Police Cannot Stop You Anymore For Silly Reasons

Nov 29, 2012
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Got caught and fined by Traffic Police/RTI? Share your experience here.

Got caught and fined by Traffic Police/RTI? Share your experience here.

We do have a thread on Traffic rules offending. But I am sure, most of us might have some experience of getting caught by Traffic Cops for various reasons. There are instances where you are stopped on roads, even when you haven't violated any traffic rules just in the name of examining the documents, causing traffic jam at times.

I happened to come across this, reported back on May-14,2009.
Make erring cops pay : Praveen Sood, additional commissioner of traffic
Traffic police personnel stationed near traffic signals are only allowed to book motorists driving rashly or jumping red lights, additional commissioner of traffic Praveen Sood clarified on Wednesday. The officer made this statement following complaints of traffic police personnel stopping and checking vehicular documents in such areas, causing jams in the process.

"But then, if motorists come across any erring policemen, they may come to my office to lodge a complaint or register it on the Bangalore City Traffic police website: Bangalore City Traffic Police," he said.
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As per this news published on August 4,2010
Traffic dept cannot fine motorists without PUC papers
Traffic policemen cannot ask motorists to produce their vehicle's pollution-under-control (PUC) document at a junction. It is the duty of Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials, who, also, cannot fine you for the lack of it. All that they can do is send you a notice to produce the papers within eight days.
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Please do share here, your experience or anything relevant.

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Jul 25, 2013
Bribing is not at all the right way to let one go, so shouldn,t you do it too. In fact Without the slip or the ticket the policewala sometimes charges you more than ever and if got into the fight he may even threaten you to go to the police station

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