PowerPig! KTM Duke 390 - October 2014

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Sep 11, 2009
August 2021 - ABS Controller Shopping

Pinged MySpareMarket guy for ABS module and he replied with the list of available models and pictures. Offer price was even cheaper this time. Unfortunately, older versions were not available.

Available options were:
93342031000 - 2017-18 Duke 390.
93542031000 - 2017-18 RC390
93512031100 - 2018 Duke/RC 390
JF131815 - Dominar


Went ahead and ordered the Duke 2017 model's unit. He agreed to replace if incompatible.

2021-08-11 17-47-52.jpg
2021-08-11 17-47-57.jpg
2021-08-11 17-48-01.jpg
2021-08-11 17-48-04.jpg
2021-08-11 17-48-12.jpg
2021-08-11 17-48-19.jpg

Installed and tested. No signs of life.

2021-08-13 14-26-59.jpg

Sent back and he replaced with another unit.

2021-08-30 13-37-21.jpg
2021-08-30 13-37-27.jpg
2021-08-30 13-37-30.jpg
2021-08-30 13-37-32.jpg
2021-08-30 13-37-36.jpg

Returned that and he refunded the amount. Wanted to try other part numbers as well, but didn't want to waste his time and money.

Compared to the 2014-15 controller, removed from Fayad's RC.

2021-08-31 17-46-55.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2021 - Small, Yet Significant Hack

Visited the dealer a couple of times for 2017 model clutch lever boot, but they seemed the least interested in procuring one. Only hope now is Bajaj launching adjustable levers on Dominar soon and ordering one via Bajaj dealer. Part number is JG161009, in case anyone wanna try with their KTM dealer.

This is how non-adjustable model's boot messing with the adjustable lever. Sometimes, it's so much irritating and feels as of gonna jam between the lever.

2021-09-06 10-52-13.jpg

Grabbed the detailing knife and made a cut.

2021-09-06 10-56-59.jpg

Decent cut and made life a bit easy.

2021-09-06 10-57-03.jpg
2021-09-06 10-57-21.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2021 - Messing with the Donor ABS Controller

Had the ABS controller removed from the RC390. It was an already repaired unit, so breaking open wasn't a hard.

2021-09-13 12-25-57.jpg

90142031000 - The controller is same as ours.

2021-08-31 17-56-26.jpg

September 2013 make.

2021-08-31 17-56-20.jpg

Found out the issue was with the rear section, but further diagnosis and repair was beyond my capacity. Friend of mine (read, his dad) runs a ECU and auto electronics repair shop and contacted him, and he said it can be repaired but procuring parts would take due to the pandemic, may be months. So, decided not to repair for the time being.

2021-09-13 12-26-07.jpg

Board sits on one side and motor on the opposite side.

2021-09-13 12-27-56.jpg

Motor side is secured with inverted torx bolts.

2021-08-16 10-13-02.jpg

There was so much itch to open that side, so ended up ordering a set of Yato YT-0520. I don't think there would be use with this after this madness. ₹499 + ₹40 shipping from Flipkart.

2021-09-13 12-29-54.jpg

Yato is a Polish brand with their biggest manufacturing unit in Shanghai, but no mention of country of origin anywhere.

2021-09-13 12-30-01.jpg

Smaller bits for 1/4" drive and bigger ones for 3/8" drive. Also included is a 1/4"-3/8" conversion bit. Ordered a Stanley 3/8"-1/2" conversion bit to complete this convertor collection [lol]

2021-09-13 12-30-13.jpg
2021-09-13 12-30-21.jpg

Just needed this E5 bit.

2021-09-13 12-31-09.jpg


2021-09-13 12-29-09.jpg

Speciality torx bolts.

2021-09-13 12-31-53.jpg

Inside the cover. Magnet and bearing and a lot of brush dust.

2021-09-13 12-32-19.jpg

Motor armature and winding. Seven-pole motor.

