Tata Nano CX Test Driven


Aug 23, 2009
guys, please post your feedback on the engine sound of the nano. CC is at the first. i somewhere heard that it sounds like the tata ace. is that true?
in our old forum i strated this sound thing, i spotted a nano being driven by tata people and i rushed to have a look at the car, and the car sounds just like tata ace,[lol]
Aug 25, 2009
in our old forum i strated this sound thing, i spotted a nano being driven by tata people and i rushed to have a look at the car, and the car sounds just like tata ace,[lol]
Yup, a hushed up Tata Ace!!

@Denom, a very good review mate. Keep it up. How was the steering weight and feedback at low speeds? I don't think the Nano has power steering..!!
Sep 16, 2009
Dombivli W
Below are my feedback/observations on NANO CX

1) Drives smooth, infact far better than M800
2) Making bit of sound probably because engine is at rear hence very less space/room for good silenser (though I m not technical)
3) You could feel the engine noise at the rear seat till 55-60 kph but beyond that you may not feel that too
4) Excellent space (leg room, Head room) as my bro having heigh 6.1+ feet and he could seat comfirtably and as per him the space is more than that of M Swift too (as he owns swift)
5) Excellent AC, people having Santro/Swift saying it is far better than santro and Swift as cooling takes time in these models
6) Engine getting overheated easily if you are a newbie or learning
7) 15 Ltr petrol tank is too less as NANO can be easily driven to proximity of 150-200 Km and considering that 15 is too less
8) I have driven NANO for more than 500 KM in 5 days and got avg of 18-19 kmpl with AC ON through out

Also, there is one request, stop comparing it with other cars as TATA's have given excellent product considering its price.

Sriharsha - NANO do not need power steering as it has rear engine so front wheels are anyway having very less load considering this if you have power steering you may lose control,
Its very beautifully designed cars, HATS OFF to TATA's.
Also dont fight on the name of rear engines, as there are very few car makers who have managed to give rear engine with performance like Ferrari and Porsche (I have heard of it [:)] )

Vijay - NANO LX comes with body coloured bumper, power window and central lock and not CX [:)]
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Sep 11, 2009
KA 17, KA 27, KA 05
@ denom
at high speeds does the car jump towards its back? since that was a rear engine one, so i thought that the winds may push it backwards and it may do some wheelie kind of thing.
Jul 16, 2010
Hello guys,

Yesterday I was in the TATA showroom for the details of Vista Saffire. But the TD vehicle was not available at that time. [frustration]

Saw this beauty in the showroom. Immediately one Sales Representative came and starts explaining the car. Although I was not interested in TD of NANO the SR offered (in fact forced) for TD. I really impressed with the TD, it was much better than what I thought about this toy. SR also told me that currently NANO is available without booking, you will get the car within a week. (Is it true?)

Here are my observations in TD (Sorry couldn't took the pics)


1. The space is amazing.
2. Good pick up.
3. It stared raining heavily while TD, the single wiper does its job well.
4. Visibility is good.
5. Seat comfort is also good.
6. AC doesn't strain the engine, a good AC indeed.
7. Gear shift is precise. (In TD I am trying to put the car in 5th gear, but later realized my mistake:stupid:)
8. Service interval if 10K Kms (SR told me this, but I am doubtful).

1. Literally no space for luggage/no glove box.
2. Rear seats are too basic (though comfortable for small trips).
3. Some engine noise in the cabin at low speeds.
4. Odd placement of power window switches (its near to the gear lever).

Its a good city with good FE, easy to move in traffic.

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