New 2012 Toyota Camry in India. Update: Hybrid Version Launched.

Dec 8, 2010
Re: New 2012 Toyota Camry Indian Launch

I just saw the TV commercial yesterday and looks great !! it looks like a very long car

I still feel that if it would have been a diesel one launched, then really it could pull some good numbers well
Feb 10, 2012
Re: New 2012 Toyota Camry Indian Launch

Diesel is a must in this segment, i seriously wonder how difficult is it for a company like Toyota to source a Diesel motor for this model.
Feb 10, 2012
Toyota Camry Hybrid coming this August

Toyota is all set to launch the Camry Hybrid in the Indian market at the end of August.

Despite the extremely poor response for hybrid cars in India (both the Honda Civic and Toyota’s own Prius hardly sold) Toyota has ambitious plans for the Camry Hybrid and is planning to locally assemble it in India alongside the 2.4-litre petrol model. Toyota believes it can sell around 20-25 Camry hybrids a month which is around 5-6 percent of total Camry sales.

The Camry Hybrid will get a host of visual changes to differentiate it from the regular Camry.
On the outside, it comes with a completely different front bumper with a wider air dam and restyled fog lamps with chrome inserts. The grille also comes with a chrome strip. The Hybrid could also come with larger 17-inch alloys.

At the rear, it won’t be very different from the petrol Camry, except for the blue badge that reads ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’.

On the inside, there will be a lot of changes. The dashboard will be slightly redesigned and the instrument cluster will get three dials. Also, Toyota will use a different seat fabric to add to the premium feel.

The 2.5-litre engine, mated to a hybrid powertrain, will see a bump up in power thanks to the use of an electric motor. This engine comes mated to an e-CVT (electronic continuously variable transmission) gearbox.

The hybrid powertrain features a water cooled system that reduces the temperature of the exhaust gas and then reroutes this to the intake to control emissions.

The system has also been tweaked to increase efficiency by reducing transaxial losses and improving motor control. Also, the car will come with an EV drive mode, where you can drive on the electric motor alone for 2.5 km, provided you don’t cross 40kph. Toyota will also tweak the chassis a bit to compensate for the extra weight of the electric powertrain.

Apart from the hybrid powertrain, Toyota plans to differentiate this model from the regular one by adding a lot of extra features to increase the value proposition. Still, the Camry Hybrid is expected to cost around Rs 36 lakh (ex-showroom), that's around Rs 12 lakh more than the petrol Camry. That’s quite a price to go green.

Toyota Camry Hybrid coming this August | News | Autocar India

Another sales dud in the making


Feb 28, 2012
Official: Toyota Camry Hybrid gets ARAI approved 19.16km/liter

The Camry hybrid follows the footsteps of the Camry petrol which was launched a year ago, and since then has captured 20% of the E-Segment petrol saloon market share. The three reasons Toyota see for introducing the hybrid variant are aligning with Toyota’s global hybrid vehicle policy, government’s focus on energy security and environment conservation and to support the Camry’s image with a high line variant.

Internationally, cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles passed the 5 million unit mark this March.

Arriving at the car’s engineering, the Camry Hybrid gets a 44bhp electric motor paired to a 2.5-liter 158bhp petrol engine, driven via an electronically controlled CVT. Combined, the power output stands at about 205PS (203bhp). Toyota claims an ARAI certified fuel economy of 19.16km/l and CO2 emission of 122.8g/km.

Exterior wise, the hybrid Camry gets an ‘exclusive’ radiator grille with a blue-colored Toyota logo. The headlights, which look a bit different, are low-power consuming units which Toyota say offer a long life and good visibility.

On the features front, the Camry Hybrid gets a few more goodies than the regular petrol version. You get hill start assist, 3-zone automatic airconditioning (the driver, front passenger and the rear seats), power reclining rear seat, a rear seat armrest with controls for the rear seat recline, rear windshield sunshade and the rear AC. First in class features are the reclining rear seats and ventilated front seats.

The instrument cluster gets a “hybrid exclusive ornamentation” while the front windshield has an acoustic wind silencer that absorbs the high-frequency wind noise from entering the cabin.

Toyota say that the four pillars of the Camry hybrid are the high fuel economy, low emissions, power and cabin quietness. At the test track, Indian Autos Blog was able to squeeze out 23.9kpl with a very light foot, operating the car mostly on electric mode. Well planned driving returned one driver over 26kpl. However in these circumstances, driving was under ideal conditions.

The Camry Hybrid will not be a CBU, instead it will be assembled locally. As the company already does the same with the ordinary Camry, only certain components such as the hybrid module need to be imported. This makes the Camry Hybrid India’s first locally produced hybrid car.

With 35 enhancements over the petrol car, a 50% leap in mileage, 13% improvement in power and a 32% drop in emissions, Toyota will launch the Camry Hybrid towards the end of the month. It will launch in the three existing body colors, apart from a new gray metallic color.

