Review Of Orion Hyundai Gurgaon

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Mar 27, 2011
This is pursuant to my previous post concerning the radiator support of Hyundai i10.

So, i went to Orion Hyundai Gurgaon for servicing today. Here goes the sequence of events:

1. The guy who prepares the job card checks the car. (while driving every couple of minutes the whole car vibrates/shakes for few seconds and then stops. During this time there is no effect on speed or gas. Even on standby when i start A/C the car shakes so hyundai customer service guy suggested deposit of mud/dirt on radiator fan. Few weeks back my car has got stuck in mud).

So the guy who prepares the job card, checks and says there is issue with coolant and estimation is 1200 Rs.

2. When we told that in coolant issue why would car shakes. He calls another guy who says radiator is broken and estimation is 9000 Rs.

3. During servicing the calls me and says the radiator support is broken and estimation is 9000 Rs.

4. I then went back to service centre to check myself. By that time that car had come back from washing. I went to their executive officer or something and he told radiator support can't be broken because why would car vibrate then. And cost estimation was around 8000 Rs.

5. Then i went to someone in accounts and asked the price of same thing i.e. radiator support and he told me 6000 Rs.

Now my question is within the same service centre the price for same thing has varied from 9000 to 6000 Rs. Now, whom should i trust and how can i believe if it really costs 6000 Rs. and not 600 Rs. ???

I even had got my security lock installed from them and it has been giving troubles since installation. Though i agree, their service (guess some other firm manages that) i good and they are always prompt with their door-service. But my experience with Orion Hyundai has been bad.


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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Thanks for sharing the review, it will help many. Apparently from what you have told, it appears that Orion is full of nincompoops who do not know about their business much. I'd rather avoid servicing the car from such centers and leaving the car alone for service could be a nightmare (Not particularly with them, but any). Who knows if the damage is their own grace? Please try to stay with the car while servicing it. This ensures the quality and completion of job. Good luck.

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