My Trusted Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

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Oct 2, 2012
PS: This is not a test drive review, rather than it is more sort of a brief description of the whole bike experience.

I bought this bike 2 years back when my older vehicle became more expensive to maintain. It was bought from the main hero honda dealership so the dealership experience was very professional and up to the mark.

Some of the shortlists i had were
Apache RTR 160
Honda Unicorn
Bajaj Discover 150
CBZ Xtreme

Honda Unicorn is a very good looking bike. I was specifically looking to buy the metallic grey colour. You start the vehicle and the engine noise is very minimal. The gear changes were smooth, riding position comfortable and i felt confident of the bike which is a very un natural thing when you drive a vehicle for the first time. Although when i decided to finalise it, i came to know that there is a 2 month waiting period so i rejected it at once without a second thought. Some of the negatives about the unicorn is its pick up which is not upto the weight of the bike and the old style speedometer for a bike with that price range which i think honda should now change to a digital, same goes with the old style chrome handle bars which are strong but they dont look appealing to the eye.

Apache was also test driven the same day and i felt a great difference in the engine when compared to the Honda.The opinion became stronger when i went to TD the vehicle. When i started the vehicle i could feel the vibrations in the handlebar. Anyways put the bike in 1st gear and started riding it. The acceleration is good, but the vehicle was running very rough and i could feel that the engine was in some sort of agony. I told the showroom owner about the experience and he said that "sir you cannot compare 'Honda' a company which makes 4 wheelers to a company which only makes bikes" to which i was amazed. As soon as you take your hand off the accelerator the vehicle started to slow down which was strange. Good part though was the speedometer which was very sensitive to twists on the accelerator. The riding position is good for average height people.

Then came Bajaj Discover 150. I drove the vehicle but i was un impressed with the torque of the vehicle at low rpm's. That combined with the use of low grade plastics on the bike made me change my mind.

By the time i came down to the CBZ Xtreme dealer showroom i was fully exhausted. So i decided to give myself some rest. How ?? I drove a karisma ZMR for about 15 minutes and boy was the bike talking to me...but then i always knew that this bike is out of my price range so i quickely went to the one and only black cbz xtreme standing in the showroom. A salesman came and explained me the features of the bike and asked me about my requirements in the bike. I told him it should be an all rounder which meant not too expensive, decent avg and power. So he smiled and asked me to take it for a spin. After driving a ZMR i thought i would not like this machine but i was wrong. The bike has a 150 cc engine and quite a bit of low rev torque. The seating position is also comfortable alongwith the newly designed speedometer.

So finally i decided to purchase it. Went to meet the showroom manager, since i did not want to waste any more time with the over enthusiatic sales person. I gave him my one liner which was-----

"I cannot wait for the bike and i will not purchase any accessory, extended warranty etc from the showroom so just say yes if you agree else i am a goner."

The sales manager started explaining me the policies and procedures to begin with, but when i got up from the seat he thought he better agree to what i said and he said ok sir you can have the bike your way.

I was happy but too tired to smile so i asked him how much he wants as a booking amount, he said anything would do. So to bring a little humour into our utterly serious conversation i took out a 10 rs note and gave him to which he was pretty amazed and started laughing. Finally gave 5000 bucks as the booking amount and he said that i could take the delivery after 2 days to which i agreed.

D Day:
I reached the showroom to a bit late because i was stuck in traffic. But my vehicle was washed,polished and kept ready for delivery. Anyways signed the papers and gave the bike a quick once over to look for any cosmetic damages. Then looked for the fluids, electrical system etc and took leave. The freebies given were seat cover, handle grip and indicator beeper without me even asking for them so i was happy also.
Aug 22, 2009
hey man great review and great bike! post some pics also.

which was your older vehicle btw?

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