Stealth - 2002 Honda Dio

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Sep 11, 2009
January 2022 - H4 Conversion

Water seeps inside the assembly during rains, resulting in a blown bulb. Yet to find the leak point despite multiple leak tests.

2022-01-06 19-23-18.jpg
2022-01-06 19-26-02.jpg

2022-01-06 19-53-55.jpg

H4 bulb fits without much drama. Old BA20D bulb didn't have/need a retaining clip, so need some jugaad to fit the H4.

2022-01-06 19-25-32.jpg

Bought Osram Cool Blue Mega HS1 35/35 - ₹ 220.00

2022-01-06 19-45-50.jpg
2022-01-06 19-45-57.jpg

2022-01-06 19-43-37.jpg

Agni Ceramic Holder - ₹ 98.00

2022-01-06 19-54-24.jpg
2022-01-06 19-54-58.jpg
2022-01-06 19-55-01.jpg

Old headlight removed from FZ.

2022-01-06 19-48-04.jpg

Had retainer clip and rubber dust cap.

2022-01-06 19-48-37.jpg

Installed them and were perfect fit on Dio's headlight assembly.

2022-01-07 11-57-35.jpg

Dust cover also made for each other. Cut out the old connector and mated with the H4 holder.

2022-01-06 20-10-43.jpg

Plug-n-play harness.

2022-01-09 13-25-16.jpg
2022-01-09 13-27-09.jpg

Cloth tape.

2022-01-06 20-14-14.jpg

One of the clips holding the light was missing.

2022-01-09 12-50-03.jpg

The clip.

2022-01-06 20-33-43.jpg
2022-01-06 20-33-50.jpg

Bought two of them right away, ₹ 5.00 each.

2022-01-09 12-47-06.jpg
2022-01-09 12-47-11.jpg

Cleaned up all the debris and wiped cleaned the reflector of any dirt. Lot of spotting and fading, might replace the assembly if available.

2022-01-09 12-52-29.jpg

Beam adjustment bolt under the headlight. Loosening it allows forward/backward movement of the assembly.

2022-01-09 13-29-57.jpg

Highest position.

2022-01-09 13-31-26.jpg

Lowest position.

2022-01-09 13-31-27.jpg

Corrected position.

2022-01-09 13-32-10.jpg


2022-01-06 20-45-57.jpg

4300k temperature. Output is similar to old halogen bulb. Might upgrade to LEDs sometime in the future.

2022-01-06 21-57-48.jpg
2022-01-06 21-57-54.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
January-February 2022 - Updates

Where it was parked for years.

2022-01-12 13-08-12.jpg

Found the Denso pair in my horn bin, removed from the Skids.

2022-01-09 13-41-14.jpg

Fiddled with the screw and back to life.

2022-01-09 13-41-18.jpg

Last horn relay from my bin, ran out.

2022-01-09 13-52-47.jpg

2022-02-27 21-38-00.jpg

Quick DIY fuse holder. First time on a micro fuse.

2022-02-27 21-50-06.jpg

Plug and play horn wiring kit.

2022-02-27 22-10-56.jpg

Installed Windtones in a couple of Dios in their golden era, which was claimed to be impossible by all installers those days. There was just millimetre clearance from the body with precise bending of the clamp. These horns were smaller and flatter, so finding space wasn't hard. Would switch to Yamaha Fazer pair soon depending on availability.

2022-02-27 23-40-49.jpg


2022-02-27 23-52-48.jpg

Shield mounting came off, so took it off.

2022-01-12 13-08-14.jpg

Made one more spare key. Lost the previous duplicate and spare. Just ₹80.

2022-01-13 19-03-09.jpg

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