Review: NexDigitron A3 vs NexDigitron Ace Car Dashcam Comparison

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Sep 3, 2013

Human life style is changing in every aspect and car driving is no exception. Dash cams can be a great addition & it’s obvious to see why people invest in smarter driving!

I have also purchased my first Dashcam, one of the four popular budget dashcams:
  • DDPAI Mini (Review)
  • Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro
  • NEXDIGITRON ACE Car (Review)
(Please read here @ NEXDIGITRON ACE PRODUCT REVIEW as to know why I bought ACE Variant first
and then you read this REVIEW)

I have returned to Amazon the ACE Variant, and bought the A3 Variant not because that is bad, but because
I wanted:
  • A better color saturation during day time videos.
  • Parking Mode Vigilance

NEXDIGITRON A3 – I liked the simple design. Understood better than the competitor’s models in the same price range. The color saturation is natural; I could notice different shades of green on leaves. The day time footage is not yellow tinted like ACE variant. It also comes with Parking Mode Surveillance within the budget.

This is my observation:

What I liked:

  • Designed by reliable brand DDPAI, made for India, Simple design with Memory card protective cover.
  • Already have enough customers’ feedback and videos over its performance.
  • Very small, easily hidden behind IRVM.
  • No annoying notification voice
  • Dual USB charger, can be powered by both 5V 1A USB or 12V 0.5A Battery Direct.
  • Sharp & High Quality Video recording format.
  • Day time videos are sharp, colors are natural & Nice Night time videos
  • Provisions for parking Monitoring with continuous or time-lapse or sleep (Battery safe) modes.
  • Wide screen playback
  • Work flawlessly with Samsung 128 EVO+ V30 Memory card & Value for Money.
  • Works with both 12V and 5V. At 5V power input, it senses normal car charger attached whereas it senses hardwire attachment at 12V input and shows the camera advanced parking setting accordingly.
  • Better YOUMERA Android App, now, the available in Google Play store.
  • There is no need to registration with the App Developer, only required for trouble shooting and bug report submission.
  • Excellent after sales support.
  • Price is same at authorized dealer and amazon, after amazon’s promotion discount/ deal sale.
  • All other features are same as in budget models - Full HD 1080P, 6 Glass Lens, 140° Wide Angle, Super-Capacitor, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi, and up to 128GB storage supported.
What you may not like

  • No GPS or Other variant.
  • No Advanced features like ADAS & Remote viewing via cloud or real time viewing away from Dashcam is not possible. (It’s a Budget one - of course, we should not expect [;)])
  • Only one-minute recording possible.
  • No Cabin Rotation @ 330 Degree.
  • Time format option (Changing) will not work on water mark over recording footage, but does in the sequence of recorded footage.
  • Sleep mode doesn’t have motion sensor but has impact sensor that works /wakes up to capture the moment only when impact is felt on the Dashcam (Just tap the Cam during sleep mode to find out) may be to avoid battery draining.


VERDICT - This is my unbiased review:

Go for A3-
  • Better Day and Night image quality due to HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) / H.265 encoder / up to 12.6 Mb/s.
  • Affordable, Parking Monitor provision with Hardwiring Kit
  • Simple notification sound as no annoying voice.
  • Better YOUMERA App, similar to DDPAI Mini App that is available in Google Play.

Go for ACE-
  • Good Image quality and easily playable by any MP4 (10.7 Mb/s AVC Encoder Video Player/TV.
  • GPS provision with affordable GPS hardware module/ Variant.
  • Rotatable Lens (330 Degree) for cabin view (Picture need to be rotated by third party Video Player as App cannot do).
  • New OnReal App with adequate basic functions that is available in Google Play.

Highly recommend this budget friendly device to all those who really want to monitor their car and the drive.

1. Please read my post to view more FOOTAGE SAMPLES and my DIY procedures to get the Optimal Display, avoid Dashboard Glare and how I did the Hard Wiring for Parking Monitoring in a different way.
HERE: The Ultimate Dashcam User’s Guide

2. USEFUL VIDEO (A3 Unboxing)
3. USEFUL VIDEO (Comparison)


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Sep 3, 2013
Only one-minute recording is available with A3.
Dashcams are not designed for the continuous recordings, except for 1,3 and 5 minutes.
But, the footages can be continuously played without a break in video players while viewing.
I feel, this is one way good for the Dashcam and Memory Card to avoid heating up. Also the entire footage would not be deleted or overwritten during loop recording and easy to review / download the individual clips into mobile phone..

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