2021-09-13 12-32-26.jpg

Brush sits under. spring loaded.

2021-09-13 12-43-03.JPG

Lift the spring to release the brush.

2021-09-13 12-45-13.JPG

Brush wear difference.

2021-09-13 12-45-43.JPG

Number K69. It's copper carbon brush for hard and slow wearing. Tried sourcing, toured the entire tool repairing stretches of Trivandrum, majority have not eeven seen them. One veteran guy asked not to go for regular carbon brush as it will vanish in no time.

2021-09-13 14-49-26.JPG

Dirt inside the cover, before cleaning.

2021-09-13 12-49-56.JPG

Back to square one. Closed and sealed with gasket maker.

2021-09-13 14-49-03.JPG

2021-09-15 22-06-10.jpg


2021-09-13 13-04-46.jpg

Speedo and odo working fine. No ABS.

2021-09-13 13-45-41.jpg

Decided to install this unit for the time being. Will get another one or repair this at a later time. Prime motive is to keep track of the miles clocked.

2021-10-02 11-03-39.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - ABS Replacement - Parts

ABS Control Unit. Sealed and tie shut.

2021-10-02 12-53-48.jpg
2021-10-02 12-53-52.jpg
2021-10-02 12-53-57.jpg
2021-10-02 12-54-08.jpg

Copper Washer for bango bolts. Needs 8 of them, in case all damaged. Bought from KTM Probiking Service.

DE191010 - ₹ 5.40/piece (₹ 27.00 for pack of 5).

2021-08-02 16-19-35.jpg

2021-08-02 16-19-25.jpg

Got 5 more from Bajaj spares (A-One). Same for most Bajaj model front brake banjos. Went there in search for another copper washer and bought these as there were 2 bikes being worked on.


KTM and Bajaj packing.


KBX Super 5 DOT-4 Brake Fluid - 250 ml - MRP ₹ 110.00, got for ₹ 105.00 from Spark Automobiles.

250 ml more than enough to bleed both brakes.

2021-10-02 14-33-02.jpg
2021-10-02 14-33-08.jpg
2021-10-02 14-33-11.jpg

An old rug or kitchen towel. Need to deal with a lot of fluid spill.

2021-10-02 12-21-59.jpg

Bonus - Coolant change

Motul Motocool Expert - ₹ 385.00 (Got for ₹ 350.00 from Ex-Jawan)

2021-10-02 17-10-15.jpg

Copper Washer for Water Pump - 39166511 - ₹ 3.00/piece.
All liquid-cooled Bajaj models got the same part, but Bajaj spare guys have never seen'em.

2021-10-02 17-03-35.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - ABS Replacement - Disassembly - Part 1

Disconnect battery before the start.

2021-10-02 11-26-13.jpg

Remove all encircled bolts and coolant tank cap.

2021-10-02 11-35-39.jpg
2021-10-02 11-38-28.jpg
2021-10-02 11-39-03.jpg

Pop open the fuel lid and remove the tank cover.

2021-10-02 11-44-34.jpg

Lock the tank to prevent evaporation.

2021-10-02 11-45-56.jpg

Disconnect ECU.

2021-10-02 11-47-20.jpg
2021-10-02 11-47-27.jpg

Connector to fuel tank for fuel pump and float.

2021-10-02 11-48-16.jpg

Fuel line to throttle body. Disconnect both of them and remove the tank.

2021-10-02 11-48-18.jpg

Secure the fuel line above fuel level. Plug the end if there is too much fuel.

2021-10-02 11-51-25.jpg

First visual of the ABS unit. RR unit and flasher unit hinders access.

2021-10-02 11-51-49.jpg

Remove the Allen bolt

2021-10-02 11-51-53.jpg

and flasher assembly comes off with the clamp. Flasher alone can be removed by just pulling, but better with everything removed.

