RTO To Issue 2-Wheeler Licence Only After Signing an Indemnity Bond

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Feb 25, 2012
The Road Transport Office has decided to issue two-wheeler licences to aspirants only if they sign an indemnity bond which states that they will always wear a helmet while riding. What this implies is that if you are caught riding without a helmet, you will be charged with contempt of court which also includes payment of a fine.

Taking into account the rise in motorcycle accident related fatalities, transport minister, Diwakar Raote said, “We are doing this because people should get more responsible and follow traffic rules. Currently, if people are caught without helmets, the courts usually pull up officials for non-implementation of the rules. Right now, we don’t have enough staff to monitor this. The citizens should be held responsible and understand that helmets are for their safety.”

The RTO hasn’t reached a decision as to how existing two-wheeler licence holders can be made to sign the bond. The proposal is either to have them sign the bond when they turn up at the department to renew their licence or recall the licence and get the bond signed, if it is not due for renewal anytime soon.

Diwakar Raote also said that he has instructed the officers to carry out surprise checks across the city and nab offenders who flout traffic rules.
Source:Indemnity Bond Signed While Acquiring Two-wheeler Licence Compels Riders To Wear Helmets - Overdrive
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