The Blizzard - New Volkswagen Vento Highline TDI – Ownership Review

Feb 20, 2012
Thanks joslicx, Let me check that out this weekend and hope its not a bad idea to order online rather than purchasing in person.

By the way, do you use 3D mats? If yes, what color are those? Does black fit with the beige interiors? won't it be so awkward to have black ones on...??

Need your thoughts dude...
Sorry for the delayed response. Yes I am using black 3D mats. Actually it does not look so bad! Only thing is, with black dirt is visible and the mats do get dirty in no time. Earlier when the car was new I was cleaning them every week but these days ... Right now the mats are all very dirty in my car (in fact the car is also very dirty thanks to the rains here). Will probably clean the whole thing this weekend.

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