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Sep 18, 2009

The wraps will come off the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta at the next Geneva show. The newest incarnation of the Giulietta should bring a fresh sparkle to the Alfa Romeo brand name in its centenary year. It was the Giulietta with its nonpareil comfort and technical excellence that stirred the fancy of car enthusiasts in the fifties and endowed the Alfa Romeo brand with a legendary aura.
With an all-new light weight aluminium and steel architecture, the latest version of the sports car will blend dynamic performance, distinctive style and everyday comfort. The new will be endowed with VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), DST (Dynamic Steering Torque), Q2 electronic differential and Alfa DNA selector as standard. The Alfa DNA technology involves the use and selection of three set-ups, Dynamic, Normal and All-Weather, whereby the engine, steering and Q2 electronic differential operations are modified. A behavioural logics device customises the car’s settings according to individual driving styles and road conditions.
The Giulietta adheres to the style and technology approach that was initiated with the 8C Competizione supercar. The trilobe shaped front end sports an all-new grille while the headlamps employ LED technology and a Daytime Running Lights (DRL) function. Coupé style side windows and side ribbing underline its dynamic, streamlined stance, while the taut lines converging at the rear highlight the wedge shape. The muscular rear sports tail lights with LED technology. The interiors are marked by top notch finish and materials in keeping with Italian flair and finesse.
The dashboard sports aluminium accents and rocker controls a la the 8C Competizione. The boot has a 350-litre capacity. The car is 4.35 metres in length, 1.46 metres tall and 1.80 metres wide, with a 2.63-metre wheelbase. The new Giulietta will offer a choice of four Euro 5 compliant turbo engines, including two 120hp and 170hp petrol engines and two second generation of JTDM diesel engines making 105hp and 170hp. Alo on offer is a 235hp Quadrifoglio Verde configuration.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta: world preview
The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be presented to the world at the forthcoming Geneva Car Show. Sales of the new model will start in spring and be gradually extended to all the major markets. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is expected to give new impetus to the brand in one of Europe's most important segments.In the Centenary year, the name is a tribute to an automobile myth and Alfa Romeo. The Giulietta is a car that, in the fifties, caught the imagination of generations of car enthusiasts, making the dream of owning an Alfa Romeo and enjoying the high level of comfort and technical excellence accessible for the first time. The Alfa Romeo Style Centre has produced a new Giulietta, a sports car capable of expressing both great agility on the most demanding routes and providing comfort on everyday roads.A new architecture for enhancing road hold and agility in total comfort and safety. Meet the new Alfa Romeo, a compact created to appeal to customers who seek top dynamic performance and those who are looking for a distinctive style and a high level of comfort.
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