Safety Tips to Drive Foggy Season


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Oct 15, 2011
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I see that there's a wide couldrum of correct and incorrect Info in this thread. Even by senior members.[frustration]

1)Use LOW beams and If available, Factory Fog lamps (Not hella or such Off road lamps)
2) Turn on Heater and use OUTSIDE air mode. (not recirculation). If you don't have heater, using cool AC will also work if you can stand the chills
3)Turn on rear Fogs if you have. Rear fogs are Bright, RED coloured lamps provided by Factory. If you have white or amber spotlights on the rear, these are NOT rear fog lamps
4) Drive slow. I mean dead slow

1)Do not use White or Blue Lights
2)DO NOT USE BLINKERS OR HAZARD LAMPS. Even experts make this mistake. They are for lane change and direction or Hazardous parking, NOT for fogs.[frustration]
3)Do Not play loud music, Pay attention To horns and other sounds to compensate for reduced visiblity
4) Do not closely follow a leadling vehicle. Make sure atleast 4~5 cars distance.
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