Mercedes-Benz C-Class Facelift (2021)

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Jan 16, 2016
New 2021 Mercedes C-Class leaked ahead of launch

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The new Mercedes C-Class has been leaked ahead of its scheduled debut. The German brand’s fifth-generation compact executive saloon was set to be launched tomorrow – but these official press images have unintentionally gone public, revealing the car’s styling in full.

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Mercedes hasn’t drastically changed the C-Class’s styling over the outgoing model. The new car retains the same rough shape, albeit with a few tweaks based around the company’s latest design language. So, there’s a narrower radiator grille, fresh LED headlamps and a new front bumper and tail lights inspired by the E-Class.

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Mercedes’s changes to the C-Class’s cabin are far more extensive. There’s a fresh dashboard with a new digital instrument cluster and an enormous portrait infotainment system, which is similar to the unit found in the new S-Class. The steering wheel is another E-Class-sourced addition and it also looks like Mercedes has moved the car’s climate controls onto the touchscreen.

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Despite Mercedes’s new-found focus on its electrification strategy, the C-Class (and its combustion engines) remains an important car for the company. The outgoing model accounted for 20 percent of the brand’s global sales – so it’s vital that this new model plays to the same strengths as the old car to retain its customer base.


The Mk5 saloon will be built on an updated version of the old car’s rear-wheel-drive MRA platform. Upgrades include a slightly longer wheelbase and fresh electrical architecture that will support a new, entirely electrified powertrain line-up – be it four or six-cylinder and petrol or diesel.


Mercedes introduced 48-volt technology to the C-Class on the outgoing model. Beneath the skin of the current C 200, there’s a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, a belt-driven starter-generator and a dinky battery pack. The ISG allows the engine to switch off on the motorway for fuel-free coasting, while also assisting the petrol engine with an extra 14bhp.

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This technology is limited to just one model for now, but it will be applied to even the most basic versions of the new C-Class. It will be used in a performance capacity, too, with the addition of a six-cylinder AMG C 53 model to the line-up.

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Mercedes will introduce new plug-in hybrid variants to take on the BMW 330e. The new 3 Series PHEV’s powertrain comprises a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor, for a combined output of 289bhp. The saloon’s 12kWh battery pack also offers a maximum pure-electric range of 41 miles.


Naturally, the next plug-in versions of the C-Class – both petrol and diesel versions could appear – will major on new battery technology to unlock the potential of up to 50 miles range on electric power and significantly reduced CO2 emissions when running in hybrid mode.

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Mercedes is also expected to produce a separate all-electric rival for Tesla’s Model 3 at a later stage, using a unique platform developed for the firm’s EQ sub-brand.
One area where the next C-Class won’t chase the 3 Series too hard is in driving dynamics. It will remain a car that’s focused far more on passenger comfort and refinement. Key to this will be the decision to continue offering the C-Class with optional air suspension, something that isn’t available on its BMW, Audi A4 or Jaguar XE rivals.



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Sep 7, 2014
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For some odd reason, the new designs of the Mercedes Benz Sedans isn't looking as stately & elegant compared to their outgoing models. To me personally, the design is quite ordinary. Look at the designs of the 2017-2018 models of S-Class or C-Class or E Class LWB, they flaunted a beautiful persona but these somehow aren't as beautiful to my eyes.

Mar 2, 2021
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The new C-class looks odd for the first time perspective, the car looks not that elegant and classy as it used to be but as you spend your time observing it some of you might adapt to the design changes and mainly the design is subjective and as for the looks that it has obtained from the new S-class. Its good in a way and bad in another. Good in the way that it looks like the car which cost 3x more than it and bad in a way that its missing the lack of innovation from the team.

The interiors in where they have turned the car into a future looking prolly what iron man would have had in his car and Mercedes has stepped their tech game and not forgetting the S-class reference their too. Sure the car has just been officially revealed but for now it just looks like a lite version of the S-class.

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