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Jan 31, 2011
now let me spoil ya guys time with my next worry!
I need to know few bits about the ice set up.I have my kicker amp,Kicker square sub ready and planning to buy a head unit so.
1-I dont need a DVD or touch screen so otherwise which head unit is the best for this KICKER setup
2-I dont have plans of retaining the factory in-built unit so how do i replace the new head unit here in its place without disturbing the existing wiring etc
3.I plan to keep a rear camera but still i dont need a touch screen head unit with camera option but i want rear view screen stand alone so will get separate unitand i dont need gps
so my set up is like- head unit and use the factory fit speakers may be,kicker sub and kicker amp
4-The centre screen in aria,will it get disturbed in anyway say bluetooth etc if the player is replaced and also how to wire the head unit,sub n amp and still retain the centre screen work
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