My Visit to Golden Temple (Vellore) - Thiruvannamalai!

Oct 23, 2009
Hey Mukesh great pictures and write-up buddy! I have been to both these places before. Golden temple is just amazing to see in the night , but i guess you must have missed that. Arunalchaleshwara temple is also a good temple and the important ritual celebrated here is , during full moon night people go round about a mountain which is considered sacred. The total km is approx 20km which you have to walk to go round about the mountain and it will take approx 3 hours if we walk fast with limited breaks! The roads around the mountain will be in good condition to walk and you can walk even on bare foot with ease if you wish to. This ritual celebrated here is called "Girivalam" in Tamil. Giri= Mountain and Valam= Walking around it. I have gone for Girivalam several times with both my friends as well as family.

Well yeah the roads are amazing from Vellore to Bangalore. Thanks to this road you can reach Chennai here within 5 hours from Bangalore. Its an absolute delight to drive on this road! About the traffic sense isnt it almost the same pathetic condition all over India?

OT:Thanks for calling my Verna cute![:D]
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Feb 15, 2010
No dude this was my 4th Visit to temple.
Yes its really beautiful in the night.
I have seen the temple at different times.
But this time apart from Golden temple we visited Thiruvannamalai.
Last time i had gone to Kanchipuram, So this time wanted to explore new places.
Yes the roads were superb all the way.
It took 3 & half hours to Golden temple.

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