Tata Motors Post-Sales Service: A Frustrating Experience

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Jul 28, 2021
When it comes to choosing a car manufacturer, one crucial aspect to consider is the quality of post-sales service. In my recent experience with Tata Motors India, I encountered a rather disheartening situation that left me with the least favorable impression of their post-sales service.

Please note that we have a Maruti Suzuki and Honda also in our Garage.....however, without comparing please allow me to make the submissions. My ordeal began when my Tata Tigor was stationary at a traffic signal and was rear-ended by an MG Hector at full speed. This forceful impact caused my car to collide with a Maruti Wagon R in front. While both the other cars involved in the accident were quickly back on the road, (WagonR in 7 days - the owner did not claim insurance - MG Hector in 21 days) my Tata Tigor bore the brunt of the collision, leaving it in a mangled state.

I contacted Tata Motors immediately after the accident, as my service was also covered through Tata Motors Insurance booking. Their initial response was somewhat reassuring, with a promise to repair and return my car as soon as possible. However, it's what happened next that truly tested my patience and trust in their service. Despite the initial assurance, Tata Motors (Inderjit Auto, Jogeshwari)failed to maintain effective communication throughout the repair process. They didn't provide regular updates on the status of my car, and it was nearly impossible to reach them by phone or receive replies to my messages. This lack of responsiveness only added to my growing frustration. I went to the service center unannounced after 15 days and found the relationship manager being out of the office for some work. Some other executive showed me the car and told me that they were awaiting the parts.

When I initially brought my car into the service center, I was told that the repairs would take approximately 15 days. However, this estimate proved to be grossly inaccurate. My Tata Tigor has now been in the service center (Inderjit Auto, Jogeshwari) for a whopping 38 days, far exceeding the promised timeline. I started following up after 28 days and the relationship manager told me that he is making a WhatsApp group with his bosses so that I can also follow up with them directly and pester them to deliver the vehicle early. I did not understand the logic here - do teams function this way at Tata? They want customers to have internal discussions.

As the days dragged on, my concerns and complaints fell on deaf ears. Tata Motors appeared to be entirely non-responsive to my pleas for information and updates on my car's repair progress. This total lack of engagement and customer service has been deeply disappointing. The bosses did not even care to reply on the WhatsApp group. There were no details shared on the ETA. This wasn't my first experience with Tata Motors' post-sales service, and regrettably, it has been consistent with my prior encounters since 2018 when I brought the Tigor on the national appeal communicated through ads and the equity of Mr. Ratan Tata. Based on this track record, I cannot in good conscience recommend Tata Motors to anyone - at any given time and even at the lowest price points. I have had cars from Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Skoda, and Tata and by far Tata has the poorest post-sales service and the longest service time. I loved the car - it's super good and a pleasure to drive - I hate the service and the communication.

In my journey through this challenging post-accident period, Tata Motors India's post-sales service has fallen short in every conceivable way. The lack of communication, extended repair time, and overall neglect of customer concerns have left me with a disheartening perception of their service quality. It's my hope that by sharing my experience, potential Tata Motors customers will approach their post-sales service with a critical eye and consider their options carefully.


Dec 29, 2015
It's my hope that by sharing my experience, potential Tata Motors customers will approach their post-sales service with a critical eye and consider their options carefully.
Did you try escalating the issue with respect to delays to the higher management @ Tata Motors?

Dealership management isn't helping in this case so escalate to Tata Motors and use the social media too.


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Jan 16, 2016

Oh, that's a terrible experience you are having with your area Tata Motors Service centre. Reports are there that still few service centres are behaving very badly which resulting customers refrain from buying Tata Vehicles.

I too own a Tata Tigor XZA since 2018 and I never experienced any bad incident from my area service centre. And if I get a chance to buy another vehicle again no doubt I will go for the Tata brand only.

Now you got trapped in that service centre, and only way out to get a result quickly will be contacting Tata Motors directly. Write to them (email) with all details and supporting documents and I hope definitely they will respond.

Also, download TMSC app, register your vehicle there and then report your case there too.

Hope you get a solution very soon and get back the car in good shape.
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