Tata Safari Varicor 400 Drive Review

Dec 13, 2018
There are several used car dealers in Viman nagar , hadapsar, katraj kondhwa road and also Satara road. However for buying a used car , my best experience has been on droom.in
He suggested 2nd hand car dealers for comparing my Storme with other Stormes as I felt my suspension was stiff and ride quality average.

I'm in Pune. I suggest try 2nd hand car dealers.
Thanks ISO2015, I went to Gurudev Tata Motors Service Station in Chennai last week as Concorde’s response on my complaint was not satisfying. The mechanic drove my car in a rough potholed road and said generally we should be concerned only if we hear a “thud” metal sound when the vehicle hits a rut. He also said the sideways movement which I observed was actually a sign of good suspension where as a stiff suspension vehicle would actually jump in the same pothole. He put it this way “ a vehicle with up and down movement will make passengers uncomfortable and a vehicle with sideways movement has good suspension and it’s ride would be comfortable” He showed a bolero ahead of us which bobbed up and down like a wawy pattern while it crossed a bad patch and my storme followed it with sideways movement in the same patch. He proved his point that Storme’s comfort is better than Bolero. I kind of convinced for the moment

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