The Grey Skid – Chevy Beat TCDi LS (December 2012)

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Sep 11, 2009
July 2021 - Installing Rear Suspension Jounce Stopper Bumper

Replaced the other side exactly last year. Didn't bother to remove shock or even wheel this time.

Rear Suspension Jounce Bumper Stop - J95154454 - ₹ 354.00 (It was ₹ 327.00 a year back). Bought from Deedi Chevrolet.

2021-07-22 16-17-24.jpg
2021-07-22 16-17-27.jpg

It's a delicate piece of PU foam that holds the rear shock absorber cover and disintegrates in 4-5 years and causes irritating rattling noise. Made by BASF. Ordered another brand called TechNix from Boodmo, which was listed at cheaper price with free shipping. Wanted to try another brand to check the longevity, so ordered on Boodmo, but the delivery date kept delaying, ending up cancelling and buying on from Chevy dealer.

2021-07-22 16-17-44.jpg
2021-07-22 16-17-50.jpg
2021-07-22 16-17-53.jpg

Installation. Make room first.

2021-07-22 15-58-14.jpg

One star screw

2021-07-22 16-41-32.jpg

and two retainer clips. Remove them and the panel will loosen up. To remove the panel completely, have to remove seat belt mount at the bottom, which is absolutely unnecessary.

2021-07-22 16-41-12.jpg

Remove the weather strip a bit and the panel will loosen up and more than enough space to work. Top of the shock would be covered with the plastic cap. Pry it off.

2021-07-22 15-59-11.jpg

Access to the shock mounting.

2021-07-22 16-00-05.jpg

A 6-mm socket to hold

2021-07-22 16-06-39.jpg

and a 15-mm ring spanner to loosen up the nut.

2021-07-22 16-09-28.jpg

Remove the run and other tib-bits.

2021-07-22 16-09-59.jpg

Jack up the car.

2021-07-22 16-15-17.jpg

The shaft will fall off the hole.

2021-07-22 16-15-30.jpg

Suspension can be compressed by gentle downward pull and will get enough time/room to work around.

2021-07-22 16-15-41.jpg

Remove one by one. First the rear shock absorber washer

2021-07-22 16-15-53.jpg

and then the dust shield.

2021-07-22 16-16-27.jpg

Exposed shock absorber. Disintegrate PU particle can be seen on the shock.

2021-07-22 16-23-29.jpg

New vs remnants of old.

2021-07-22 16-22-05.jpg

Squeeze the smaller side into the dust shield.

2021-07-22 16-24-52.jpg

Washer. Clean it.

2021-07-22 16-16-38.jpg

Squeeze the wider side into it.

2021-07-22 16-27-21.jpg


2021-07-22 16-27-32.jpg

Installed over the shock and ready to go in.

2021-07-22 16-28-31.jpg

Clean the strut tower. Compress the shock, aim the hole and release. Falls right in place.

2021-07-22 16-29-17.jpg

Lower mount.

2021-07-22 16-17-06.jpg
2021-07-22 16-17-11.jpg

Clean it

2021-07-22 16-30-43.jpg

and place it.

2021-07-22 16-30-36.jpg

Upper mount.

2021-07-22 16-31-02.jpg
2021-07-22 16-31-04.jpg

Clean it and install.

2021-07-22 16-32-09.jpg

Finally washer and nut.

2021-07-22 16-32-06.jpg

Install everything in order. Before tightening, lower the car a bit and move the shaft and make sure it's in perfect centre. Lower the car and tighten it.

2021-07-22 16-38-07.jpg

Reinstall the plastic cap

2021-07-22 16-40-37.jpg

and the side panel and done.

2021-07-22 16-41-12.jpg


2021-07-22 17-02-38.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August-September 2021 - Misc Updates

1000 km took 8 months.

2021-08-06 09-47-11.jpg

Remnants of morning shower.

2021-08-09 08-40-12.jpg

With the most notorious Amaze.

2021-08-18 14-38-31.jpg

Celebrating Onam.

2021-08-22 13-50-52.jpeg

And stepping into September, the brake began troubling again. Front RH brake was getting jammed. Initially, it was light jamming, later on car was literally un-driveable and 5-km drive to garage, there were fumes from the brakes and could feel the heat from a distance. The alloy wheel paint and centre cap got melted. Cause was a jammed brake hose. Inquired with Chevy dealer, and it was out of stock and needed ordering and the garage guy tried other hoses, which didn't fit. Cleaned the hose and installed back. Chevy dealer can get in a week, but have to make 2 trips, one to order and another one collect. There was stock in Boodmo, ordered right away. Shipping charge was justified by the saved fuel cost and time.

2021-09-01 11-24-20.jpg

Custom forged rotor [lol]. Boots also swollen.

2021-09-01 17-21-14.jpg

Took straight to tyre shop to fix the leak I spotted back in April. They removed tyre and sanded the alloy edges and repainted and reinstalled. Asked to do balancing also. Totally ₹ 250.00.

