My Sonata Transform (U.S Spec): Ownership Review

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Feb 2, 2012
So guys today was the end of my journey with my Sonata, yes i sold it to one of my friend. It had 60K miles on it when i bought it back in 2009 and as of yesterday it had almost 111K miles on it. I drove almost 51k miles (82,000 kms) in just 28 months. Yes i was surprised too when i calculated this[surprise]. So you can imagine how much i loved driving this car. It was just SUPERB.

No major problems infact i should say that NO Problems in munching those 82k kms. Just got a new battery once and a set of new tires, that was all. I will really miss her [sad]
But i will always remember those great trips that i did with my Sonata. Some of them i have mentioned below. And i just have one word to describe my experience for all these trips and that is "Awesome"

Manassas - Minneapolis - 2 times (1100 miles/1770 kms one way)
Manassas - New York - 5 times (300 miles/ 482 kms one way)
Manassas - Connecticut - 4 times (350 miles/ 565 kms one way)
Manassas - Virginia Beach - 2 times (200 miles/ 321 kms one way)
Manassas - Charlotte, North Carolina - 2 times (400 miles/ 645 kms one way)


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Apr 21, 2012
New Delhi
i got here from the weather thread only to know that you sold the car :| but well we have to replace them with some other cars. loved the pics. and really those snow pics are scary.

i find it irritating when the watchmen doesn't cleans the car and i have to use my duster only for 2-3 minutes.

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