Rockford Fosgate R300-4 v/s Digital Designs C4C?

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Apr 3, 2012
New Delhi
Hello all, i am a little confused with the Rockford fosgate r300-4 4 channel amp and the DD's C4C 4 channel amp. What do you guys suggest which is a better amplifier, cost difference which i am getting is DD being 2.5k expensive than the RF.
I am a little tight on budget as i am yet to buy a sub for my Rapid too.
Is there a huge difference between the quality of the RF and the DD amps?

Now the Subwoofer. Wanted to buy the RF Punch P2 or the Punch P3 12" but then some questions i would like to ask before buying.?
Firstly-someone told me that P2 and P3 are DVC ie: they have dual voice coils which can be only driven by a Mono amp. Is it true? As then i have to buy a P1 as that's only the option left with a single coil.
Secondly, there are some woofers with 2ohm or 4ohm mentioned on them what does this stand for?
Is it something to do with the amp power ie: the amp should power them this much?
Guys really need your help.
Aug 9, 2011
Both RF and DD are good brands and known for their sturdy products. DD is a bit new to the Indian market as compared to RF. Since you are on a budget so you can go with RF as acoustically both are good. Regarding the sub I'd suggest Rf P1 in SVC. It's quite good for it's price, just have it in a sealed box and it'll sing to your tunes nicely. The ohm value is the impedance of the sub.

Higher the ohm - higher the resistance - lower the power draw from the amp
Lower the ohm - lower the resistance - higher the power draw from the amp

Lower ohm means lower resistance which in turn means more heating of the amp, so never load your amp beyond it's stable amp rating.


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