2021-09-01 17-20-41.jpg


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May 16, 2014
What was the age of brake hose? Guessing ,must be as old as the car.
Was there a warning sign before the failure ??
Now you will need complete brake fluid flushing and bleeding.
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Sep 11, 2009
What was the age of brake hose? Guessing ,must be as old as the car.
Was there a warning sign before the failure ??
Now you will need complete brake fluid flushing and bleeding.
Yeah, as old as the car. 2012 make.

There was no constant warning, tightness came intermittently. It's hard to push the car around, on running tightness hardly noticeable to the abundance of torque.

Brake was last bled in 2020 (also in 2018 and 2015).
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - New Dash Speakers - Sony Xplod XS-FB102E

JBL had a bit of jarring before, which I felt was from the grille and damped it. Now it started jarring even more and irritating even with MJ.

2021-09-26 11-15-13.jpg

Checked and saw cone was detached from voice coil and one of the tweeters was dead. The dead tweeter made the jarring more pronounced.

2021-09-29 14-59-49.jpg

Checked through available options and no replacement from JBL. They had only a full range 4 inchers without much review. Always wanted better ones like Hertz, Rockford or DD Audio, but no one sells 4 inch now as there ain't much taker for that. Commonly available were Sony and Pioneer, more fakes than original and Delhi-made stuff like JXL, JVL, Song Bird, etc. Decided to buy Pioneer 2-way from an authorized dealer, checked the list and found Haran Electronics (a shop run by a Malayalam-speaking Singh). He was Sony authorized dealer too. Now, I was pretty confused between the two, both brands I don't prefer as I had a soft corner for JBL. Ran a quick review and nothing much about Pioneer anywhere, and Indian reviewers were going gaga about Sony. One of the reviewers was claiming only made in India was original and Vietnam is fake. Told him my concern and he said only volume sales stuff like 6-inchers are made in India, rest are made in Vietnam. Bought the Sony. MRP was ₹ 1,990.00. Got for ₹ 1,650.00 with bill and warranty.

2021-09-29 10-47-55.jpg
2021-09-29 10-48-27.jpg
2021-09-29 10-48-59.jpg
2021-09-29 10-49-06.jpg
2021-09-29 10-49-24.jpg

Sealed pack even after checking [lol]

2021-09-29 10-49-39.jpg

Opened this side.

2021-09-29 10-49-12.jpg

One-year replacement warranty.

2021-09-29 10-50-13.jpg
2021-09-29 10-52-46.jpg
2021-09-29 10-53-09.jpg

30W RMS 4 Ohms.

2021-09-29 10-53-21.jpg

That reviewer claimed serial number would be missing in fake Vietnam ones.

2021-09-29 10-53-29.jpg

Came with screws and wires, which usually gets swapped on online purchase.

2021-09-29 10-56-42.jpg
2021-09-29 10-56-51.jpg
2021-09-29 10-57-37.jpg


2021-09-29 14-57-48.jpg

After popping the grille, all the dirty bits of damp mat used to prevent the suspected grille vibration.

2021-09-29 14-58-28.jpg

None of the screwdriver would fit the space as it sits close to the windshield. Suffered a lot during installations on Indica as they had even tighter space to work with.

2021-09-29 14-58-46.jpg

OE connector.

2021-09-29 15-02-40.jpg

Previous installer crimped on to stock wiring, none other than myself [lol]

2021-09-29 15-02-56.jpg

2021-09-29 15-58-12.jpg

Removed the wire and tidied that up.

2021-09-29 15-09-00.jpg

Male clips.

2021-09-29 14-52-30.jpg

Had two types, not sure what metals, gold and silver ones.

2021-09-29 14-52-54.jpg

Crimped on to the bundled cable. Used about a foot of cable.

2021-09-29 15-32-40.jpg

2021-09-29 16-07-33.jpg

Plug and play.

2021-09-29 15-33-50.jpg

2021-09-29 16-08-41.jpg

A quick side-by-side comparison. JBL CS-4 vs Sony Xplod XS-FB102E. Both 30W RMS and 4-ohm impedance, with Sony peaking at 210W and JBL 90W. Made in China and Vietnam, respectively.

2021-09-29 15-52-05.jpg

Sony got a shallow chassis and slimmer magnet comparing JBL.

2021-09-29 15-53-54.jpg

Sony had paper cone, while JBL had waterproof poly or titanium laminate ones. JBL had the bigger tweeters.

2021-09-29 15-55-09.jpg

Installed. Cut off two mounting points, needed only two.

2021-09-29 16-09-56.jpg

Done. Tested with my usual playlist. Mid and bass were great, indeed car is filled with bass, but missed the crispy treble of the JBLs. Treble is there, but killed by the mid. Great for pre-90s songs, especially Yesudas and Kishore da.

2021-09-29 16-11-41.jpg

Search for tweeters ensued. Added old Dapic tweeter for the time being, which was disastrous.

2021-10-10 16-06-48.jpg

Had to use Super Bass mode plus +2-3 on bass boost to kill the terrible treble from the Dapic. Rear ovals are punching hard in this setting, sitting in the rear seat was intolerable. Even that bass was killed by Dapic for the front passengers.

2021-10-10 18-50-47.jpg

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