The Best Moments With Your Wheels

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Aug 22, 2009
Well, We take our wheels everyday for a short drive or even for a long drive.

But there will be best / unforgettable moments for each & every one of you.

It may be the day which you owned the ride or may be when some one special accompanied you.

Lets share the unforgettable moments here!
Jul 6, 2010
Best/Unforgettable moments with my -
1. Premier Padmini: Travelling in it as a baby and young kid.
2. M800: Getting driven to school by dad.
3. Indigo: Getting stuck in peak hour traffic, (it happens regularly) yet feeling comfy and happy. Getting stared at everywhere.
4. i10 1.2: Long highway drives that were all pleasant, fun and memorable. The most unforgettable moment was recieving the keys of the 1st brand new car in our family that's not from the office.
Aug 24, 2009
Dubai / Mumbai
Opel Astra Club - 2004:

Touched 180 kmph on eastern express highway. like every german car, the car amazed by its composure & stability at that speed. though engine noise could be heard, the cabin was still relatively calm & relaxed. the sense of solidity & luxury german cars provide, i am yet to see that in any other car.

Mahindra Scorpio Non-CRDe - 2005:

26th july, mumbai was flooded & i was in pune. we started of late from pune & reached the outskirts of mumbai by 5 pm. all roads were jam packed, water logged & cars shut down in the middle of the road. in one place, the flow of water was such that a maruti 800 car was pushed to the left & banged a camry to its side. still, after 5 hours of struggling through traffic, wading through deep water & not much diesel left in the tank (wading through water means you constantly need to rev the engine, which drained the fuel), the car bought us home safely, in AC comfort!!! the car was well below reserve fuel & all bunks were shut down, still it managed to go out for one more round & bring my cousins home. The other car we had that time was the astra & it could not be taken out since the water level was too much for it.

Mahindra Scorpio mHawk - 2009:

Doing 0-100 kmph acceleration runs on a private runway used to land small aircrafts! that was the first time i ripped the mHawk engine & instantly fell in love with it's sweet turbo whistle!
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Sep 12, 2009
Omni 1989 - 2007

The perfect car- i could carry the world with us. it was a 5 seater. except the last 10k of total 53K kms was driven by my dad.
Bought in gujarat - cargo motors 1989 feb.

I love to do my home work - study etc in the car. love to drive the parked car without the keys!!

in they 2004 it got its first ice. a sony cd player and boshmann 6 incher! till the end it was in stock seat and no accessory- not even horn replaced - dad's policy not to add anything and am opposite to his policy in my business.

even one of the head light bulb is stock till the 18 long years when we had them

a first repaint in 10 years and another in next 5 year.

best moment when i learnt to start the car in 6th std. then almost some 7 months later tried to move the car , but failed. later on i developed and mastered them, - a great achievement at that time.

so many memorable trips. - my first ever highway trip , my first ever hill trip etc...

Still i see my car in road some times. the new owner has got it a front crash guard , roof carrier , a gas kit.
when ever i see her she emits a goodsmell of gas!! acknowledging me

then the estilo oct 2007 - july 08

was a first every own ac car. loved the cramped interior - used to omni. haha

peppy to drive- sold as our driving got increased unlike the omni and we switched over to a used diesel marina.

marina served well for 2.5 years. the report of same lies here .

Now lancer for business purpose/demo car.

these are our own cars.

and a manza of uncle for our normal uses too
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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Excellent thread, this would be fun to read, but well for me, each moment I spend in my car is memorable. :smile: Especially the long drives, I’d share some story in detail later.

Drive Safe,
Aug 23, 2009
London, UK
my most memorable moment:
when the showroom handed the keys over to my dad.
when dad touched 200 km/h
when i drove it

some more later...
Oct 23, 2009
@ Raj Good video , you should have tried a powerslide![;)]

Amby- Doing several trips in that car especially in nights and dad was an enthusiastic driver then constantly going above 100kmph.

Premier Padmini- I used to sit in front of dad and control the steering whenever he drives. In some empty stretches he leaves the steering completely to me and i used to manage it well too!

TATA Sierra- Learnt my first driving lessons in that just a few years ago. Still a gem of a car to drive and handles well and easy to drive like a Hatch! Also once in a flood we waded through water with ease while many cars were stranded on the road.

Once travelled as a convoy from Pondicherry to Chennai with a M800 and another car , don remember it exactly!

