Renault Worst After Sales Service

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Oct 23, 2018
My Renault Duster RXE Petrol 2015 model 22k Km driven broke down on the 5th of May 2015 near Aksa Beach Madh Island (Maharastra). I was accompanied by my wife and my in-laws (senior citizens). I managed to send them in a Auto Rickshaw, by this time it was 6.30 pm. I immediately called for the roadside assist and around 8pm my car was towed to the Jogeshwari (E) service center.

Now begin my harrowing journey of getting my car back. I tried reaching the service center several times and I could not get through any of their numbers. Called and complained to the customer care all that they said was they will look in to it. A week passed and they were still trying to figure what was the problem with the car. By 15th may they had figured the problem was with the ECM (Engine control module) and I was told that will take another 10 more days for them the get the spare part as they didn't have it in stock. I waited patiently for another 10 days.
Then on the 25th when I called Mr. Anil Gupta from the service center he said it would take some more time since the vehicle was still in warranty and to claim it and that the spare had to come from Chennai and promised me that I would get my car by 30th May.
On the 30th morning I got a call from Mr. Anil Gupta saying that he needed the spare key of the car as he needed to program the spare key as well. So I went to the service center with spare key and asked if I could get the delivery of the car and he says that the spare part is still not available and it will take another 3 to 4 working days.
My car has only been driven for 22,610 kms and it’s single handedly driven only by me no accidents have taken place and it has been regularly serviced. Renault has shown complete negligent behavior and has not tried to resolve the issue.

Finally on 6th of June after calling the service center and posting on social media I finally got the car back. However this was not the end of the ordeal. I was given back a broken key. My car key is a matt finish with a Renault key chain in absolutely mint condition. But I got back broken old glossy key.

When I inquired about this at the service manager Mr. Anil Gupta said why are you complaining don't complain about this now. After waiting for over a month also there is still some issue with the engine. There is strange sound coming when I cross 2000rpm.
I got the car back finally and after driving it for 2000km the car broke down
now its 29th september 2018. The car was taken to the service center and was kept for 3 weeks and they had to change some parts as there was a leak in the coolant oil and the thermostat had to replace. i got the car back from the service center on the 19th October 2018. I the same problem happen and managed to leave the car at my friends place in Andheri. waiting for the car to be taken back to the service center.

I hope that Renault will fix this or else I have no option left but seek other relief.

One buys a Renault on the assurance of quality product and quality service however Renault has disappointed on both counts. Renault should really rethink its strategy. The Jogeshwari east service centre is a nightmare with rude staff and no desire to provide a quality experience. Renault should be answerable for this.
Oct 1, 2014
Spare parts availability is very big issue with Renault. Also Renault have very less service center. My friends whose duster are out of warranty mostly used local garage for service & Repair.

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