Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZDi Bought: Ownership Review

Dec 30, 2016
Hi Guys, I have booked a Ertiga ZDi Granite Grey 2 months back at Hosur Suzuki Cars Dealer "Sri Amman", The car just arrived last week Friday. Now couple of accessories is being set up, eagerly for tomorrow's delivery :-).

I am also looking for roof rail for Ertiga, but seems there is no suitable one available in India like the attached picture. (from Indonesia Ertiga Accessory dealers page) . I am also looking for front Gril and foglamp chrome accessories too. but seems still this is not available in India. I think roof rail and front gril+foglamp accessories will give much more sporty look for Ertiga.

But the BIGGEST problem for me today is; I am looking for YOUR help to identify the perfect and not greedy tyre dealer in Bangalore city who can re-place the current un-used tyre from Suzuki showroom which is MRF 185/65 R15 to 205/60 R15 A-Drive by Yokohama for a decent upgrade cost. The reason i am asking your help is because some of my friends saying that most of the tyre dealer will take your unused new tyres at much more cheaper price (paying just 40-50% of actual selling price) only. but there are friends who changed it for regular price too. :-) (envy them). Can someone give guidance on that?

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Hi, I am looking for the chrome garnish for front and rear. Is that aftermarket, and can I get it online. Thanks
Jun 14, 2013
Re: Missed the Extended warranty and company not accepting the faulty Gear box proble

Hi guys ,

Actually we took delivery our ertiga vdi on dec 4th 2013.

Now in nov 1 2015, we encountered the problem with gear. The second gear is not engaging from 3rd gear or more. We have to shift to 1 st gear and then only shift to 2nd gear. When we went to dealer he happily told that it is a gearbox problem, will take around 15 k to repair. We were shocked and they were asked whether we had opted for extended warranty. We were not at that time. Then they just asked whether 2 yrs crossed or not. Then they told you can opt for it now for 10k. But now comes the problem, they checked our vehicle sale date it's october 29th 2013 (the booking date of the vehicle).

They told we can't afford you external warranty as your vehicle is 2 years crossed. (i.e) we went with the issue on nov 2nd. They told the sale date crossed you can't get. So we were almost fighted at them how come the booking date becomes the sale date. They told this is the maruti rules. So as it is an important part (Gear box) we have no other way, went for maruti dealer for getting it fixed. After enquiring they are telling this is the common problem in ertiga s and dzires even. I even escalated to maruti and they finally told you should have opted for extended warranty before the 2 years ending. They are not even compromising for 1 day. So is that the way Booking date is considered as the sale date ? Pls help So that we can be aware of all the problems like this .
I also faced this issue with my Ertiga @60000 kms and got it fixed at Adhi Maruti, KMCH branch, Coimbatore. However, they were pushing hard to replace all clutch components like cover assembly, clutch plates, flywheel etc - which are unfortunately considered wear and tear components. They also tried telling me that it was because of hardness of the cover assembly which resulted in synchronizer issue. I didn't budge for replacement of entire set of components - but went with replacement of cover assembly and clutch plate alone.

However, the problem recurred at least 2 - 3 times with in next 2 weeks and vehicle had to be taken to service center multiple times. They replaced some more components and a cable after which issue settled. It was a bad experience and never had confidence to take the vehicle on long trips for another 2 months. Currently touched 74000kms and issue seems to have settled down.

Nevertheless, I am losing confidence on Maruti's service - they clearly seem to lack technical expertise to fix things in one attempt.
Sep 30, 2017
Can I install the Ertiga ZXI+ Rear Parking Camera, Push Start with Smart Key and SmartPlay Infotainment System (Touch screen audio with Navigation) in a ZXI variant? If so, what would each component cost?

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