Role and Life Of a Good Samaritan

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Sep 7, 2014
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Role and Life Of A Good Samaritan.


I through my article would like sensitize the normal fellow motorists who travel day in day out and encounter problems and mishaps on the roads. At times it is unfortunate that we ourselves get into the situation where in not everything is in our control and that’s where the ‘Good Samaritan’ comes in the picture. There are many accidents on daily basis on our roads and due to various reasons our temperament towards the slightest of the nudge and bump on our cars/bikes by others has drastically changed in today’s time.

In the time when you are stuck on the road due to a mishap by someone’s fault then try and appreciate if the driver at fault owns up and apologizes to his/her mistake instead of getting involved in verbal and physical overtures.

I for the past 2 days had been hearing about the Good Samaritan’s life on Delhi’s roads through some Radio channels and I was really shocked to hear some of the incidents narrated by those who came up to help the person who was affected. The affected party behaved totally in an insane manner with those who extended a helping hand and apologized for the mistake caused. The narration of the incidents made me think that how non-sensible the motorists have become at large, totally inconsiderate of the social conduct towards a fellow motorist, before taking a physical action towards the guilty don’t they realize even for a moment that some day they themselves could be in the same situation?

Today the motorists are absolutely not willing to reason out and feel use of abuse and fists is the only way to solve an issue. In some cases I have heard yesterday and today, that the person who approached to help the victim had to end up bruised simply because the victim felt that it was his right to demand expenses and no amount of help and good gestures would compensate for his loss and damage. What the Hell?? Who gave the rights to assault a person for claiming damages? Moreover, the person who tries to help is further questioned for hours in the most inappropriate manner by the concerned authorities as if he/she did the biggest mistake to own up to the mistake and extended a helping hand.

Being a part of a responsible and educated automotive forum, I feel it’s my duty to write about this issue. I have seen many times that people have nudged and bumped my cars but that does not mean I should go out and shout at them and create a scene and be seen as a retard. From my end, I am making a small contribution in the interest of all motorists to help them understand that a Life is more important than a dent or scratch on the car/bike. By getting involved in ugly aftermath of mishaps no one is going to gain.

I am penning down some suggestions which I feel could help to some extent in improving the situations.

• If a person bumps your vehicle and readily comes up and owns up to mistake then forgive and move on.

• If a lady is involved, do not argue and use foul language and keep your temper in control.

• If the person does not own up to mistake then simply go and politely tell him/her their mistake. Might be you may get a reply like “Ya Ya Fine!!” But frankly speaking your politeness will make the offender feel guilty to the core.

• Do not retaliate to anyone who is adamant for a physical altercation on the road.

• Keep the numbers of Ambulance and PCR handy. If you happen to see someone in a bad/ugly situation do inform either of the two.

• Always appreciate the help given by a by-stander or the fellow motorist. A kind gesture towards the Samaritan shall raise your respect in their eyes.

• Always remember, physical fights are considered road rage and there are ample laws under which one can be booked. So in no ways one should ever be a party or initiator of anything that accounts as road rage.

• Try and understand, in a mishap your vehicle is not the only one that’s damaged. The offender’s vehicle is damaged too. So no amount of abuses or anger will rectify the damage. Be calm and resolve amicably.

• In case an elderly person is involved, do go up and ask if he’s Ok. It is highly likely that due to improper reflexes the mishap occurred so let go and do not take up the matter further. But definitely inform him/her about it.

• Also important is the fact that if someone has come to help you then make sure he/she is not harassed by the authorities unnecessarily because in today’s time the only reason why people at large resist from helping out is simply because of the harassment that one has to go through.

I hope, by giving a thought to the above suggestions, we all can make our roads more safer to drive and enjoy our drive instead of being tensed. Life is too small to nurture a grudge. Always forgive and try to forget and move on. I believe, my suggestions are helpful and useful.


Dec 13, 2011
Re: Role and Life Of A Good Samaritan.

Wonderful thread Akash, incidents of road rage are too high these days, with more vehicles and less space on road and of course ego clashes between drivers.

There are too many people who exactly opposite of everything you mentioned above and wont guilty even a little bit. Defensive driving and probably forgiving nature can only help us on road.
Apr 26, 2012

A good thread!

Situation getting bad on the roads not only due to traffic, less space or more vehicles.

I just want to quote 2 incidents i read in newspaper last week here in Kerala.

1. One innocent guy in a motorbike who was a member in local band got stabbed and killed last week. He was just returning to home with his friends. The mistake he done was, while filling petrol, he saw a car left from the bunk with dicky open and tried to inform the passengers of the car. The notorious criminals travelling in the car, thought he was abusing them and stopped car after some distance. They waited for that bike and stopped them and stabbed him to death while he try to save his friend.

2. yesterday, i read the comments of a Malayalam co actor, who also principal of a higher secondary school in TVM.(Not related to earlier incident). he tells that in current situvation in TVM, do not stop the car and question/ask if anybody parked their car/bike even in the middle of road( especially youth in the sea side area) and just agree they are right. If not, within minutes number of people or group coming to support them will be huge and no point in talking about their mistake.
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Jun 19, 2014
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A very good article indeed. I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts here.
It happens when we get behind the wheel, all we want to do is keep moving. We forget patience. Ego is at the helm of things.
Has happened to me as well. But over the years I have tried to control it. Never honk unless required and again, don't blast the horns. Be a little polite at that as well. And people stop at times for some need, for someone to get down or for some reason. What is wrong in giving a few seconds of your time at-least.
In India, and where I live, it is hard at times. The road rage, the honks. No courtesy while driving. Very immature attitude, they even fight with the headlights at night. You stop for a pedestrian or for a car to pass, there will be someone who will take the opportunity to overtake and block and the pathetic part is they feel great about it.
For a short cut I don't take the wrong side, I always buckle up, I don't answer phone calls and here is the problem I found. People have always mocked me for it, why are you scared? I think it is this mentality that we got to change in our youth at-least, there is nothing great about it. You just do what is right. Simple.
Again the problem is we teach children to follow the rules for the sake of not getting caught. They take it in a wrong way, it becomes a thrill and then feel proud when they jump that red light and manage to get away with it. Traffic rules are quite simply a code of ethics when it comes to driving. Mass mentality leads to a total mess. It is simply something that we all agree upon so that we can have a meaningful experience out there. Give and take respect, as simple as that.
It isn't about traffic rules or the authorities. The country is excited about it's PM. So what if the PM is really that good and brings about remarkable changes, people are busy with cricket and bollywood. Driving, see all that action on screen and try to be one out there.
Guide the children.

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