Pre-owned Superbike in Budget of Rs.5 - 5.25 L?

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Jan 16, 2013
I believe it is time to start this thread, after months of thinking and assessing my future and upcoming responsibilites. I have decided to buy a superbike for my below mentioned requirements (restrictions?). As of now, i don't want to buy a brand new bike as that would take significant amount of my salary as EMI leaving me financially vulnerable. I intend to ride it for next 4 years or so.
  • Your Budget: 5L - 5.25L (can increase to 6.2-6.5L but want to keep a lakh separate for comprehensive riding gear purchase and maintenance/insurance/tyres of my new ride)
  • New or Used: Used only
  • Your Location: Lucknow
  • Top 5 Priorities: 1. Inline four engine 2. Must safely run on RON 91 petrol 3. adrenaline rush 4. reliable 5. availability of aftermarket spares or over the counter spares (will do maintenance myself)
  • Purpose Type: Regular commute once a week with wife as pillion (70% highway, 30% city), solo commute once in 15 days (70% city, 30% highway). No touring.
  • Bodystyle Type: Preferably fully faired, naked street fighter will also do.

Bike must be able to run on regular petrol as RON95+ fuel isn't available in my city. I will be doing regular maintenance so spares must be available either online or over the counter.
I am 5'10" and weigh 89KGs.

Options considered so far:

1. CBR650F 2015-17
likes: Runs on RON91, relatively cheaper spares
dislikes: sounds rough, less power when compared to Z800

2. Z800 2015-17
likes: Sound, power
dislikes: Heavy (intimidating considering my use as commuter with wife), Requires RON 95 (not sure if its safe to run on RON91?), relatively expensive spares

Z900 and ninja 1000 seems out of budget. Not considering street triple and benellis. I would've gone for CB1000 ABS (2012+) if i could find one. Do i have any other option? Please suggest.

Although I am tempting to buy a decade old busa, R1 or fireblade. Lack of ABS and maintenance nightmares is what keeping me away from them. Wish i could afford a 2008-2016 Fireblade :)
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