2021-10-02 11-53-47.jpg

DC Flasher - JG402002 - Common for all Bajaj/KTM models with LED indicator.

2021-10-02 11-53-57.jpg

Connector side.

2021-10-02 11-54-01.jpg

RR unit. Off two bolts and it comes off. Don't forget the ground connection during reinstall.

2021-10-02 11-56-44.jpg

RR unit, front view. Negative out is grounded.

2021-10-02 11-57-07.jpg

Positive out coupler. Disconnect that. Other connector is the previously disconnected tank connector.

2021-10-02 11-58-27.jpg

Stator connector. Disconnect this as well.

2021-10-02 11-58-41.jpg

RR unit is all yours.

2021-10-02 11-59-16.jpg

Part number JG402003.

2021-10-02 12-00-03.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - ABS Replacement - Disassembly - Part 2

2021-10-02 12-42-30.jpg

The shot ABS unit. Three 10-mm bolts, middle and LH ones easily accessible.

2021-10-02 12-13-38.jpg

RH side hindered by coolant tank and ignition coil. Both need to be removed.

2021-10-02 12-17-45.jpg
2021-10-02 12-19-22.jpg

Access to RH side bolt. Tricky and only an open-ended wrench will fit in.

2021-10-02 12-20-59.jpg

Brake hoses needs to be removed before removing the unit, but make sure all mounting bolts can be undone before that. Make a note of the hose positions before removing them.

2021-10-02 12-22-04.jpg

14-mm socket.

2021-10-02 12-23-04.jpg

Remove one by one. Use the rug to prevent spillage everywhere.

2021-10-02 12-26-03.jpg

Collect the fluid.

2021-10-02 12-28-54.jpg

Banjo bolt and copper washers.

2021-10-02 12-28-20.jpg
2021-10-02 12-28-24.jpg

Once all 4 hoses are disconnected and drained, wrap with the towel and clear if off the field.

2021-10-02 12-33-51.jpg

Gotta remove spark plug cap to make room to pull the unit out.

2021-10-02 13-04-12.jpg

ABS controller with clamp.

2021-10-02 12-37-22.jpg

Install location.

2021-10-02 12-37-18.jpg

Divorcing the clamp. Two 8 mm M6 bolts.

2021-10-02 12-50-14.jpg
2021-10-02 12-50-17.jpg

Comes free. Think the explosion was due to short circuit because of water entry due to poor sealing. 2017 model ABS unit bought previously had a sealed cover.

2021-10-02 12-51-19.jpg

Old dead vs partially working old.

2021-10-02 12-53-40.jpg

Bullet hole [lol]

2021-10-02 12-54-15.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - ABS Replacement - Install

Cleaning the mess.

2021-10-02 12-59-43.jpg


2021-10-02 12-59-48.jpg

Mounted on clamp.

2021-10-02 13-02-05.jpg

Ready to install.

2021-10-02 13-03-21.jpg

Squeeze in.

2021-10-02 13-04-17.jpg

En position.

2021-10-02 13-06-17.jpg

Three 10-mm bolts and washers.

2021-10-02 13-07-59.jpg

Bolted down.

2021-10-02 13-12-23.jpg

Spark plug hole.

2021-10-02 13-14-44.jpg

Bonus - can check the plug condition. Decent condition, but installed long back.

2021-10-02 13-18-13.jpg

Connector for ABS unit. Originally had locking latch, broken by one of the morons who worked on the bike.

2021-10-02 13-23-00.jpg
2021-10-02 13-23-04.jpg

Cover that fell off.

2021-10-02 13-23-23.jpg
2021-10-02 13-23-41.jpg

Covered and tied.

2021-10-02 13-25-49.jpg

Plug in the unit as well as the spark plug connector.

2021-10-02 16-17-22.jpg

Bango bolts and copper washers. Dirty ones are for rear ones. Rear fluid tends to rot early.

