Sarathy Service Center (Pappanamcode, Trivandrum) Review

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Nov 19, 2014
Trivandrum , Sydney
Sarathy autocars pvt ltd,is one of the dealerships which sell and service Maruti Cars.Recently they started a new service centre at Industrial estate road ,Pappanamcode ,Trivandrum-18

I found their service excellent.

1.Customer interaction-Even though i took the car to a free service camp organised as a promotion event ,they checked my service record ,and they had told me as my service record was found perfect ,if any complaint you want to address we will take necessary action.
2.They recommended from their side wheel alignment ,but i told i usually do outside so not needed,they obliged to that too.
3.They checked battery voltage and found everything normal ,so just topped with distilled water.Greased the door sides and hinges.
4.Cabin filter was installed at 1k km (Ist free service),so it was just cleaned periodically ,as it had become bit dirty, I told them to replace.
5.Engine air filter was cleaned by compressed air.
6.Wash was done using a robotic car wash setup,and it was given a foam wash too.
(SA added that they don't do as pro quality -but i would rate them 10/10,as few points which impressed me was,for wiping roof ,the washboy had to stand on door sill,he put a wash cloth over the door sill ,and removed his footwear and stood on it ,just like i do for washing.Also wiper blades were cleaned with compressed air ,rather than high pressure applied on it.)

I didn't feel any points to dislike.

Facilities -
1.Car chasis realigner (The equipment is used to fix a chasis dent due to a crash)
2.Wheel alignment and balancing
3.Dedicated paint booth and capacity to handle 8 cars for same.
4.Service for at a time 6 cars(Though by standards its small,they specifically told me that they take only based on prior bookings ,and only allow ones which need emergency service)
5.Wash bay with robotic car wash

My bill came to be 360 for cabin A/c filter .
Thanking Mr.Renjith ,who's the works manager there ,he had neately explained all the features of the MASS ,and had added you can stay with the ride during service too ,or if you feel you need to be in lounge ,you can pass into my room ,which has CCTV provision and can monitor the work from there.

Just praying that they carry out this good work throughout.

Location :!8m2!3d8.472938!4d76.9893846

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