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Aug 10, 2009
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The membership warnings help us make users adhere to Forum Protocol in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere of this community. Normally, at first moderators inform about a violation through a gentle reminder. However, in certain cases it becomes inevitable for us to use system warnings. Following is a list of predefined warnings and points associated with them:
  • SMS Slang / Dots: 03 Points
  • Using Other Language: 03 Points
  • Provoking Disputes: 04 Points
  • Back To Back Posts: 04 Points
  • Excessive One-Liners: 04 Points
  • Hot-linking Pictures: 04 Points
  • Personal Attacks: 05 Points
  • Encouraging Illegal Acts: 05 Points
  • Duplicate Account: 05 Points
  • Spamming / Marketing: 06 Points
  • Using Foul Language: 07 Points
  • Plagiarizing / Copyright Violation: 09 Points
  • Explicit Content: 09 Points
Member who accumulates 10+ points will be automatically banned for a month. We avoid issuing warning notes on a post in public but if it’s issued, this is how it appears:


Please note that a custom warning may be issued apart from those listed above. Additionally, a member maybe banned without prior warning(s) in case of severe or recurring offence. You’ll be notified via private conversation in any case. Your cooperation to help us maintain the decorum of this forum will be much appreciated.

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