Tata Indica Vista TDi Ownership Review

Feb 15, 2010
ilango[speed thirst];547097 said:
The black smoke has some numerous reasons. TDI injectors can be serviced. Even the crdi models can be serviced. TDI injectors are damn cheaper to service. 12 to 13 k is rip off if yours is TDI model ( mechanical rotary pump model)

Clogged exhaust route and cat con can throw a black smoke on quick hard acceleration.
On a hard acceleration , many crdi/dicor ( same tech) cars throw smoke in lower gears.
Improper fuel delivery also tend to give a black smoke.
A rupture in turbo hoses also cause smoke with or without audible sound
Check with another mechanic before concluding

Having said that , 2 weeks ago our TDI vista was bid fare well and come the tigor xz petrol model.

Compared to my storme the audio is fantastic even though its same companies ( harmon)
Ownership review will start after owning for couple of months and couple of thousand kms.
Wow Ilango.
Congrats on your new acquistion.
Will wait for your ownership review.

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