Orion Hyundai Gurgaon Took 3 Months To Hand Over RC

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Apr 22, 2016
Three months and waiting. Time they took to process the updated RC with CNG on it. Three months of hell, harassment and plain old govt office sort of ignoring. Booking a car with Orion Hynudai was a mistake and I will repent it every day. The only reason I booked with them was because of a loan salesman from my bank- HDFC.

From the day the car was booked to the choice of color to getting the CNG fitted which took more than 2 weeks, every step of the delivery process was painful. I may have paid more money in phone calls than their whole sales department in a day.

The car delivery was painful, long and frustrating. But the worst was yet to happen. The delivery guys told me that the RC will take a month. I waited for a month, no phone calls, nothing. I called after 42 days as I was busy with other things. The guy sold the car to me transferred the call to ‘concerned’ department and was out of the picture.

The concerned department was manned by a guy named Dheeraj. He would always call me from a landline number, I will ask for his mobile number and he would promise that he would text me the number, which he never did. So every time, for next 2 months, I would call the reception or the landline and tell my whole story, they will take pity and I will wait to talk to Dheeraj.

Every time he won’t take the call, every time I will talk to someone new and it went on until I pleaded with the receptionist to make me talk to someone higher up. By then she knew my pain and sympathises. She gave me the number of the General Manager S.K. Singh. The guy took my call one time and then refused to take it again.

The one time he took made Dheeraj call at least. He asked me to go to dwarka RTO the next day and get the paperwork done for updation of RC. None of my friends who had booked cars had to take the car themseleves. On the morning, I got a call from
someone else from Orion that I have to take the no-pollution certificate. But given that

I still had the temporary number, could not get one. So, I called back. He said the car sticker was alright and will work.

I waited for the representative from Orion at the RTO who came 40 minutes late. He said we need the No pollution certificate and nothing can be done without it. I called dheeraj and here I what happened:

1. Dheeraj had no clue that our high security number plate had come
2. No one had a clue where the plate was
3. Dheeraj and orion had no clue who had the petrol RC
4. The guy I met the RTO had it, one of their own staff
5. They dug up the number, asked me to get a temporary plate made, get a no pollution certificate and come back.

I sent it all within 3 days. Now it has been 2 weeks to that. I am still waiting for someone to call, to tell me when Orion Hyundai will be able to get all the work done. The post is not angry because I have lost anger. I am desperate, miserable and just want the RC.

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