New Cars With Retrograde Designs

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Aug 10, 2009
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Lately, we all have been noticing some new car launches that instead of looking futuristic, seem like belonging to a previous era.

Yes, looks can be subjective but the models we’re talking about either stand no chance in terms of design among the competition or look step back from their predecessors.

Some of the cars which I personally think fall in this category include Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, Swift and the recent models by Mercedes-Benz (as rightly pointed out by @Akash1886 in this post).


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Sep 7, 2014
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Thanks Vibhor for bringing up a pertinent topic to discuss. In case of BMW & Mercedes Benz I really can't understand what made them to opt for in-your-face looks for their present cars? I really don't get the vibe of being classy when I see the big snooty grills of present BMW SUVs and Sedans (the 7 series) and even their SUV the X7. Elegance in these expensive cars is getting ruined in my opinion. Coming to Mercedes Benz, I personally have been fond of their earlier designs like the ones they had 3-4 years ago and even earlier in late 90's and early & mid 2000's. I mean, look at the earlier gen Maybach, so easy and elegant to the eyes. Look at the S or E Class of outgoing gen, so beautiful. I don't know why, but, for the sake of remaining relevant in the market and stay competitive why the designers often attack on a elegant design as the 1st thing? I never thought atleast Mercedes Benz would look ugly. It had a reputation & respect for it's simple and beautiful design. Even the Mercedes SUV(s) of present gen have kind of mellowed down on their macho looks and here I talking of the GLE & GLS. Looking at the rear quarter glass design in GLS makes me sad.

In the mass market segment if you ask me, in Hatchback, I don't like the looks of present i20, and the front end of latest Verna. If you talk of elegance, I would say Ciaz still has that elegance in it w.r.t the design. Honda CITY is close second (baring the fat chrome mustache in front) followed by the Rapid. In luxury sedans, Skoda has some of the best designs and Toyota kind of F-ed up the design with the Camry. Moving further even the front of Lexus (the grill) is migraine inducing.

Talking of good looking hatchbacks, personally, I find Figo, Altroz, Kwid to be nice and pleasing to the eyes. In SUVs, Endeavour & Harrier get my vote for being beautifully done up vehicles.


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