Short Trip from Bangalore To Chennai

May 21, 2011
I am driving to Chennai tomorrow from Bangalore and planning to return on same day. How is the present road condition? I need to be there by 9AM, so will be starting little earlier.

My last trip to B'lore from Vellore has happened Couple of weeks back and every weekends I'm traveling between Chennai and Vellore. So here is the road details from B'lore to Chennai

B'lore - Hosur -> Till Karnataka border, the roads are three lane with good amount of traffic in day time. after the Border due to three lane project, the roads have diversions and patches.

Hosur - Krishnagiri -> After passing Hosur we can find newly laid three lane roads. It is really fun to cruse on those roads. At some junctions the flyover is under construction, so we have to take the diversions. even some speed breakers also available near construction area, please be aware of it. We can easily maintain 120+Kmph on this road.

Krishnagiri - Vaniyanmpadi -> on this stretch, we can find diversions, three lanes and single lane also. Be more careful on this road. at some places, the three lane roads changes to single lane road in curves and blind spots. But the road condtion is good. we can maintain Min - 40Kmph to Max -120+Kmph

Vaniyampadi - Vellore -> The road condition is same like Krishnagiri - Vaniyanmpadi streach. But, at Ambur we have to pass the town. some mad people jump into road from anywhere. want to be more cautious while crossing Ambur. After Ambur we enjoy the ride as like before with three lane, Single lane and Diversions[;)]

Vellore - Kanchipuram -> from Vellore to Oocheri the road condition is good even you can find three lane also at some places. But while passing Kaveripakkam be careful about people. they take U-turn/Right turn without any signal. Till Oocheri we can find few diversions. after Oocheri the roads condition is moderate. this road is not worth to call as NH. It has big patches and it will disturb our comfort and speed till Kanchipuram. Speed could be Min-80Kmph Max-100+Kmph.

Kanchipuram - Chennai -> It is a two lane road till Chennai. No Diversions on this streach. Road condition is good with few patches at some places. Be careful about Trucks and container wallas on this streach. Some car carrier truck and some lorry wallas park their vehicle on half of the left lane. Apart from that, it is a good road with decent traffic. we can maintain between 90-120+Kmph.

Hope till will be useful to all who traveling from B'lore to Chennai as well as from Chennai to B'lore[:)].
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Dec 31, 2011
Thanks Appu, I took Chitoor route. Took exactly 5.30 hrs to reach Adayar from Whitefield. I may return tonight via Vellore ;)

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