.jpg

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