Tata Safari Storme Review & Pictures

Sep 21, 2016
Hello All,

I am new to this thread, I don't own Safari storm, but I have a very close relationship with safari storm becuase its of my Sir. He owns first batch of Safari storm 320n-m Torque. currently Odometers is 71,000 Km, and I happy to tell everybody, storm doing its job very well.
No issues till date. Currently I have uploaded recent video of speeding of safari storm.

Its real off-roader, reason behind choosing safari storm is my sir owns farmhouse in remote area , and Road is very bad, took test drive and immediately selected 4x4 model. I was with storm from first day of its owning.

One more thing I want to add, we have fitted spider engine tuning kit when oddo was 15000 km and from that day we are owning 400 n-m storm, Power has been tremendously increase, people who want to upgrade there safari storm from 320 to 400 n-m for them its a very good option. if you have any question regarding this please you can ask.


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Jun 26, 2013
Storme has completed 5yr & 86k km on odd
Impressed by the ride quality and comfort level this car provides.
However, In last 5 yrs truck loads of parts have been changed. and now fuel pump is giving trouble.
Service centres are equally responsible for reliability of any cars.

Some point i would like to cover about TASS Concorde ( Tata Owned )

I will now highlight 'some' blunders of TASS , If you open Storme booklet , and read about what services has to be done to it at that given specific km or year [ what ever earlier ]
1. Engine oil - New facelift Storme had different grade engine oil [CI-4] , still TASS was using old engine oil [CH-4] which was not suitable for it ( currently they have corrected it ). Wrong Engine Oil = Less Engine life.
2. Propellor Shaft Greasing - This has to be done every service , but TASS has not even done even once. Upon asking Why ? they dont have grease gun , so frustrating
3. Lots of Rubber pipes has to be changed at 60k km ,such as Turbo pipe , egr and many more hose's, to this question they did not have parts.
4. Software Flaw - Cant the software show 'Things to do in 60k km service of storme " why manually SA has to put ?

Now there are many more examples where its clear that Tata service is not serious about what's written in manual, now this directly affects the reliability of those parts.

Going by the track record of Tata Service center and In such scenario how should one justify the new cars such as Hexa , Nexon and Tiago will be niggle free ?
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Sep 12, 2009
How come i missed this thread.

I have replaced engine head,
rear shocks, power steering reservoir and hose , gearbox packing etc in wty.

Now suffering from exhaust crack and it seems a known problem. but wty denied even in 3 years wty and one year extended wty. check my thread for details. Awaiting tass reply on this subject.

Hi All.
Wow !! its been a while I had updated this thread. The car has reached 45k and just got it serviced yesterday. I will be honest the ride quality is far far better than Scorpio or XUV.
The journey has not been a fruitful one with loads of issues that makes you wonder if this car is even trust worthy to take it on long routes. So this is what has happened.

1. After 20K the left headlight went off. Got it checked and replaced the bulb. However after few weeks it went off again, again got it checked and they replaced the bulb again.

2. This time the same bulb went off and took all the left side indicator off along with it. Again took the car to the workshop they couldn’t find anything wrong with electrical circuits and got them replaced. Since then I haven’t faced any issue.
3. At around 35 K, the vehicle AC stopped functioning it wasn’t cooling. Upon getting tie checked first they said it’s a compressor issue and I was like what? You got to be kidding me? Upon further checking they found a fault cable to be the culprit, so they fixed it. In 1 week the AC again stopped working and this time they said they will replace the cable. Well so far no issue with the AC.
4. before I could send out my car for servicing for 45k @ around 43,300 KM the car will not pick up on 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. The car started to schake and will not respond to speed at all. Soon after I say the MIL light on. Called Tata Motors in Dwarka and fixed up an appointment.
They couldn’t find anything on the MIL that was serious, but recommended to change the brake PADs as they had gone completely. They were replaced and the car was sent back after getting it serviced.
Once I receive the Car the Mil light was gone and it was responding well to Gear change and speed. Since its monsoon season in Delhi the whole weekend the car couldn’t go out anywhere. Here comes Monday and took the vehicles out, after half a KM the same problem came up and I couldn’t take the risk of taking it far, so decided to return back to home.
I will need to take the vehicle again tomorrow to workstation. Now these series of issue makes you think whether you made the correct choice. I don’t loose patience that easily however now my mind tells me to sell this car cause you didn’t buy an expensive car to see it in a workstation, now and then. Not to mention Rattling will stay with Storme (they should have named it as a Rattle Snake)

Maybe it’s one of those Bad car model that I got assigned, however the question remain should I suffer
If anyone has a number or an email of a Senior head in Tata I would love to speak to them as this is just gone beyond the threshold. If someone ask me about this vehicle I would only recommend them to buy it at your own risk.
Storme has completed half century i.e 55k km on odo and its been a wonderful journey

Even after abuse , The suspension is still looking good condition. Local Mechanic was suprised to see this , he also said there are many high quality parts in storme compared to old safari , he said the ac compressor is of mistubushi , which generally nevers fails

Have changed tyre recently to falken HT for 22k ( set of 4) , got 600rs per tyre buyback on old bridgestone duller , these falken tyre are very silent and grippy , steering feedback has imrpoved and overall ride quality remains the same as bridgestone.

Have also started to use Mobil Devlac 1 synthetic engine oil 5w40 , now engine refinement has improved leaps and bounds compared to tass mineral oil

Major replacement -
Power Steering oil pipe leaked - covered under warranty

All 4 Shock absorber replaced under warranty at 30k km

Exhaust system - under warranty ( it had got cracked and was making some sound when clutch was pressed )

Other regular replacement
Clutch set at 30k km , under AMC
Brake oil ,cutch oil & coolant at 38k km - Under AMC
Differential oil at 45k km
Brake pads at 52k km for 8k

I have permanently sealed outside air flow of ac , the flaps used to fall down again and again , causing rain water to come on floor carpet and also outside smell used to come in. This problem is solved. Only way getting fresh air is to roll down all windows

The only defect i see that , once the rear seat are folded upfront , while putting it back it dosent get lock properly , one needs to push very hard to lock it .

TASS experience with concorde has been excellent !

Highly impressed by Storme ride and handling , its doing its duty perfectly !

Cheers !

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