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Mar 19, 2011
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The name 911 conjures image of a rear engined , bug eyed sports car whose roots lay in a People' car called affectionately as the Bettle/herbie/bug.The name 911 was accidentally associated with Porsche as Peugeot had rights to 901 nameplate.In its various interpretation in the last 20 years none of the improved 996 or 997 could capture either the essence/soul or magic of the original 911.

Something was missing and the need of the day or hour was to recreate this magic and give current generation a taste of old.Enter Singer Vehicle Design , a company situated in California , USA initiated a project to bring back classic 911 into 21st century by building this new - old - new 911
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The Singer 911 is no mere imitation, clone or retro-hot rod, but a re-interpretation and rebirth of the early performance-focused 911's. It is the result of a fusion between the purity of the original 911 and modern materials, design, and updated technologies, and aftermarket experience into a unique sports car that recaptures the essence of the early 911's golden age. It Borrows the best elements from the air/oil cooled 911's long production span such as the of the long hood pre-'74 race specials, and the engineering durability of the later cars from the 80's and 90's.

The car
The company uses a Donor 911( from 1964 -89).The donor 911 is stripped to its shell to begin reinvention. The reincarnation retains the original wheelbase, the A-pillar position, the roofline, suspension mounting and transaxle mounting points. Everything else is restored, reimagined and vastly improved for performance and expression.a front lip spoiler reduces front end lift , with use of carbon fibre in construction of this car

The Brakes
It is equipped with competition-proven Brembo calipers (4-pot) and rotors that are derived from the 917 and 930 models.

The wheels and Tyres
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires measuring 225/45/17 and the rear 17 x 11-inch wheel wears 275/40/17 rubber.Zuffenhaus, lightweight, five-spoke, three-piece forged aluminum wheels is used for wheels

The Engine
3.6 litres oil/air coole engine from 993 is used.With the help of U.K.-based, Ninemeister, engineer, Colin Belton, and constructed in San Francisco by engine builder Jerry Woods Enterprises, the stock 3.6-liter engine is rebuilt to displace 3.82 liters.Ninemeister 103mm pistons and cylinders, the 76.4mm crankshaft of the 997 GT3, and the 132mm lightweight titanium connecting rods is used in the engine with redlining upto 8000rpm.The engine is managed by an advanced Motec M800 ECU that also adds launch control, traction control, data logging capability.Other improvements include , Twin carbon plate clutch ,limited slip differential

The output ranges from 360 to 425 hp in performance oriented versions.with 0- 60mph in 3.9 seconds( for 425 HP version) , with top speed of more than 170 mph.The car weighs approx 1300 kgs( 2400lbs)
an original 911-style instrument cluster with all-new gauges set in a revised dash panel. The Singer 911 interior is not carpeted and a re-engineered vintage 911 Recaro seat uses structural carbon fiber in addition to offering fully electric operation and premium leather surface covering.A MOMO steering wheel is used

The Trim levels
There are two trim levels - Touring and luxury depending on state of engine tune.
The singer 911 is designed , produced by Singer Vehicle design with first car delivered in 2010

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