Sold Out My Beloved INNOVA, Now Which Car?

Oct 8, 2011
Re: Sold Out My Beloved INNOVA (Canceled Skoda Superb Booking)

Budget:-0-24lac(No stretching possible at all,its already a wide range).
Car type:-We already have two sedans,so this time the priority goes this way:-
Compact SUVs.
Full size SUVs.
A good competent sedan or even a good hatch if we feel it good for us with good comfort.

Monthly running:Not more than 1500-2000 kms at most.Why?Because this car will be bought for being an emergency car.Or say when our both the cars are out for some reason then this car can be used for minor works.

Fuel type:Preferably diesel,but petrol also will do.

Basic priorities:-
1):Ease of ownership.
2):Rear seat comfort(For father).

3):If driving pleasure is also availed then it will be icing on the cake(for me).
5):Low maintenance and reliable.
6):The car must be able to take abuse too.
7):Good A.S.S.
Or you can go for aria or xuv and again save some money and invest in other property [:D]
Looking at the above two quoted points i think Vipul can look at the Maruti SX4 Zdi, (would suggest petrol but looks like you like engines with turbo)
has good ground clearance,(since you seem to like sedan but consider this one with better ground clearance)
good service,
its a diesel vgt engine
rear seat comfort is good also,
along with big boot

So i feel this is the car to have when considering a spare/backup car with other nice cars in the garage & put the remaining amount into investments.
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Aug 6, 2011
Meerut, U. P.
SX4 ZDi is not the car for us.
Will be looking at some SUVs and some good sedans as well as some high end hatches too.
Right now I am in mood of looking for just a couple of cars like:-
1):VW Polo 1.6...any idea if they are bringing TDI too in 1.6?
2):Skoda Fabia/Rapid and Yeti.
3):Mahindra XUV W6(I don't believe the electronics of higher variants and hence will get high quality ones installed myself)and Scorpio vlx A/T(I have heard a lot of people praising their A/T).
4):Tata Aria 4X4(base variant with ABS and front airbags,I don't believe the electronics of higher variants and hence will get high quality ones installed myself) and Safari storme.
5):Will be waiting for ford Ecosport too.

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