Opening EV Charging Station in India: Queries

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Nov 26, 2019

I am interested in opening an EV charging station. Since the EV personal car sector will take about 5 years to grow, can you please guide-

1. Companies like Tesla will set up their own superchargers, less expensive cars like Hyundai, TATA are also expected to do the same. Hyundai and MG Hector are even setting up charging points as of today in big cities. GOI is also going to set up charging stations after like every 25 kms or so. So, will it be viable for a common person to set up a charging station?

2. Most of the charging will be done at home, for people who will get their own chargers installed. In flats, the same will be installed and managed by the management. Considering the cars will have a range of a minimum of 250 kms, the charging will be needed atleast once in a trip. Again what will be the economical viability?

3. Cost of electricity is very expensive in Punjab. The sources from which it is produced are coal etc. are not environment friendly. It is a different story. I highly doubt that there is a good brand for solar panels available in India, if there is one then please mention its name, to get the electricity from renewable sources. Any inputs?

4. The charging standard is still not finalized
India May Use Three Standards For EV Charging Infrastructure | CleanTechnica
Cars like Tesla have their own standard. What if at present one invests in a standard, for say around 6-10 lacs, and after few years that standard is not usable any more or other companies like VW come up with their own standard. What to do in this case?

5. There are many companies, especially startups, which are providing support from setting up of an EV station to providing softwares etc. Ofcourse even for the consultation they charge a heavy amount. I haven't consulted them yet. Anyone from here talked to them?

6. What is the revenue model of companies like Plugshare? Business model is different but is related to this.

7. Can someone help with the estimated budget for setting up an ev charging station? Rental property atleast around 2000-2500 sq feet, slow/fast charging charging pods x 4 or 5 of them, transformer etc. cost, and atleast 2 people needed to manage the same.

I met few e-rickshaw walas in my city. As per them cost of 1 unit of electricity is Rs. 7. Their e-rickshaw gives a mileage of around 60 kms in city, is it possible in one unit or did I misunderstood something? They charge once at home at night only. When I asked what if the customers are more or they run out of the range, will they use an ev station? Their answer was no.

I am from commerce background. Please share a link/book so that I can learn more about the AC/DC, kwah, transformer needed i.e. everything about this field.

Did they change the guidelines after this- (1).pdf

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