Priorities in a New Car?

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Aug 24, 2009
Dubai / Mumbai
Its been quite long since i opened a new thread!

This thought has been roaming in my minds for quite a while. Every individual has different priorities & needs with his vehicle. Each person judges a vehicle in a different way.

So what are your priorities when you are looking for a new car for yourself?

Mine goes like this, in the same order-

1) Brilliant engine - I feel the engine is the heart of a car. A bad heart equals a bad car! For me, a car should be primarily fun to drive. If the engine is responsive, if the NVH is low & if the throttle inputs are great, that translates into a fun-to-drive car for me. In such cases, i am ready to ignore a few other shortcomings of the car. I am not too fascinated by rev happy petrol engines who have all their power at the top end but i prefer diesel engines which has amazing torque low down in its rpm. Even in diesels, i like engine which are responsive & has no turbo lag, read mHawk!

2) Commanding driving position - Read SUVs & Tall Boys! I am 6'2" & i hate low slung cars. It makes me feel claustrophobic & very intimidated on the roads, especially on our roads where the rule is that the mightier gets the way! So, i dont like civics, esteems or for that matter any other sedans.

3) Good styling & street presence - Thats an absolute must to me! C'mon, we spend so much on a car & i dont like driving an ugly car. Of course, looks are subjective & i rate the car's looks on only what i feel & not what others say. After all, its my money & i am the one driving. For example, i like the looks of santro, i10, i20 scorpio, xylo, safari, bolero but i hate the way altis, figo, innova, logan etc looks. so no matter how capable the figo is, i would never ever buy that car.

4) Sturdiness & safety features - I love well built & tough cars & i hate plasticky japanese cars. For me, you should "feel" safe when you are in a car. Safety is not only about ABS & airbags. for me, the sheet metal of a car has more to do than airbags. a tough car can easily take more impact & it makes me feel more secure inside. Tatas, mahindras, german cars feel tough. japs feel ultra light, they make their cars light for FE which i dont like. heck, the santro feels more tough than a corolla! yes, i love the 'thud' when a door closes! Also, sturdy cars are more practical in our type of traffic where small shunts are inevitable. numerous cars have hit my scorpio from behind with no damage to my car but broken bumpers of their cars. i love it! Apart from this, i do need atleast 2 airbags & ABS.

5) Creature comforts - I like maximum bang for the buck! I want the maximum features possible in my car. I like all the electronic gadgetry my scorpio has which no other car in this class provides.

6) Seating - Seating includes the comfort of the seats, the space & the ergonomics. Now, i dont need recliners but i need ample huge seats which can easily fit my overbuilt structure! i dont need a football ground but i need enough space for my long legs to rest. I dont need everything on my fingertips but i do not like to stretch just to adjust my passenger side RVM.

Finally, the thing that matters the most is "desirability". this comes above everything in the list. when you sit in a car, you should feel that - man, this is what i was looking for, this is what i want to own, this is what i want to drive everyday! if you feel so, thats the car for you.


Oct 1, 2009
My first priority is it should be in my budget.
2: decent ASS
3: decent safety
4: decent comfort.
Sep 18, 2009
Excellent thread, I must say.

My priorities are (in order)

1. Looks - I can't drive an ugly looking vehicle. I can never buy Ritz, A-star etc.
2. Strong Build - I also love the 'thud' sound. When you open/close gate of Punto, you would know what i meant.
3. Adequate powered Engine - I am no racer, but the engine should have enough power to go fats on empty roads, when i want.
4. Safety - ABS is must. Air bags is good to have.
5. Features - Maximum features which can be enjoyed and used on daily commuting.
Jun 16, 2010
Tamilnadu India
1. Looks . I should like the car first if I am going to buy.Really like all suvs and tallboys
2.Engine preferably diesel for their lower end torque
3.Safety .. ABS MUST AIRBAG good to have
Aug 24, 2009
  1. Brilliant engine - I too need a responsive, powerful and FE engine.
  2. Safety, Security & Sturdiness - Built quality, brand reputation, safety and security features are one of the top priorities. ABS & 2 Airbags are must!
  3. Feature Rich - I like to have features like Blue&Me, Steering wheel control, OEM audio systems etc. (eg: Punto Em Pk, i20 ASTA)
  4. Driving position - Read SUVs & Tall Boys!
  5. Good styling & street presence - I agree with Raj here. Very subjective, but I should be very comfortable at the first place. I don't like the Figo & Beat design. But I like Ritz, Swift, i20, Punto etc..
  6. Seating - Seating includes the comfort of the seats, the space & the ergonomics. It should at least 5 people comfortably.
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Sep 12, 2009
Nice initiative!

My priorities are , stylish one (suv or sedan)

More rugged look if its a suv.

then comes the service back up , safety etc.

if everything satisfies me , i'll buy the cheapest of the lot.

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