Oil Mixed With Coolant in Hyundai Verna (2010)

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Mar 6, 2021
I recently purchased a used Hyundai Verna 2010 vgt crdi transform.
(1 lakh kilometer on odo) During service it was obvious that coolant overflow pump has traces of oil. The mechanic drained the coolant and filled water and removed a radiator hose having the engine running, the drops of oil is mixed with water out of the hose. They suggested to for engine work as solution. How much would be the cost of it and does it really worth it?
Apr 21, 2017
Mathu, 1 lac on the odo for a verna is not all that much, if the odo is telling you the truth. The issue that you describe could be primarily due to 2 reasons.

One is a blown head gasket, which could have happened if the car overheated previously and the owner dint bother fixing it. If it is the head gasket alone, it should not cost you a bomb, just make sure you get it done by an expert. Fixing a new head gasket requires a lot of precision.

The second and the worst scenario could be that your cylinder head is damaged , probably due to use of dilute coolant or pure water instead of proper coolant. We all think that coolant is just meant to keep the car cool, but it has another important function that is to prevent corrosion of the cylinder head, water pump and other parts where it circulates. Always use a proper coolant and replace it ahead of schedule.

I am into used cars quite a lot and suggest the following:

1.Take your car to an authorized Hyundai dealership, ask them to check it out and give you an estimate. In the process, they will also verify the service record and let you know if there is any tampering with the ODO.

2.If they tell you it is just the head gasket, get it fixed immediately, it will do a lot of good in future if you intend to keep the car. You can choose to get this done in a local garage too if the cost is a concern, but do get yourself a genuine head gasket.

3. If they tell you it is the cylinder head, then it will be an expensive fix (will have to do the head gasket here too). Your options in this case would be to find an old cylinder head in the scrap market or sell off your car.

4. If the fault is something other than these 2, then do let me know as well, you will probably be able to judge if you can bear the cost.

Another suggestion is if you do get this engine opened up for your gasket/head work, then replace the clutch assembly and do a thorough inspection on the timing belt/chain. Have them replaced as well, because that will save you a lot of labor costs in future.

Share the updates on your progress.

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