2021-10-02 13-28-39.jpg

Old vs new. Old one was thicker and in good shape, so retained the old ones. The ones on RC390 were in pretty bad shape and fluid was leaking, and so replaced them.

2021-10-02 13-32-42.jpg
2021-10-02 13-32-51.jpg

A washer on either side of the hose.

2021-10-02 13-33-55.jpg

Inner one tends to fall off, so better to install washer first and then the banjo.

2021-10-02 13-43-47.jpg

Plumbing done.

2021-10-02 14-35-27.jpg

Bleeding. Tap the bolt lightly before undoing. First time changing fluid in 7 years.

2021-10-02 16-10-04.jpg

Fill it, pump it.

2021-10-02 15-58-47.jpg

Went well without any drama, took less than 5 mins, straight.

2021-10-02 15-58-42.jpg

Rear bleeding. Break loose using a 6-point socket as spanner tend to slip and damage the bleeding screw.

2021-10-02 14-40-02.jpg

11 mm for rear. 8 mm for front.

2021-10-02 14-40-07.jpg

Rear wasn't pumping.

2021-10-02 14-40-25.jpg

Rear brake fluid reservoir.

2021-10-02 14-41-00.jpg

Old dirty fluid. Very much foul smelling.

2021-10-02 14-41-08.jpg

Tried reverse bleeding. Nothing budged. Tried removing the rear MC, but the bolt was stuck and hardly accessible, only an open-ended straight spanner will fit, but kept slipping, rounding the nut.

2021-10-02 15-58-38.jpg

Removed the hose from the MC and this black muck fell off, indicating there was even more inside the MC. Ordered a 10-mm combination spanner from Amazon right away.

2021-10-02 16-14-11.jpg

Clean the garage and mess.

2021-10-02 16-18-45.jpg

Assemble everything in reverse order. Plug all connectors and better. Do a test drive to see everything is in working. While installing, tumbled the tank losing all the petrol [cry].

2021-10-03 10-12-24.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - Coolant Change (Bonus Track)

Continuation from the ABS job. Bike wasn't assembled back, still stripped.

The water Pump and drain bolt.

2021-10-02 16-24-55.jpg

Used an 8-mm socket to remove the drain bolt and drained the coolant.

2021-10-02 16-26-34.jpg

Drain bolt with gasket aka copper crush washer.

2021-10-02 16-28-17.jpg

Old coolant collected.

2021-10-02 16-27-50.jpg

Radiator cap removed. Needed some extra effort to remove as it was jammed. Used the old school jumbo pipe wrench.

2021-10-02 16-27-21.jpg

The exact opposite side of the radiator cap on the LH side is the air vent.

2021-10-02 16-29-02.jpg

Removed the bolt to open up the vent. .

2021-10-02 16-29-51.jpg

No need to remove the bolt completely, it's slotted on the side, so will work even with half or one third way out.

2021-10-02 16-30-02.jpg

Flushed the radiator. Let the water flow freely, didn't force it. Might get the impeller damaged, very sensitive.

2021-10-02 16-32-13.jpg

Let the water drain completely.

2021-10-02 16-33-23.jpg

Coolant tank. Removed and cleaned the coolant tank since it was accessible.

2021-10-02 16-58-59.jpg

Coolant tank is mounted on this rubber grommet and secured with a 10-mm bolt.

2021-10-02 17-00-36.jpg

Retained the old washer since it was in good shape.

2021-10-02 17-03-52.jpg

Secured back the coolant drain bolt.

2021-10-02 17-06-51.jpg

Old vs new, both Motocool Expert, 4 year 20-25k km old.

2021-10-02 17-11-46.jpg

Installed the reservoir and used a funnel to fill up coolant.

2021-10-02 17-12-53.jpg

Don't spill the coolant, I said don't [lol]

2021-10-02 17-14-41.jpg

Keep an eye on the air vent. It will reach the brim the same time it's about to overflow. Install the vent bolt back.

