Tata Indica Brake Fade Issue

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Sep 22, 2011
As searched and spoken with TM engineer at TASS seems this is mostly applicable to Safire engines and TM is aware of this. As of now TM does not have any resolution for the problem.

The problem statement:
With AC is on and bumper to bumper traffic (I mean where needle of speedometer even doesn't bother to move) where brakes are mostly used rather than accelerator along with either ascent and descent on slope I encounter brakes fade or becomes too hard. Its not like that brakes don't get applied by requires significant efforts and car takes much more time to get onto stand still (in initial days I had some nightmares for the same [shock], even had to shell out 1500/- for no damage but that is another story). Only option is switch off the AC and brakes return to normalcy

TASS reaction on the problem:
I have complained this many times to TASS and every time my ride ensures to let me down and pretends that the problem does not exists whenever TASS tries to replicate the problem. Luckily TM engineer has acknowledged that this is know problem and solution does not exists for it as of now. He told me that only option is to tweak brake timing very slightly and slightly change driving habits. I normally don't drive my ride on clutch but I am forced to do because of the issue mentioned above.

Explanation given by TM engineer for above issue is, since brakes and AC draw power from engine and for conditions like above engine is revving normally sightly above ideal RPM limit and AC draws major power and vacuum pump suffers causing brake fades. Shutting off AC redirects major power to vacuum pump in turn restoring the brakes.

My thoughts:
As per me this is a design issue whereby engine power distribution is not properly controlled. Brakes (safety) should always take higher priority rather than AC (comfort).

Your thoughts on this please and any better work around for this for people like me who face the issue.

Please note that I have bought my ride in Mar'09 and hopefully this issue does not exists in new versions available today.
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Oct 2, 2011
Re: TATA Vista brake fade issue

Might be not related... but i would like to put my thoughts tooo.

in my Old 800 (2001, 5 speed, booster brakes) in the first 6 years i never had a brake problem even with AC and full load the car just needed a light touch to stop it. but as time went on i started experiencing the above when AC is on, the car takes more time to stop and i have to apply more pressure.

now with my new wagon r normal braking (w/o AC) is good but with full load and AC sometimes i feel that it is too behaving like the old car. waggie is only one month old and i think this appeared after 1st service. (they changed the wheel bearing because of a thud sound check my post).
anyway i will give it a proper test next week while going to my wife's house and post the result.
Jul 24, 2010
God 's Own Country
i believe that that tata indica has vaccum assisted hydraulic brakes. so vaccum is only assisting the hydraulic system so why should it need more power when using ac. Obviously ac compressor needs power so can cause a drop in pick up. any one ols clarify
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May 23, 2014
Park car.

Turn off engine.. Feel the brake..

Turn and off engine again, leave for 5 mins, then feel the pedal, if pedal hard.. Vaccum leak is there.

Else, vaccum pump weak

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