TATA Safari- Covered 107 kms from Salem to Krishnagiri in an hour exactly. Took my car at 6 and reached Krishnagiri at exactly 7 , i actually set a target to reach Krishnagiri before i start using the lights and i accomplished it!

Again waded through knee deep water several times with ease!

Doing 160kmph once in ECR with friends , the car was rock solid even at that speed and two of my friends were even sleeping without any disturbance!!

When i first drove it to Tirupathi with family , was driving relatively slower at speeds of only around 80kmph.

My first long drive from Kottayam to Chennai distance spanning close to 800km , covered in a single day starting at 7AM in the morning and reaching home at around 11PM!

When i smoked out a Swift doing around 140kmph! Was constantly trying to overtake him and finally overtook him!

Hyundai Verna- Several of my best moments involve smoking out several cars like Swift , Innova , Laura , Scorpio , Safari , Lancer etc etc!

Once my friend who is a girl wanted to experience the speed of 180kmph and my Verna gave her that experience!

This new-year eve hanged out with my friends the whole night travelling in car. Started from Chennai around 12:30AM , halted at several places to enjoy ourselves and reached Pondicherry around 3AM. Again started from Pondicherry at 4AM and reached Chennai at 5AM without any halt!

When i first got the keys of my Verna and went to start it i din knew the clutch had to be depressed! And then when i went to a petrol bunk first time i din know how to engage the reverse gear and wasted almost 10 mins trying it!!

Will add some more later!
Oct 23, 2009
@ Arkin Yeah wish i had them but really it needed huge amounts of money to restore it to perfect condition and so decided to sell it off since restoring does not increase the re-sale value by any means!

@ Raj Wish you had taken some! A Scorpio at its best!
Jul 16, 2010
This happened to me last year.
Me and my better half was planning for a short holiday on our first anniversary. Place decided was Goa. But I was somewhat reluctant to go there by bus/train and then hire some vehicle there. Also I didn't have car that moment and none of the travel agency was willing to rent their cars without driver. But somehow managed a Indica V2 DLS without driver.

Our journey started on time. Reached hotel in the evening. Went for a small ride around 9 pm and the story begins here.

While driving I felt that Indica is well maintained one, it had not given us any problem since morning. We were enjoying and we lost the way so decided to take U turn, while taking U turn car suddenly stops as AC was on so the pick up was less. After that car just refused to crank. I don't know what to do. Waited for some time and again cranked but of no use. Battery was good, but car was not starting. So the only option left was to push start the car, but how to do that, I was with my wife and there was no one around and she didn't learnt driving at that time. Asked my wife just try and see if she can at least push the car (I felt too guilty to ask her but thats the only thing I could have thought of at that moment). She went off the car and tried to push. But car does't move my a inch. [frustration] Asked her to stop her efforts and we are on a lonely road inside a car which was not moving. After 5-10 mins I saw a biker on the road, decided to stop him with the second thought in mind "Is it safe to stop a stranger on a lonely road with wife along with you?". But I was not having any other option other than to take help from him. Requested the bike to stop, told them that my car is not starting and it needs a push start. They pushed my car it started. Thanked them and we drove back to our hotel around 10 o'clock.

After reaching hotel I start/stop the engine 3-4 times and no problem at all. Also in remaining 3 days I didn't had any problem with that car.

When we finished our trip the very first thing I did was to enroll my wife in a driving school, so in future we'll not face such problems.

I will never forget this incident.
Apr 27, 2010
MH 01 / MH 43
Okey guys, here are many such moments which I will share with you all later. But now the most fresh and bestest moment was today evening.

I was on my bike waiting on some signal to turn green. Another P180ug4 walla came and asked me:

HE: Excuse me!
ME: Yes.
HE:Is ur bike new?
ME:Of course!(I thought he was aking about the P180version)
HE:At what price did you buy?
ME:Donno exactly.
HE:Hmm, how nuch time did you waited for the delivery?
ME:less than 24hrs.
HE:when did you brought it?
ME:How old is ur bike?
HE:15days old! and yours?
ME:aprox 15MONTHS old!
HE:Whattt?? [shock]
ME:(I was like feeling proud with a wide smile on my face, that I maintained my bike very well and is as good as new!)
HE:look the difference, mine is looking as 15months old.(he was envying me)
The signal turned green and I zooooomed away proudly.

This was one of the best moment on my P180.
There are many such moments which I will share soon when i get some decent time!

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