2021-10-02 17-14-47.jpg

Radiator cap. Install them too.

2021-10-02 17-15-04.jpg
2021-10-02 17-15-15.jpg

Fill the reservoir to the max, it will take exactly 1 L coolant till this point, and won't end there.

2021-10-02 17-16-29.jpg

Start up and idle (or ride or rev)

2021-10-02 17-53-16.jpg

till the temperature gauge shoots up

2021-10-02 18-05-07.jpg

and the radiator fan kicks in. Took a good 15 minutes. With old coolant it took less than 10 minutes. (Check once in a while whether the fan is functional, fail rate high with initial KTM fans).

2021-10-02 18-05-38.jpg

Corrected coolant level.

2021-10-03 09-59-51.JPG

Had some left from another change. Manual says 1.1 L.

2021-10-03 09-51-39.jpg

Topped up to max level.

2021-10-03 10-03-24.JPG

Reassembled everything and done (without rear brakes [evil]).

2021-10-03 19-38-31.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
Kindly wear a gloves bro , when working with brake fluid.
Want to, but forgets every time. Doc warned one time. I developed skin sensitivity to most of these stuffs over time. Brake fluid causes burning sensation, and anything with aerosol causes itching and redness. Just last Friday went to dermatologist after accidentally spraying throttle body cleaner on left hand. After all these, I advise every one to be cautious [frustration].
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - Rear Brake Master Replacement

Combination spanner arrived. ₹ 39.00 with free shipping from Amazon. Only tool that fits in the space. Open-ended will slip and rings won't accommodate in the right space.

2021-10-06 11-40-34.jpg
2021-10-06 11-41-53.jpg

Due to impatience, ended up breaking the head of one of the bolts. Removed the second one without issue. No photos of bolt location due to this bizarre incident. MC connected to pedal via a pin, secured with split pin.

2021-10-08 15-33-53.jpg

MC finally free.

2021-10-08 15-34-07.jpg

All muck inside. No surprise it is jammed.

2021-10-08 15-34-33.jpg
2021-10-08 15-34-36.jpg

Rust as well.

2021-10-08 15-34-44.jpg

Brake light switch was integrated into the banjo bolt, pressure type. It's a bit tricky to remove without removing the MC from the bike.

2021-10-08 15-39-27.jpg
2021-10-08 15-40-31.jpg

The rear master cylinder.

2021-10-08 15-40-40.jpg
2021-10-08 15-40-44.jpg

Tried repairing.

2021-10-08 15-40-50.jpg

Circlip pliers and the circlip.

2021-10-08 16-42-44.jpg
2021-10-10 15-44-22.jpg

Disassembled and cleaned.

2021-10-10 15-37-28.jpg

Still jammed.

2021-10-10 15-41-10.jpg

Went to Prime Motors, the neighbourhood Bajaj/KTM service centre. Compared Duke MC with Dominar's and both were same (as expected).

Rear Master Cylinder - DK151031 - ₹ 740.00

2021-10-12 14-22-21.jpg

New vs old.

2021-10-12 14-22-37.jpg

Other views. Rubber cover was Brembo part.

2021-10-12 14-22-46.jpg
2021-10-12 14-23-18.jpg
2021-10-12 14-23-40.jpg
2021-10-12 14-23-43.jpg

Bajaj Brake Fluid DOT4 (100 ml) - 36DH4061 - ₹ 65.00

2021-10-12 14-24-06.jpg
2021-10-12 14-24-11.jpg
2021-10-12 14-24-15.jpg

Installed the MC with single bolt. Broken shaft piece of the second bolt prevents moving around. Removing the broken piece is a mess, have to remove the foot rest holder, which needs removing the swingarm axle, which needs the bike to be suspended on rope.

2021-10-12 14-36-35.jpg

Banjo bolt cleaned.

