TAI's 3rd Banglore - Chennai Meet on 28th September at Yelagiri

Most convenient time for you.

  • 28th – 29th September. Two days. One night.

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • 28th September: One day (Saturday).

    Votes: 15 71.4%
  • 29th September: One day (Sunday).

    Votes: 3 14.3%

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Jun 15, 2013
Wow, the meet looks awesome and the pics are pretty good [:)]. Hope you guys had an awesome meet , feeling sad that I missed the meet and couldn't meet the Chennai guys for breakfast too . Sreejesh I just loved that collage work [clap].
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May 21, 2011
A small review about everyone's ride:

Varun's Enjoy: First time I watched Enjoy very closely. It looks very large and the color looks too good.
I done a short drive in his Enjoy & I noticed few +ves and -ves.

1.Good steering position and seating position,
2.NVH level is surprising very low.
3.Power delivery was linear and I didn't felt any turbo lag.
4.Amazing space in all seats.
5.A/C covers all the corners in fraction of seconds.
6.Console is simple and descent

1.Adjusting OVRM is Odd on both sides Especially adjusting left ORVM is the biggest task before start driving.
2.The breaks are hard and not sharp. But, After driving some distance, I used to it.
3.Steering feels very thin and Plastic quality is not good , needs steering grip immediately
4.Horns will work only if you press on the both corners of steering. If you press on the center or somewhere apart from the corners of steering, it won't work.(Varun already started his research to solve this horn issue)

Apart from -Ve's, Enjoy is a perfect Family mover [:)]

Subbus's Figo:
I always like Figo for its linear power delivery. It has good seating position and good road view. He maintained his ride very well.

Rayal's 800:
It is one of the nicely modified 800. I just love the customized seats. Rayal already planned for his next mod in his car. Will have a short spin in your ride during the next meet.

Sujeet's Punto:
I like his Punto very much. Nicely mainteined ride. His new ICE settings are rocking. The small dent on the Hatch door hurts me :(

Girish's 800:
He perfectly named his 800 as "TINY". I got no time to check his 800, but the way it Off-roaded was really nice. Now I agree that TINY is the perfect car to cover the convey[;)]

Now Chennai Guys Ride:

Ajay's Brio:
As I already said in the thread, I like Red and Black cars very much. Red Suits to this Brio very well and the Alloys on it gives hot look. I like the alloys, interiors, Space and the Engine. the Engine was super silent & the steering was too light. Totally the cutest car in the Meet.

Vinod's Octavia:
It is the another Hot car in the meet. the interiors are really well maintained and the alloys matching to it perfectly.

Dhaya's Jetta:
Is I need to say anything about Jetta?

It is one of my Favorite car.Jetta looks so sexy in Black color. A well maintained ride.

Marun's Fiesta:
In pic it look like Black color, but it is actually a Maroon color & It is a petrol car. The way he maintained his ride is very well. Will have a small spin next time :)

Gokul's P220:
P200 done a fantastic job by guiding the convey [clap]

As we all know about Pulsar 200, I think I no need to say about more.
In one word : Pulsar - "Definitely male"
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Oct 23, 2009

Wanted to tell something here. My mind kind of irks me so want to let this thing out.

Chennai guys helped the pals who met an accident and the brand new Vento is almost totalled.
Actually yes , even when i got a call from Gokul saying the others have stopped to help the accident victims , i felt kinda bad! Why didn't i stop in first place? Why did i drive off? Maybe because i have never seen an accident where victims were bleeding and needed medical attention. But anyways i am not trying to justify myself , what i did was wrong! And kudos to Ajay for stopping and helping those victims. You have taught me a lesson Ajay , a valuable one! [thumbsup]

But i don't know whether our presence would have speeded things up. Ajay took the victims in his car meanwhile the others waited for the tow truck and police to arrive.

And bro be clear when you say good speeds , we were only cruising at 120kmph. Not driving rash , just fast. I later came to know that Ajay was driving slow to give company to Vinoth (Octavia guy). While returning i joined with them cruising at 80kmph while you sped off! [;)]

I must say i got amazing FE though while returning![lol]
Sep 29, 2012
It was a great meet!
I enjoyed the meet and its really wonderful
I thank all the guys for making the meet memorable
I appreciate chennai guys for their care n concern at the accident spot.
Thank you Sreejesh for your splendid job, You are the "man of the meet"[cheers]
few snaps from my side
Great, canoeing in the river, how did i miss this

Jun 20, 2011
Thanks everyone. Happy to know that you guys liked the photos and so sorry that the videos aren't came up well. They are shaky and too disturbing [cry]
I'm not posting them in the thread. who ever wants I can send them, please pm me your email id.
Feb 8, 2011
Sreejesh as usual you have created wonderful images.

Hey guys, i have re-initiated the TAI calender thread and it seems everyone is busy to make a note. Why don't you guys have a look and we do something on that.
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