Should Accident Insurance Be Mandatory with Car Insurance?

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Feb 15, 2010
Guys what i feel is there is a need for insurance where in a person, if meets with an accident in car.

They must be insured in order to bear the hospital charges.

I feel it must be made mandatory to have this insurance in accordance with Car Insurance.

Where in case of emergency they must not be denied of medical facilities at the critical stage of life & death situation.

And its high time the Ambulance such as Omni should not be used for services, as they are not safe and very slow to carry patients.

So which is the ideal vehicle for Ambulance apart from Force Traveller.??

All these striked my mind today as there was an accident happened @ NICE Road.

Where in Grand daughter of Political honcho died in an accident.

It also shows the incompetency of the drivers handling while doing such speed.

Nice Road Accident

Nice Road Accident

MLA’s kin dies in car crash

Sushmita missed the ‘golden hour’


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