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Aug 10, 2009
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You are welcome aboard to The Automotive India v3. Our revamped forum, as evident, is leaps & bounds ahead of predecessor and offers ample opportunity to explore. Basic know-how of forum functioning has been updated in the Announcements Section. This thread shares a list of small yet significant features which are often overlooked. If you’ve any queries regarding forum usage or feedback, please feel free to share in the following thread: Feedback & Suggestions For NGTAI v3.

Themes & Width
Members can use forum in light as well as dark modes, which can be selected using “Light Bulb” icon on top right of forum navbar or the style chooser on footer.
Those who’re using wide screens may also wish to utilize the forum width setting, located on footer, for convenience.


Sidebar Widgets
The widgets on right hand side of forum homepage offer quick access to check new posts, users online and forum statistics.
Those who wish to view forum in old style can hide these widgets using “Toggle Sidebar” button.


User Tagging
You can tag any fellow member by typing “@” followed by their exact username. Example: @350Z .
Member in question will be notified through alerts system. This feature is useful to draw a member’s attention to particular content.


Alerts System
This feature is useful to keep in the loop with forum activity related to you.
You can choose when to or not to receive an alert by going to User CP > Preferences > Alert Preferences.


News Feed
The News Feed feature is similar to those available on various social networking platforms.
You can stay updated about the activity from your friends on the forum. You must follow someone for news feed to work.


Two-Step Verification
We strongly recommend all members to enable two-step verification for the security of their accounts.
You can opt for either E-Mail confirmation or verification code via smartphone app. You’ll also be provided backup codes.


Posts Auto-Save
Any content that you type in the post editor is automatically saved every 60 seconds and is retained for 24 hours.
The draft icon on post editor shows a green dot whenever a post is auto-saved. You can also manually save or delete a draft.


Watch Items
Subscriptions are now called “Watched” items. You can watch threads, sections or Garage albums and receive an update whenever they’re updated.
You can choose to be notified about updates via e-mail or alerts system. The “Watch” button is located on top-right of each thread and section.


Members List
Our member’s list is very interactive, offering quick list of staff members, today’s birthdays, notable members (members with most messages and likes).


Status Updates
You can update your status which will be reflected as a profile post and shown to all the forum members.
Status updates can be edited and deleted. This feature is useful to share any update with fellow users (Eg: Going on a vacation and won’t be available on forum).


Invisible Mode
You can hide your online status so that other members can’t determine you’re currently online on the forum.
You can also choose to stay visible but hide only current activity. To set, go to User CP > Privacy > Privacy Options.


Ignore Member
You may at times wish to include certain member(s) in the “Ignore” list to prevent their content from showing up to you. Staff members can't be ignored.
Ignore button is found on a user profile. List of ignored members is in User CP > Ignoring. Please contact us in case a member is violating the forum protocol.


Rate Albums
You can rate images of fellow members in Garage albums by clicking “Leave a Rating” button at bottom.
The rating prompt includes an option to add a comment. Pictures can also be rated without adding a comment.


Section Filters
There are different filter options available to sort content when visiting different parts of the forum such as New Posts, Sections etc.


Profile Details
Quick information about a user on posts can be read with a tap of "User Detail" button right below user rank title.

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