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Aug 22, 2009

I had owned a Tata Indica Xeta GLS, 15000 Kms done mostly in City (Bangalore)

I was not happy with the performance of the vehicle and the service offered by service stations. Had tried Prerana, Manipal, Concorde and Green Tracks.

Decided to go in for a change. My criteria were,

1. NO Tata Vehicle or Tata Service Done vehicles (Read Fiat, I love Ferrari and Fiat Engines).
2. Budget of 5-7 on road. - Not willing to extend my budget.
3. Good After Sales Service.
4. Low Maintenance - not too huge.
5. Not too bothered of Fuel Efficiency, however if it fetches a good FE will still grab it.
6. Should not feel sluggish when the A/C is turned on.
7. No criteria of Hatchback or Sedan. Just that I had a Hatchback, was not very keen on Hatch.
8. Gasoline or Diesel or LPG was never really a question.

I looked at,
1. Hyundai i20
2. Hyundia Accent / ECO
3. Swift Dzire Diesel
4. Aveo
5. Ford Ikon Diesel

Ruled out by Wife, she did not like it. Since it carried the same i10 engine, i felt its sluggish.

Hyundai Accent/ECO
Was hot favorite considering the smooth ride. Wife felt the back seats are not comfortable and I thought it would be soon be phased out. Plus it was more than 8 years old vehicle on Road and considering the fact that I wanted to keep this for next 4-5 years did not make sense.

Was offered a 2008 Model with close to 90,000 Discount on base model. Did not consider this with fading number of Service centers in Bangalore. Though a new one Kropex is opened up @ Hosur Road.

Ikon Diesel
Felt the vehicle is good, however lack of basic features (like the Boot Opener, Remote Central locking), fear of costly maintenance (though assured by the Sales executive its no longer a costly affair) and delay on part of dealer in responding made me not to buy the vehicle.

Yes and no, yes and no and went on. But finally Bought it. Bought a DZire VDi. It was a diesel because of,
1. Loved the Drive
2. No Petrol engine for Test Drive. How can someone drive a petrol swift and come to conclusion of how it feels in DZire? I do understand that. I understand the wheelbase is the same, but the body weight, aerodynamics will still play a part I believe.
3. Good mileage
4. Neighborhood service center.

Booking and Delivery Action
Well, Guys here we go.

Booked my Dzire VDi in Bangalore on Tuesday (30th June, 09). After much of negotiation with the dealers for the waiting period, getting the Vehicle in 6-7 Days :-)

None of the dealers where ready to give me the delivery of Vehicle in 2 months time saying minimum waiting period is 2-3 months, because of Maruti Factory's Annual Close down etc etc.After the initial discussions, I figured out that its not possible to get the vehicle in 2-3 weeks. Hence there was a point where I thought I shall go with either Hyundai Accent LPG or Ford Ikon Diesel.Then I thought, Ok let me try something. I started calling the 3 dealers in span of 20 minutes called all three dealers.

To Biaml Auto Agency: Pratham Motors is giving the car in 4 weeks time, but not of my color choice. I shall give you three color choices (Azure Grey, Silky Silver and Metallic Beige) let me know what you can do.

To Pratham Motors: Biaml Auto Agency is giving me in 3 weeks time but color is Silver, which I dont want. So let me know if you can get me Beige.

To Kalyani Motors: I want Azure Grey, let me know if you can give in 3 weeks time. Pratham Motors has agreed to give me Beige in 3 weeks flat.

Please note, none of the dealers had confirmed this. But I just tried doing a trick or two. Wife and Me were keen on Beige

Astonishingly get the first call from Biaml Auto Agency in 40 minutes of me calling him. Says, if you want Black or White I can get you immediately. I asked him to give me 2 hrs time, i shall call him back.

Kalyani Motors did not call back. So dropped him from my list.

It was close to 90 minutes since Biaml Auto Agency had called me. Thought, if I give a call back to Pratham Motors or Kalyani Motors they might just figure out that I am desperate. So held my nerves, started discussing with wife on possible color. Wife was keen on Beige but said can settle for White. We were working on possible white, to add more spice to this I called Pratham Motors and said I am getting the color of my choice from dealer so Thank you for all efforts. He says, please give me 10 minutes time, hia manager is working on possibilities and will revert. So I said to myself, I shall wait, you never know I might get beige.

After 20 minutes Pratham Motors calls and says, Bingo...I can get you Beige in 2 weeks :-) I was jumping in Joy, but controlled my emotions and said I shall confirm. I asked him time of 30 minutes time.

Meanwhile, after the call had prepared a cheque for booking the vehicle in Pratham Motors name. Called Pratham Motors after 40 minutes and said. Ok I shall book, but need to commit on papers confirming the delivery date.
He said, he cannot do this. If at all other customers get to know, I (Executive) will be in soup. So i said aright, but i need it in less than 2 weeks. He confirmed and asked me for booking amount.

I went there next day Wednesday and paid him 10,000/- he said minimum booking amount is 50,000. After much arguing he accepted 10,000 and said to arrange for difference amount.

I started working on the finance options, and bingo got the finance from HDFC in 2 days.

Meanwhile no update from Executive in last 2 days, just to check I called him to check on Vehicle (2nd Day at 7 PM Friday). He said, there is one vehicle but since my Finance was not ready he is alloting it to different customer. I said hold on, its ready dont worry! I can arrange for the banker to send you the cheque.

He was like, wonderful sir then I shall ensure this vehicle is for you.

Saturday morning (10am) called the banker to pay the cheque and went to showroom by 11 am. Made the difference payment.

Vehicle will be sent for registration on Monday and I should have the vehicle on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Finally so happy that my trick worked out.

There was a small variation now, the dealer said possible to send the vehicle for registration only on Monday (6th July). There was lot of discussions as to why so late..etc etc, but still did not want to argue with him for a long and I was anyways travelling. So I told him I shall take delivery on 8th July (7th July I was coming back to Bangalore). He said fine.

Got my Vehicle Delivery on 8th July


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Here are the pictures.

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Aug 23, 2009
hey deeps, congratulations on your wheels mate, good choice and finally its on your hands, drive safe and have happy miles with her.


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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Many Many Congratulations on your Swift dZire dipudips!
Rear Parking sensors are sensible option for a car like dzire.
I would like to see some more pics of your car including interior shots.

Happy Driving!
Aug 23, 2009
congratulations buddy.she must be far better than tata! the engine responds amazingly after 2000rpm.
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