New Breakthrough - Working Spray-On Batteries

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Feb 10, 2012
While the biggest problem of modern batteries is their capacity, a group of graduate students from Rice University have taken battery tech in a different direction and they have made a rather important breakthrough.

They have developed a working spray-on battery, which can be applied to any surface, then have two electrodes connected to it, and voila! In order to achieve this, what they have done is basically take all the layers that make up regular batteries and blend everything into a paint-like substance which will work no matter where it is sprayed. It also incorporates carbon nanotubes and black particles, as well as cathodes.

This new technology could revolutionize not only the auto industry, but also ECO house building and various other applications where a battery pack is just too cumbersome. We hope to see some practical applications for this soon, as it will definitely find many uses in many fields of activity.

Rice researchers invent paintable battery - YouTube

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