2021-10-12 15-02-00.jpg
2021-10-12 15-03-03.jpg

Replaced the split pins with retaining R clips, Honda part, ₹ 2.50/piece.

2021-10-12 16-10-52.jpg
2021-10-12 16-11-28.jpg

Everything put back and bled. It was a cakewalk, took very little time.

2021-10-12 15-13-49.jpg

Filled to level.

2021-10-12 15-13-52.jpg

Deformed diaphragm.

2021-10-12 15-27-22.jpg

Can be put back to shape easily.

2021-10-12 15-28-03.jpg

All done.

2021-10-12 15-28-57.jpg

Finally, a proper test ride to check everything is in line. Glad to see working speedo. Meter showed 27 kmpl for a 10 km trip.

2021-10-12 16-32-01.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - Anti Slip Adventure Foot Rest

Bought from My Spare Market. Original KTM part. Paid ₹ 1,600.00 for a pair.

2021-10-22 16-46-07.jpg
2021-10-22 16-46-21.jpg
2021-10-22 16-52-22.jpg
2021-10-22 16-52-30.jpg
2021-10-22 16-52-37.jpg

Comparison with stock foot peg.

2021-10-22 16-52-09.jpg
2021-10-22 16-52-15.jpg

Comparison with 200NS (replica) peg.

2021-10-22 16-52-51.jpg


2021-10-22 17-16-07.jpg
2021-10-22 17-15-55.jpg

Surface area is more and flat. Feels odd at first after being used to stock foot rest for years, but feels more comfortable in relaxed mode and a bite more confident in dodging bad patches.

2021-10-22 17-16-11.jpg

All 3 together.

2021-10-22 17-17-48.jpg

2021-12-12 13-08-13.jpg

Adventure mode [evil]

2021-12-12 13-09-09.jpg

Just remove the 8-mm nut and the retaining clamp.

2021-10-22 16-46-21.jpg

2021-12-12 13-10-50.jpg
2021-12-12 13-10-56.jpg

Tilted the bike holding the foot rest, forgot about the bull spikes [frustration]

2021-12-12 13-25-44.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
December 2021 - Spark Plug Replacement

Bought NGK Laser Iridium plugs (again).

2021-12-03 15-51-22.jpg


2021-12-03 15-51-35.jpg

Made in Japan. Huge price bump from 2018. It was ₹ 280.00 then. Now it's ₹ 435.00. Got from Amruth Auto Spares, NGK two-wheeler plug dealer. Normally, they would offer 5-10% off on NGK plugs, but nothing significant for Iridium, ₹ 5.00.

2021-12-03 15-51-28.jpg

Needle tip.

2021-12-03 15-52-52.jpg
2021-12-03 15-53-14.jpg

Installation. Hard to reach and deep spark plug adapter. Pull it out, bit tricky with tank on, very little room.

2021-12-06 12-28-24.jpg
2021-12-06 12-29-15.jpg

Spark plug wrench from KTM tool kit.

2021-12-06 12-30-00.jpg

13-mm socket to break it loose.

2021-12-06 12-30-06.jpg

Spark plug wrench length is how deep the plug sits.

2021-12-06 12-36-09.jpg

Old plug. Four years old and clocked at least 18k km.

2021-12-06 12-32-29.jpg

Old vs new.

2021-12-06 12-33-24.jpg

@vijesh_360 and @Mr_Many_Places Found the 1.7 L at friend's SBK garage, bought in by the customer from KTM spares. Checked manuals and they were saying 15W50 [lol]. OEs are the biggest hypocrites.

2021-12-05 16-44-29.jpg
2021-12-05 16-44-35.jpg


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Oct 28, 2021
Thank for the heads-up @deville_56 , I don't understand how OEM can't train their personnel to maintain uniform standard of information, intelligence and processes across dealerships, no wonder they loose customers to FNGs. Now I need to scout all KTM SVCs in Bengaluru for this 1.7L bottle.

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