Toyota Camry Hybrid gets ARAI approved 19.16km/l

Toyota Camry Hybrid review, test drive | Review | Autocar India



Core Team
Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Toyota has now launched the Camry Hyrbid for Rs.29,75,000 in India. Thus, making it first locally produced hybrid car in India. Here is the full information:
Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today launched India’s first ever locally manufactured hybrid - The All New Camry Hybrid. The vehicle will be manufactured at a separate assembly line within TKM’s second plant located in Bidadi, near Bangalore, in Karnataka. Globally India is the 9th country to manufacture Toyota hybrid vehicles. The petrol Camry, the legendary cornerstone of Toyota brand, was first introduced in 2002, in India. In 2012, TKM began locally manufacturing the petrol Camry. Like its petrol counterpart, the New Camry hybrid is based on the 7th generation of the Camry.

Aptly named Hybrid which means ‘fusion’, the Camry hybrid combines a newly developed hybrid exclusive 2.5L Beltless petrol engine with an electric motor. The vehicle runs on Hybrid Synergy Drive, which intelligently senses when to switch between the two power sources – petrol engine and electric motor. It controls the engine and motor output for optimum fuel efficiency. The battery supplies electricity to the motor, enhancing the driving power. The engine and motor together give an impressive total system power output of 205 PS. In addition to powering the vehicle, the motor is activated as a generator to convert the moving vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity. The generated electricity charges the battery. This process, usually happens at the time of decelerating and braking and is called regenerative braking.

The vehicle gives an exceptional mileage of 19.16 kmpl*, the best in its segment. A testimony to its hybrid technology the car produces just 122.8 gm of CO2 emissions per km of driving, which is far lesser than the conventional vehicles of similar engine size. The Camry Hybrid comes with an Electronically Controlled Continuous Variable Transmission (E-CVT), which provides enhanced driving performance, with reduced fuel consumption and lower NVH. The All New Camry Hybrid has been styled befitting a prestige sedan and is fully loaded with high end luxury features. In addition to the features available in the petrol Camry, the Camry Hybrid comes with more than 35 enhancements. The ride experience is heightened by an extremely quiet ride, the vehicle is almost soundless, especially when you start it. The high density dashboard silencer material, acoustic windshield glass and the E-CVT further brings down the engine noise and avoids sounds from outside, entering the car. Like its petrol counterpart, the Camry Hybrid offers best-in-class cabin space, derived from the impressively designed wide body.

The Camry Hybrid also introduces first in segment luxury features

> Power recline rear seat

> Rear armrest with controls for power recline rear seats, power sunshade for rear windshield, audio system and air conditioning

> 3 Zone Air conditioning facilitates individual temperature controls for the driver, front passenger and rear passenger, enabling perfect comfort for everyone

The All New Camry Hybrid is priced at 29,75,000/- (ex showroom Delhi) and is available in four vibrant colours – grey metallic, white pearl crystal shine ,silver metallic and attitude black.

Speaking about the introduction of The All New Camry Hybrid in India Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, TKM said “The Camry Hybrid is India’s first locally manufactured Hybrid vehicle. Manufacturing the Camry hybrid locally, in India, marks a very important milestone in the history of TKM and the Indian automobile industry. It is our endeavor to offer the best vehicles with most advanced technology to India. Toyota is a pioneer in Hybrid technology and thus we were very keen to manufacture the all New Camry Hybrid in India, as well. This is in line with Toyota’s global philosophy to encourage the use of hybrid vehicles across the globe, for a greener tomorrow. Manufacturing Camry hybrid locally will be yet another step towards Toyota’s global commitment.”

Mr. Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Marketing and Commercial, TKM added “Toyota Camry, the globally renowned flagship brand of Toyota is further strengthened in India with the introduction of All New Camry Hybrid. Toyota hybrid has a history of more than 15 years to its credit and over 5 million cars across the globe. The New Camry petrol introduced last year has seen wide acceptance by our customers. To further reiterate Toyota’s commitment, we are extremely delighted to bring in the New Camry with hybrid technology to the Indian market. Our main objective behind introducing this product in India is to further generate awareness on hybrid technology amongst Indian customers.

The New Camry Hybrid is an ideal combination of a luxury sedan and hybrid technology. It is targeted at sophisticated and classy individuals who have accomplished a significant journey of achievement in their lives. The new Camry Hybrid will definitely distinguish our customers as responsible citizens. We are sure that the customers will be delighted by the All New Camry Hybrid, which has been launched at a very competitive price”.

Vehicle Outline


> Hybrid Exclusive Radiator Grille & Bumper & Fog Lamp Bezel

> LED Headlamps

> Rear Fog Lamps

> 17” Alloy Wheels

> Auto Folding & Reverse Linked ORVM’s with Memory

> Hybrid Emblem & HSD Logo

> Acoustic Glass


> Power reclining rear seat

> 3 Zone Air-Conditioner

> Seat ventilation system front seats

> Hybrid exclusive Interior Ornamentation, Combimeter & Hybrid System Indicator

> Power Tilt & Telescopic Steering Column with Memory

> Driver seat position memory

> Power sunshade rear window & Manual sunshade for rear door windows

> Collapsible headrest for front passenger seat

> Assist grips adopted for front seat backs

> EC (Electro Chromic) Anti-glare mirror

> High Density Dashboard Silencer Material

> Accessory Connector on rear armrest

> Auto Power windows for All Seats


> 4 SRS Airbags

> Hill start assist control

> Vehicle Stability Control

> Traction Control

> Back Monitors + Corner Sensors
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