Tata Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold Pickup & Ace HT+ Launched

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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Tata Motors has announced the launch of Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold and Ace HT+. Tata also rolled-out improved versions of Intra V50 and Ace Diesel, re-engineered to lower fuel consumption and reduce cost of ownership.
  • Tata Intra V70 is is powered by the 1.5L diesel engine producing 220 Nm torque. It comes with Fleet Edge telematics and provides the longest load body of 9.7 feet and payload of 1700 Kgs.
  • Tata Intra V20 Gold Bi-Fuel offers a range of over 800 Kms with three CNG tanks. It has an enhanced payload capability of 1200 Kg as well as a class leading load body length of 2690 mm.
  • Tata Ace HT+ has over 20 lakh customers in India. It is equipped with a 800cc Diesel engine with 35 BHP and 85 Nm torque. The vehicle now features a longer load body and increased payload capacity of 900 Kgs.
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