Maruti Suzuki To Launch Wagon-R Diesel


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Sep 7, 2014
Delhi-NCR/ Mumbai
Maruti should avoid launching the WagonR diesel because of the following reasons.
1. There is no requirement of diesel for this car

4. Suzukis Diesel engine the 800cc isn't good , I am yet to see a Celerio Diesel in my city which is flooded with Maruti Cars.
5. Since WagonR struggles with a bigger 1.0 L petrol engine, the smaller diesel wont do any good.

These are just my thoughts though, I think Maruti also knows these and they might launch the Diesel WagonR as an added version to the current offering.
Nishant, brands in India do not simply survive on what are customer's expectation from them; they keep in mind the fact that their competitors are rolling out similar range products so why should they be left behind. Whether there is a real need or not, competitions makes the brands explore every possible dimension/segment. So, Wagon R Diesel may come as an added variant. About the engine size, it might get a better diesel engine than the 800cc one.



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