Picked Up Grand Daddy: Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero MK4) Drives In

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Dec 1, 2011
Congratulations on your new tyres. How much did they cost you?
What is the manufacturing date on the tyres? How is the ride now after the change and upsize?
Thank you sir, these are Aug 2019 tyres , made in thailand - big change with the tyres they are a lot more cushier and the alignment now is also better, the latitude force tyres have asymmetric pattern and those dont really suit our road conditions and they are discontinued anyways with LTX force now. Ill pm you price :)

New dancing shoes eh! Must say the boots look smart on Big Daddy ..covers the wheel wells almost .
Please pen your experience with the road feel ,noise and wet braking experience soon
Thank you sir! you are right, Montero has tight wheel wells compared to a PS or Fortuner, hence i went for a very limited easy upsize.
I already have these tyres on the PS so from experience can definately say it one of the most VFM AT tyres you can buy, very silent and excellent offroad grip, very good wet and no cornering noise, gets me through to places at farm the previous tyres used to struggle.
What i still need to figure is how much will this last - time will tell.

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